The sapphire crystal consciousness and the photon belt. Salusa, Sananda and María Victoria

  • 2016
Table of contents hide 1 Beloved being of light I am María vitoria, one of the directors of the sapphire crystal ray. 2 Beloved being of light I am Salusa de Sirio 2.1 The incoming sun and the diamond energy of the next few days together with the magenta frequency 3 Beloved being of light I am Sananda

Beloved to be of light, I am María Vitoria, one of the directors of the Sapphire crystal ray.

My work with you in Gaia, is to sustain the Lemurian frequency , over time, so that it is in the morphic field of energy, in the subtle planes at your disposal, when you choose to wake up.

Now our work from the central sun of Alcyon, is to make this reality visible, to all of you and to adjust the beat of your creations to the incoming frequencies, is to open your inner resonance to timelessness.

It is now the right time to restore and protect, its timelines, because the linear time of the earth has less and less consistency.

So by car several of your time frequencies, or time lines gradually, you all feel that you are leaving realities of your environment, or that reality accelerated again, in your day to day

You are human beings , with the ability to consciously integrate your body of light, so in the next few days you will feel this fusion actively, with movements in your vertebral columns, in your present realities.

Beloved beings of light are active each and every one of their vertebral discs, they contain the greatest influx of fibers and light sources, which communicate their central channel with all their organs, they should not hurt at all, just receive the vibration and the necessary energy expansions for rewiring.

If you feel a great activity, on your back, or pains or contractures, you will have to review your motions and your energetic openings that stop you, in the present reality.

The best way to deal with these transformations is in internal silence, or in activities of great creativity, where your soul and your being overlap, from walking through nature to drawing.

All activities, with grounding : dance, gardening, modeling in mud, everything that the physical body is the main protagonist, will help them to be able to focus their being, to the greatest extent.

Beloved to be of light I am Salusa de Sirio

Salusa, shows me a very old lock, with floral and forest ornaments, I know the key to a chest.

Beloved to be of light, this is the inner key to your elven nature, all of you, possess in the thymus, the key of communion, with the debts and beings of light, who restore and balance your environment and natural, some more or less in function of their incarnations, they have managed to continue dialoguing with the kingdoms.

Now with the greatest pressure in the crossing of the photon band, all of you are going to open, your inner being, will open in you, the elven consciousness

The restoration of clariaaudencia, that is to say, to be able to identify the vibrations and sounds that nourish them in their present reality, and it is also important to receive the codes of light and sound that will allow them to listen to the state of nature and act accordingly .

Not only at the level of nature, but also at the level of buildings, houses, places, auras and hearts.

You can clearly differentiate where to enter and where not, you can differences where there is no place or spatiality, and where you belong, just when you enter, you will feel the call

Beloved to be of light, you are a major center that you imagine of decoding of realities, when your base farm, the thymus and the pineal, will be aligned.

With these three energy centers in minimum operation they can rewrite their realities and actively transform them.

What will allow them great energy savings with what is not necessary to waste time in what is already a consolidated reality, and can open up to find their greatest possibilities

The incoming sun and the diamond energy of the next few days linked to the magenta frequency

They open in you the resonance of heart ascending to the dialogue between the different kingdoms, such as the ancient limes, it will be easy, beautiful and progressive. Everything is fine and harmonious, you may just feel somewhat excited or sensitive in the processes of assuming these new openings, let it be, everything is fine and in a great order we love you from the Sun of Alcyon beloved brothers, Salusa and Maria Victoria.

Thank you all for your dedication to the restoration of Gaia's original template, this is our temple of love and crystalline light that is reborn, consolidated and transformed from divine love, thank you beloved.

Beloved to be of light I am Sananda

We are working on the framework of universal memory for the restoration in all of you of the crystalline and diamond consciousness, which help you to integrate the new.

They are old beings of light that open to recover that essence of new

Beloved, there are multiple tasks to perform in the next few days:

- Restore your essence of light, with breathing or meditation

- Surrender to release everything that they cannot or should assume

- Much hydration of fluid intake, to assume the energy transformations of their lives

AUTHOR: Elsa Farrus


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