The Ascension of the Heart, Lady Rowena Channeled by Elsa Farrus

  • 2016

Beloved being of light, it is time to open a new internal vibration, the call of your interstellar consciousness.

You are the founders of a life, present, and you are dwellers of a physical body, the layers of the heart are being opened to all the incoming energy, therefore, this intense period of jumps of realities and openings in which you find yourself, now more than ever it is the call of the inner heart, who will make you take the directions, final in the changes of your daily life.

He is the one who rules, the harmony of everything when it happens abroad, this year, which you live like 2016, is a photonic energy band, which opens you up to a greater resonance, is the greatest experience, that you can consciously go through, of your physical creations, it is the living energy that helps you and transforms you inside and out, as much as you wish, is a real fact to calm down to a physical reality.

When the union of the monad happens, of your solar being, with the electromagnetic impulse of the inner sun, your unified plexus-thymus and throat, the immediate manifestation of your lives takes place.

It was always like that, only now in a faster way.

Some of you believe that the solar band of photons on a path to cross, and it is not true is clearly, the greatest possible opening you can ever imagine, is an energy that renews, restores, positions and marks the new in your lives, but that in reality it was your authentic path to Gaia, with yourself, and with the transformation of soul, that is to say your internal birth contract, which is in the "soul star" or chakra star of the soul. Located between 20cm of your heads ...

The solar and astral framework of your energy bodies, which you call electromagnetic field and also aura or spiritual bodies, now becomes aware of everything that is being part of your lives, that is, from the root of these bodies, in your neuronal and nervous tissues, to the universal and particular emotional impulses of your baggage as a soul.

Everything absolutely everything that happens is fully real, it is already part of your unified heart, and everything you feel can be real instantly, when you release all the behavior patterns that really accompany you.

It is now a time of profound transformation, and there is infinite energy available for everything to happen, in an open, agile and dynamic way, only on you depends….

You are great beings of light, with incredible potential, extinguished by your beliefs. Now solar energy leads them to face and break all the parameters of their beliefs, both their own and the highest, as well as moral or inherited ... ... so that their authentic identity arises, with the purpose of bringing to Gaia the energy that They came to deliver him.

It is time for decisions, for deep and agile decisions, at the latest in spring, but at the same time to free and release your past, it is time now to walk in the new, with a profound force that is born inside, the fruit of your union with the energies of Gaia and the universe.

There are three days of solar wind, which will flood the land of diamond consciousness, that is to say, union of its own being, of openness of heart and self-respect.

Now everything more than ever pushes to be recognizing, to be healed, to open its universal flow through the heart chakra.

Beloved beings of light, all of you, as you know, are unified through an invisible crystalline network that passes through your scam farm, now more than ever this network is fortified, and opens the way to a greater commitment to our heart, to our essence and with our own life.

Only from the harmony of living and the joy of living, can we vibrate, only from the inner silence, can we open the way to the resonance of a heart shared among all of you.

Internal silence is not a discipline or a state of mind, it is the strength of being really yourselves, leaving behind all your beliefs, and being beings of Buddha consciousness, without judgment, without burdens, without time ... just stay, live and love what one lives each day.

The opening of your timus chakra is increasingly physical and you will feel it growing. Many lightworkers are healing the planet globally through their songs, so that the vibration rises and they heal by resonance their groupmates and their resonant souls. They go through hard tests of life, and from the harmonization of the masses, the vibration rises, healing everything else.

Thousands of souls are doing this work, that's why mass awakening happens, but now it's your turn to get involved in your own processes, now it's the final stretch of the inner heart anchor, and it's individual, each being with its own life, Now it's time to walk from the heart, to be vibrant and loving, and nobody can sustain you, some souls made their way, now we gather your witness and do our part, now you have to decipher your own universal fabric, in this ascending pattern of transformation to which they will be subjected, we love you brothers from the sun of Alcyon Lady Rowena. Sananda and Melchisedek.…

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