The consciousness of being, Beloved Haniel Channeled by Elsa Farrus

  • 2015

I am Haniel, in the name of light and love.

Beloved being of light, the changes in water consciousness, of their bodies are being developed in the coming times, periods are closing and opening new connections between the denser physical body and its more etheric bodies of light, these interconnections are going to facilitate being able to work conscientiously in the coming years, all the emotional waste that angers you, specifically the internal wrath, of the last lives and times for not accepting to be yourself.

All this is in the amniotic fluid and in the internal fluid of your cell membrane.

These anger will come to light, are the result of the separation of your bodies, the overstrain of thousands of years, that you were holding limited positions, within the thousand versions of love, but above all the conscious departure from your own being and their personal strength, abandoned in the forgetfulness of themselves.

Allow yourself to be angry, allow yourself to cry and allow yourself to feel human.

They are beings of light in a human body, dragged to the limit for thousands of years, and rejected in a post of the spiritual ... Beloved beings of light, they are one with that physical body, which has a hard time assuming, their kindness and service . He sustains them in this dual and mathematical plane and accompanies them in the thousands of daily transformations.

On the etheric plane, the soul is light and free and understanding and infinite love, but on the physical earth, it is where experiences are transformed into present, in a linear time, created for it, to experience and grow in that etheric understanding.

It is on the physical plane where the truth of what is lived is found, that for all of his experiences, where to materialize has a limit but also creativity to shape new things.

Beloved being of light, it is so much what the physical planet gives you, where in your body a thousand “miracles” that you call every day, are given without being aware of them, digestion, sleep, breathing, etc… Now that Light vehicle, is incorporated into your physical vehicle, in an unprecedented fusion, in a triple juncture, typical union of being, animal, spiritual and solar ...

That is to say, to express the conscience in all its physical acts from eating to making love, from laughing to creating a building, from dying to rebirth, all in fusion with its truth.

The authentic conscious being, in other planes that imagine that it exists, is real and is merging with your physical vehicle, worse this is so extremely important, this period of introspection until emptying and feeling the union with your daily reality, being loving, even with what they do not understand or fail to tolerate, because it is the expression of the other and one day they will reach that expression.

The multidimensional one, in which they are beginning to move, is not light, it is not love ... It is the manifested expression of their authentic being, at the point where all their bodies and their conscience are, from Alcyon's sun to the underworld. You are where your conscience places you, and there are no rituals or healers that put you on one level or another of consciousness.

Because consciousness is unique and belongs to only one being, your heart ... he chooses the plane of consciousness to manifest. They are as always the creators of their realities, only now more than ever, they will be the ones who manifest their new realities faster than ever, and become aware of their harmony or chaos.

The scam is undoubtedly the key to reality, but the door to the new in every present moment is opened by your heart chakra . Beloved beings of light, they are the beginning of your new reality, as long as you decide to love yourself as you are, love the present moment and love the world around you, as a perfect manifestation of the learning and reality of multiple consciences that does not have to be yours., brothers is the current moment, the best opportunity to recreate yourself inside and out, the 888 threshold, it is not a day is a conscience, and it is triple in this month of August, so that we can continue reviewing and growing, both you here on earth, as we on our planes of consciousness,

Beloved girl says goodbye from Alcyon's sun, Haniel.

Pd: His name means the Grace of God or Joy of God, In Hebrew the word hana ah means Alegr a and with the suffix el is God . It is also known as Anael, Aniel, Omoel, Aniel, Hamael and Hanael.

He is the one who presides over the Choir of the Principalities and according to Cabala Los Elohim. In the Cabala the sephiroh seven Netzach la Victoria presides over the idea of ​​dominance and victorious energy through the feelings and emotions of the Love to your planet .

This Angel fills us with love, and since love itself gives us joy, joy, we feel in harmony, it does not give way to any feeling or emotion that disturbs us, That peace that centers us through the most powerful energy that human beings have and moves us to pursue our dreams, ideals and desires. In all the created things that seem beautiful to us, there are the hands, ideas and imagination of a being who felt inspired and full of love. When we walk positively in this experience, which is called life, watching and manifesting everything with love, we find the essence of our creator's light, his infinite love, and his messenger, the Arc Handel that brings us into our lives this beautiful gift so that we Fill this powerful energy called love. Either in all its amorous manifestations of couple, marriage, friendships and all artistic expressions that highlight the beauty and creations of the human being.

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The consciousness of being, Beloved Haniel Channeled by Elsa Farrus

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