La Clave 33 by Emilio Cameselle

  • 2012

Messengers of the stars the key 33

I want to write about them, about their message because since I remember they have been part of my life, since I was very young I used to go to the mountains with my friends at night to see the stars and admire their beauty.

We were looking for an answer in heaven that would help us understand the world that we had to live, a world of inequalities, of different opportunities for each person, in which the god they were talking about saw us far away, even so. In our hearts we knew that everything had a reason, that there was something else.

Little by little we found answers.

In our dreams, in the dreams of most of the initiates who received conscious or unconscious channeling by the messengers of the stars a constant, a key, was repeated. No. 33, which symbolized the spiritual impulse they coordinated.

Under that symbolic key his message develops, a syncretistic message that seeks to balance the evolution of man by uniting, mind, heart and spirit, looking for the common roots that the deep will be deposited in the human soul.

It is also known as the fourth path, or the middle path, the path of the heart.

The first phase of the impulse of this key, is the awakening of the spiritual soul, in it the signals that lead us to our destiny begin to occur, which allow us to discover within ourselves the seed that will have to germinate to be able to develop our goals, a seed that is in us thanks to the walk of our being in multiple lives in search of the `` truth ''

The messengers of the stars remind us that the evolution of the spiritual soul is part of a universal law, that its path is given through multiple incarnations where we fill our spirit with the necessary experiences to detach ourselves from the cycle of reincarnations, which marks karma, with its causes and effects.

That our current personality is the result of two databases that we have inside us, the experiences of past incarnations and all lived in this incarnation, this is called memories and is what determines the level of what we call voice of consciousness that is what gives us in turn our concept of good and evil as we often know relative.

That this set that we call the inner self needs to differentiate the essence of light with the superficial and thus unlearn the memories that condition its vision of "truth."

That human inequalities are the result of that law, the causes produced by ourselves have future consequences in this or future lives.

That all religious beliefs are equally respectable as long as they seek the good and balance of the people and not the separation and doctrinal or ideological disputes.

That any person can follow this spiritual impulse being consistent with its principles, because this key speaks of a natural evolution, within the normality of our life, of the transformation of society through personal change that radiates peace to our next ones.

The most important thing is that the essence that marks the deep being for each one of us is within us, that we can join the other walkers without creating dependency links, that the concept of guru or teacher can only serve as an example not as someone who takes the road for us or limits our freedom of decision.

Also the key 33 delves into the roots of our humanity, discovers the relationship of the messengers of the stars with our planet, who maintain a karmic relationship with their evolution.

Solar humanity.

Emilio Cameselle

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