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  • 2019

Dear and beautiful people,

I am Mary, who has been the mother of Jesus on Earth. I greet you all from the love and warmth of home. Let the energy of the home embrace and welcome you; Let it flow through your entire body . Feel the soft and warm energy of home. Relax completely, you don't need to do anything here, just be and receive .

Before starting this specific trip to the country of Portugal, there was a time when they felt: “Yes, I want to do this.” Maybe they didn't know exactly why, or what attracted them, but they felt a moment of joy, of delivery, a moment in which they decided to take the final step.

Now they are here and seek to connect with Mother Earth in this place. They have come here to give something of themselves, to share a part of their energy, and to receive something in return, even if they do not know exactly what it is. They often cannot capture with their mind the meaning or the result of something they do from inspiration, from a sense of joy.

Now let the energy take shape of what your souls want to receive during this trip. Let it bubble from Earth. Let the heart of the Earth touch you, feed you and give you what you need. You are rooted on Earth, and wherever you go or are on this planet, you have a connection with it.

Different places on this planet have different energies . Why are they here now, where are we? Let the Earth tell you. Feel your gentle nourished energy like a mother who knows without words what is necessary. Feel supported by your energy and let go of excess thought, what you should do or what you think you need.

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Earth energy

Earth, your mother, knows what is good for you and what you need. Trust her and release all resistance . Imagine that all the cells in your bodies open completely to absorb what is good for them, which nourishes and renews them. It was good as it was; They have been through a lot and have lived a lot. You have observed pain in yourself and, in many of you, old layers have emerged and become visible.

Sometimes they felt alive, like a wound that has not yet healed. Imagine that you now relieve these wounds with tender love . May the energy of the Earth gently cover these wounds and heal them.

They are living a time of change, which, of course, is always part of life - at all times. But now something is happening in the collective consciousness of all the inhabitants of the Earth. A consciousness through which so many people want the same, so that a wave is emerging.

Now there are many people on Earth who are waking up, who deeply feel the call of their souls . Some do not know why they feel this, they cannot express it in words, while others have a more aware knowledge of it. Together, this creates a common bottom, a combined wave of energy that elevates them and wants to take them to a new time and a new Earth.

The uncertainty along the way

This accumulation of energy becomes stronger as they unite their energies more. Each individual is a channel for this new energy, the new consciousness that wants to take root on Earth. Imagine that you are in a huge wave of luminous water illuminated by sunlight.

The water shines in golden and pastel colors. In this wave, there is an enormously powerful current, and your only safety is to go with this wave of change. Do not swim against the current, but trust and follow it.

Imagine for a moment that you relax and, in total surrender, the water of this wave penetrates all your cells without knowing where it takes you . The more you trust and surrender to change, the easier and lighter you will feel. How is that done? How do they learn to trust and surrender? That is the question for many of you, because it is precisely during this time that many people are being judged, since many certainties fade, especially when material structures collapse: jobs, homes, everything you have What to do with money .

And also in the area of ​​relationships, many external certainties disappear. This can cause a lot of confusion, as if the solid ground under your feet was giving way. Many people have the feeling that they are drowning in this wave of change and lose the broader perspective of where they are taking them.

In the transition process in which they are on Earth, there is a background of great anxiety, panic, uncertainty, doubt, loneliness and sadness, and sometimes they feel this background. When they are among people, such energy can precipitate and overwhelm them.

One step back

They are, at this time, residents of two worlds. You, who are consciously taking steps towards the new world, a new consciousness carried by the heart, are the ones I am addressing here. They want to move along with this stream of bright and golden energy, but at the same time they are attracted to a swamp of old energies that may feel chaotic.

How do they stand upright in this field of moving energy? The key is to take a step back and then two forward. If you feel that you are being dragged into the old energy of fear, doubt, distrust or self-criticism, take a step back. Keep in mind that you are being attracted and that it is not you. Take a step back to your golden center, the energy of home, and remember who they are. They no longer need to move forward just to be swallowed by the old energy; They are ready for the new time.

I speak to them this way because they are ready to be residents of the new Earth. Especially in the area of ​​relationships, for example, it may be tempting to keep one foot in the old world, because they feel very connected with certain people and want to take them with you on your trip.

That cannot happen, because everyone creates and chooses their own path . This is something that cannot be assumed by another person; They can't force her to change. It is a sure sign of love when you let go and stand on this new Earth on your own feet.

They are not abandoning them, they are still present, but they are part of another reality. As soon as they are mature, and ready to receive this reality, a new connection will be created for them. They can no longer cling to relationships dominated by dependence, fear or struggle. This applies to all areas: couple relationships, friendships and business relationships.

Get rid of the old energies

They can be part of two worlds for a limited time; at some point they will be released. Therefore, dare to say goodbye to the people or situations that take you back to the old. Realize, deep down, that they are doing themselves and the other a favor by doing so because they are going to live more strongly of the new, and become an example of that for them.

I ask you to bring to mind someone at this time in your life, someone with whom you are in a relationship in which you feel that an old energy is reproducing among you. The elements of power and dependence, struggle or anxiety play a role. Dare to be honest and authentic here.

Imagine that this other person stands in front of you, and see if you discover one or more strings of energy between you and the other person. See if there is a rope that is not so bright in color, or that does not feel free and fluid . Ask yourself: "Why do I hold on to this rope, why do I feel obliged to keep it?" Look at it honestly and openly without judging and untie and disconnect that cord.

Realize that breaking it is an act of love, because all life is destined to radiate from its own center, independent and free - that is love . Only when they are independent and free can they really connect with another person and feel happy and surprised in a relationship. As long as they need another to fill a void and feel complete, there is a pattern of expectation. They are not free and do not let the other person be free.

In the new times, they live in freedom . They are complete within themselves; Feel it for a moment. How do you feel when the aura around you is full of your own energy, when you can relax and be at peace within yourself? When you can feel this peace, you are connected to your deepest divine Being, your soul .

Flow with the soul

Imagine that your souls are present in this space as a radiant sun, a sphere of light that is there just above their heads. Feel how the light of your soul radiates around you, embrace you lovingly and penetrate all the cells of your bodies . Feel how happy your souls are when you can warm them up. How beautiful is their soul that finds them, just as they are - perfect.

She is proud of you. In his presence, you are all worthy.

Let the light of your soul, your divine core, flow to your heart and all the way to your abdomen. Feel it is an inexhaustible source of energy . If they enter the world from this connection, they meet other people with amazement, interest and joy.

They have no need for another to fill them . Imagine we do this here and now. From the fusion with his divine core, his soul, we stand here in this circle of people and radiate light. They don't expect anything, they don't need anything; They simply "are who they are" and keep nothing. They allow their essence to radiate fully.

See what is happening in the middle of this circle - a light emerges, a joint creation. We are all free and yet something emerges that is greater than the sum of the individual parts. There is something bigger and more vast. I ask you to feel what arises from this common creation, from this accumulation of energy that wants to come to you. Look at it with total freedom, be open to each other.

Behind every human being hides an infinite source of light and love, and that is the joy of relationships. It is the undertaking of an adventure together; They never finish searching or experimenting. Every human being is a wonder in itself. Let us celebrate.

I greet you from home and I want to remind you of its beauty and value.

(Channeled by Pamela Kribbe).

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Translator: Andrea Mora, editor and translator in the big family of

Source: Mary via Pamela Kribbe: A Step Backward .” -

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