The beneficial practice of putting ourselves in each other's shoes

  • 2016

This practice is truly useful, it is one of the many techniques of the East that foster kind love, generosity, patience and in this case empathy, if we think a little, It is without a doubt the root of all the above qualities.

What is it to put ourselves in each other's shoes?

But what is putting ourselves in each other's shoes ? It is thinking and trying to feel what the other or others feel in the face of a fortunate or unfortunate situation in their lives. It is empathy.

For example, when a family member or a dear friend tells us about an unfortunate situation, we usually say and think we understand it, but do we really feel it? Normally not, the main reason is to think selfishly that for what I feel what others feel, if with what happens to me I already have too much or enough ... because maybe we prefer to stay on the superficial and nothing productive hurts.

visualize ourselves in the situation of the other

Putting ourselves in the shoes of the other is not synonymous with having pity for others, it is visualizing ourselves in the situation of the other and reflecting on what it feels like, how can I resolve the situation? I remember an occasion when I saw An old woman asking for alms and somehow I remembered my grandmother and imagined that this lady was my grandmother ... I immediately felt that it was somewhat unfortunate, to reach an advanced age when it is no longer possible to walk well, you do not listen well and you are hungry ... You're alone in the street, possibly without thinking about the next day, just survive today ... I immediately felt a tightness in my chest and the need to remedy his situation to the best of my ability ... I could give him something to eat with all the motivation that you will enjoy it, that somehow your situation will change a little on that difficult day of hunger and abandonment. This is empathy, transcending words, rehearsed, false gestures and allowing ourselves to feel ... when we do this we do not expect them to return the favor ... the best retribution is for that person to leave or alleviate at least their situation.

The opposite occasion is also possible, put ourselves in each other's shoes with joy. When someone known has a promotion at work and we see him happy, we experience positive joy and contrary jealousy or envy. However, if we put ourselves in their shoes we can feel a lot of joy and this emotion is so healing that it makes us grow. Sometimes and with continuous practice we experience more happiness for the achievements of others than for our own, this is a sign of spiritual, emotional growth and the weakening of self-centeredness so common in these times.

Remember the pity is not empathy, the pity is a concept a formality, empathy is an emotion something that happens inside us and transcends the concepts .

seeds of generosity

Finally, the effect of empathy in our lives is enormous because it allows us to feel useful and well oriented regardless of our personal situation, it is not very healthy to expect retribution to selfless gestures but if we believe in the cause and effect the positive always comes back to us In the same positive or virtuous way, we plant seeds of generosity that will somehow flourish when we need them most.

So do not miss the opportunity to practice putting ourselves in the shoes of others, the result will be none other than increasing our ability to genuinely love others and ourselves ... well, nobody can give what they do not have, cultivate thus feeling genuine kind love to give it unconditionally to others. Let's take this opportunity to make our life something great and meaningful by practicing the compassion and generosity so necessary in these times.

AUTHOR: Pilar Vázquez, collaborator of the great family of the White Brotherhood

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