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  • 2014

Canalization ~ Méline Lafont

Monday, October 6, 2014

Lately many are feeling the desire to leave this plane and leave. I am receiving a lot of messages like this one from loving and precious hearts that feel simply exhausted and have had enough. This is understandable because what is rising to the surface is not all brightness and glamor, so to speak, but the Earth and ourselves are transmuting many old layers and debts that have been created by all of us in the first place. No one said it would be easy when we chose to come to Earth to assist in the process of recalibration and rebirth that we call "Ascension." But we are the ones who have come to this Earth because we have the strength to do this and because we need to transmute everything that is part of our being. Many are assisting us from above and at all levels and levels of consciousness. When you feel you want to go to "Home", ask yourself the following questions: why do you want to go to Casa and where do you think it is? Is it because they cannot withstand density and want to remain at the “higher” frequencies? Is it because you long for that feeling of happiness and that part of you that makes you feel loved, supported and cared for? Or is it because they are tired of these challenges and want to have it easier? If you go deeper into this questioning, you may find that the answer that is given to you is, in fact, that where you really want to be here is ... Well, it is within you, it is you! Therefore, wherever you go, you are at Home. And those higher frequencies in which you yearn to be, in what you see as home, are frequencies that you carry within, and therefore you can bring them here, to Earth, to your reality as well. Consequently, one must look for everything inside. So when you feel unhappy, inspired, or with high vibrations, truly find it in yourself and take it out to change your reality and that of the collective because it all starts with you. Instead of moving away from this reality and looking in other places around you to feel satisfied, find it within your own heart again because that is where everything you are really looking for lies. You can lower your own higher vibrations and inspirations (which is what most people look for as the feeling of happiness) allowing your heart to open so that they are a conduit of the Light that goes down to your Higher Self and the Solar Christic Codes. Instead of wishing to leave in order to find these high vibrations somewhere else and feel at home, bring them (your home) here, right in and through your Being / Existence as this is truly what you are looking for in the first place. September has been functioning as a deeper and deeper alignment with its Higher Yos as they integrate the Solar Christic Codes of their own Being while experiencing continuous cleansing and liberation of their old layers. This process will continue to unfold as the collective is now releasing their old prints and erasing their marks in order to forget these old layers of structures. The New is on its way and is being born right now through all of you individually. That is why many are in waves of cleaning / integration / activation / and release. And again. Honor and truly accept the unfolding of this facet of your path as it is an intrinsic part of creation. You are the conduits that bring everything and these Christ levels to Earth through your bodies and your heart. Their human vehicles are changing and transforming into Merkabas / Light Bodies, and therefore, a thorough cleansing and liberation is the order of the day at every level. As their human temples express increasingly pristine frequencies in each cell, they will begin to feel deep awakening to their multidimensional consciousness and bodily changes that will increasingly demand that they be willing and open to let go and trust. It is about surrendering to your own Divinity and letting go of the need to control in order to allow. Imagine being simultaneously present in more different levels of consciousness; This is what they are beginning to experience from the heart, their multifaceted self as they leave their shell to play and explore all this. It is important that you truly take your time with this so that you can continue to feel comfortable; Wishing to go too fast will sow confusion. Our human brain is still part of our vehicle, so he wants to take all possibilities into account to assimilate what this experience is about. Take it step by step and allow yourself to implement these levels as deeply as possible before moving on to another multidimensional facet of yourself. The more they integrate all facets, the more detached they become from this level of reality and their current life. To maintain Balance in all this, the KEY is to be and navigate these waves of your Multidimensional experiences with joy.

My Higher Level Consciousness, Lady Portia:

“Dear Hearts:
You are beginning to stay in the multidimensional planes where you are seeing confusion arise in the planes where there is more dust than Light. These planes will eventually move as well because the Light has more power than dust. These planes will rise to the Light and compassion because they are now changing speeds to the awakening of consciousness. Many can see the conduits of the Light in those areas that are doing their best to change this reality by releasing the old debts and energies that had to rise to the surface once and for all. Do not underestimate the power of love and compassion, Precious Hearts, for you have your own disposition that sows all hearts with your power of being. I come to you these days with the empowerment of Balance because I AM your Guardian. With my Grace and compassionate Love it is how I offer as a gift to each and every one of my true colors to incite the power within them through balance and acceptance. My understanding, as much as yours, is to maintain balance in your Precious Hearts at all times so that all of you can prosper in what each and all of your hearts yearn to create, and that is peace and understanding as ONE Unit. Anchor the peace within you to anchor it for the world, for you yourselves are portals of peace . See yourself as those 'portals of peace', traveling throughout the world in consciousness and bringing this peace back to Earth so that Gaia can shed more of her old layers in peace. Understanding will come from this, as well as peace and unity for all who are willing to see peace in the eyes of every man, woman and child. This remains in all of you and thus WILL be on this plane because you represent what you are in this life of heart. Many understand the fluctuations in the heart of each one unfolding in these moments because they are an instigator of what has to change deeply and move to other new planes of consciousness. As the New is born through their hearts, it allows everyone to venture into the New realities, which in truth have been a part of their entire plane of consciousness all along. This is my truth that I am passing to you when I tell you from the heart that each and everyone is a piece of the One called God in consciousness, and this is in its own unique way in each. So why do you allow confusion to be sown, my Precious Hearts, when you know and understand that everyone is One with All That Is, for there is no separation in reality? Hold each other by the hand and share what abounds in everyone, which is peace and the understanding of unity. Hold that intention alive instead of creating separation. All are wonderful Beings of Light, and I AM amazed at how powerfully your awakenings and consciousness are bringing a movement to these planes. Hold that thought and that creation of peace so that you inhabit abundantly within everyone because this is really the core of the current events in your planes, the search for inner peace and unity with the Self through others and yourselves. . I greet you with all serenity, peace and Love. I AM the Lady Portia, in service of all Méline Lafont 2012 - 2014, it is allowed to share freely in her entirety and without altering: http: // and http: // pleiadedolphininfos.

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