The Pleiadian Consciousness: Healing the Inner Void, channeled by Natalie Glasson

  • 2017
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March 17, 2017

We, the Pleiadian Consciousness, introduce ourselves to greet you with Love and Truth. We bring the energy and Light of our civilization to help you in your Ascension period. As a Being on Earth, you are not alone, your Consciousness is connected to all aspects of the Creator; and all aspects of the Creator are connected with you. This is an aspect of the Ascension that is being born now; there is a duality that must be dissolved in your Ascension so that Truth can manifest itself for you to experience. As Human Beings, you can often feel alone and separated from others and even from the Creator; This can cause enormous pain and suffering that manifest in your physical reality and in your physical experiences. This is simply the result of not having awareness or recognition of your eternal connection with the Creator ... To dissolve experiences of loneliness and separation, it is necessary to accept an aspect of Ascension that seems to consist of 2 contrasting ideas.

Internal Connection

To help your Ascension and deepen your connection with the Creator, it is necessary that you connect with the energies within your Being; that you observe your emotions, thoughts and actions; and recognize whether or not they are aligned with the energy of the Creator. This is so that you realize if your thoughts, feelings and actions lead you to the Creator or take you away from Him. It is also essential that you connect with the energy of the Creator within you. The Creator can recognize himself in numerous ways, such as Love, Peace, Joy, Bliss and Synchrony. When you allow yourself to notice and recognize within you these Sacred Energies and merge with them, you exist in harmony with the Creator. Aligning yourself with the Creator within you can lead you to experience that the Sacred Energy overflows from your Heart Chakra and radiates from your Being.

The process of recognizing the Creator within your Being may seem like a lonely experience. Frequently the deep connection and realization of the Creator may require time, patience and meditation, with your focus inward rather than outward. When you do not feel the Creator with you but distant, you can experience tremendous loneliness, for you become aware of the chatter of your mind, of areas that require healing, of feelings of uncertainty and emptiness that seem inexplicable. The support of another person sending for your benefit healing, or visualization of the result you want, can help your internal connection. However, for you to create space in your Being for the truth to unfold, it is necessary that you experience and release your wounds of separation, as well as your illusions of disconnection with the Creator. Essentially, experiencing loneliness, separation, uncertainty and emptiness within your Being can be a healing and cleansing process that allows you to create a clean and pure connection with the Creator.

Whether you are in the process of discovering your inner connection with the Creator, or are currently experiencing and exploring it, you may turn inside and disconnect from the outside World, feeling that you want time for yourself. Please recognize that this is also a part of your Ascension process that requires your acceptance as well as your observation, as this natural period can become a habit that is linked to fear of the outside World. Some people fear both their outer World and their inner World, which causes them to experience enormous isolation from the Creator; so the person they are hiding from is themselves. In these cases, the acceptance of the I is a powerful healing balm.

Connecting Yourself Beyond Yourself

When you get used to connecting with the presence of the Creator inside you, this becomes a satisfying experience that creates many opportunities for greater connection with the Creator in your Being and in your reality. The experience becomes delicious and inspiring, it stimulates you to feel that you are discovering who you really are and what your Inner Truth is. That is when you are invited to have the experience opposite to the internal connection. The duality of which we are speaking in your Ascension is that you are encouraged to connect with the interior of your Being, as well as with all aspects of the Creator; that is, with everything inside and outside of you. This may seem impossible, like two experiences and states of Being that oppose each other.

It is interesting that experiencing your connection with the Creator within you leads you to experience your connection with all aspects of the Creator, inside and outside of you. It is as if you pass from one end to the other You go through loneliness, despair and separation, to discover Connection, Satisfaction, Love and Truth within your Being. This can also be described as being in the flow, which expresses the Creator and even the Illumination; although the Illumination really is formed when you realize your eternal connection with all the Beings of the Earth and of the Inner Planes. In harmony with the Creator, you then begin to explore the presence of the Creator's existence beyond yourself. Perhaps in the past you have felt completely separated from others; however, with your strong internal bond with the Creator all barriers, boundaries, limitations and illusions begin to disappear; That's when you realize that the time spent experiencing the Creator inside you was immensely valuable, because you became able to recognize your energy and became familiar with it, which you greatly appreciate when you discover that you can merge with everyone The aspects of the Creator. The Ascension experience of connecting with all aspects of the Creator, is as if all your limits became blurred, you no longer see your physical body as a separate aspect of yourself, you no longer feel to people as strangers, you are no longer confused by the actions of others or by the direction towards which the World is evolving. A deep-seated connection sensation is manifested; We feel that it can be better explained as a deep-rooted knowledge within your Being and familiarity with everything that surrounds you. You realize that everything is part of you because you are part of the Creator.

A Common Error

A common mistake comes from the ego being connected to belongings and control. When you recognize that you are connected to all aspects of the Creator, a sense of kinship may manifest, which means that you may feel that you have control over others, that they belong to you; and you may be frustrated when others do not act and react as you think is appropriate; That is when the energy of separation can appear. Even when you are connected with all Beings and with all aspects of the Creator; and have a deep knowledge, your purpose is not to guide, or control others, or be frustrated by them, or take them away from you ... In fact the key is acceptance ... Realize that your connection with all aspects of the Creator is for help you and support your experiences on Earth; and not to supervise, drive or control others. Enjoying the experience of connecting with all aspects of the Creator while observing the transitions within your Being, allows you to have access to beautiful states of Illumination.

The Joy of Connecting Beyond You

The greatest joy that is manifested is that through your deep connection with the Creator and your familiarity and knowledge of all that the Creator is, you begin to enjoy communicating, relating and connecting with other aspects of the Creator, on Earth or in the Internal Plans. Each connection, be it a simple smile, an eye contact, or just being silent in the presence of another, becomes a deeply enlightening and satisfying experience. Observing a tree, an animal, the sky, or any aspect of the Earth, becomes a deeply enlightening process because you are aware that your Essence dances, merges and synthesizes with numerous aspects of the Creator. You are always aware of who you are; and yet each connection allows you to discover your Truth more and further empower your Essence. You will be actively seeking to observe and connect with all aspects of the Earth and the Internal Planes, simply because you want to know, explore and play more fully with the Creator. When we compare this with the process of connecting internally with the experience of the Creator, we realize that it is a complete turn in which you actively seek to observe the Creator in everything. Two aspects of duality become one; and in your Spiritual Evolution you create a circle that continues to expand.

You will discover the Creator in your outer World, if you first accept the Creator in your inner World.

The Pleiadians wanted to share with you our vision so that you can observe this duality that arises in the Ascension; and for you to realize that you have a path to discover that everything leads you to your ultimate realization and experience of life. The path we describe to you is that of your Illumination, which will alter and change the world around you, allowing you to serve with this process, often without realizing it. Your natural existence is to be connected with all aspects of the Creator, this is the realization you seek, it is the healing balm for your inner emptiness.

With Love and Peace,

Pleiadian Consciousness.

Translated: Jairo Rodríguez R.

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