Solar awareness ~ Beloved Mary

  • 2014

Beloved girl, you are beings of light, in complete reunion with your being.

They are in flat integration of their yoees, as we already told you, therefore, Tomorrow, December 25, your being of light will be more present, than on other occasions, you may feel very light, do not forget to take root.

But what if they would understand that inside, a new vision of realities will happen, they will discover the true creative essence of situations and the authentic, life.

You will see your surroundings, with completely new eyes, the eyes of your solar being, the point of the soul, in the back of your heart chakra at the height of the paletillas, it will open its greatest resonance, grouping the information, of its past, to rebuild their personal empowerment, to take on the challenges of incoming energy.

That is your VOICE.

To recover the voice, of its free will, from the most just balance and with greater peace than you can ever imagine or evolve.

Beloved, there are many who, like you, have worked life after life, to reestablish balance and duality, now, the resonance will be amplified, defrosting the hearts of living beings, which you have not yet been able to remember.

Allow yourself silences, allow yourself calm, allow yourself, feel, and live this opening, as the key to, your new reality . His expression as a creative human being, of the frequencies of light and vibration, in octaves of new vibration, which open with the morning portal, and that will be reborn from the pasts that are no longer real and that are They will fall on the road.

My beloved child, I am Mary, learn to enjoy and manage your freedom of conscience with the great responsibility of forgiving yourself for having forgotten your own power and your will to live.

The beloved forgiveness is with yourselves, Nothing external is real, only you, we send you a big hug from the central sun. Beloved Mary.

Channeled Elsa Farrrus

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Solar awareness ~ Beloved Mary

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