The harmony of colors in the house

Make your home give you the emotional balance you need:

Learn to create a stimulating space using colors and power objects that harmonize your home and attract good vibes. When we have done the basic cleaning of the home, what remains is to work on the harmony of each room, and that is achieved through color, symbols and ornaments With which we decorate the environments. Many think that this aspect is secondary, but this is a serious mistake.

The color of the house is fundamental. It expresses the relationship we have with the vibrations of light. In addition, the tone with which we paint a room will influence our emotions and that of our loved ones. Any ornament or personal touch with which we decorate our house, gives it its own identity. It is with that permanent contribution that a home is brought to life.

Color affects all areas of life. Intuitively, we know that each hue is associated with an emotion. Therefore, in our everyday language, we use phrases such as "sees everything pink", became "red with anger", became "green with envy", etc. There are no bad colors, all are good and can help us harmonize our life. At home they are fundamental. If you want each environment of your home to meet a clear and determined objective, you must learn to use the colors to your advantage. It is not necessary for you to paint the entire room. If you can do it, better, if not, just be the predominant tone. Use curtains, tablecloths, carpets, flowers, and the ornaments you want to give an environment the character you prefer.


This color stimulates the entire physical body. Boosts the action. It provides strength, courage, vigor and tenacity. - It is the ideal tone to help a person out of a period of inactivity or depression. It provides energy and motivation, essential requirements to pursue and achieve the objectives we have set. It is not advisable for a bedroom, because it is difficult to rest with this stimulating color. However, it is recommended for couples who want to increase their sex life. In a room for work, exercise, even a living room, red favors movement and activity. If you are a person who hesitates excessively, or you are in a passive moment of your life, paint a loss of red and nothing and nobody can stop you.


This color is related to the spiritual body. It encourages us to seek the inner truth. Blue creates a channel of connection with the soul, therefore, people who aspire to achieve a more peaceful and peaceful life can find a great benefit in the color blue. Also encourage inspiration, creativity, spiritual understanding and faith. It is ideal to appease the temperament of those who are very bloody and react with anger at the slightest provocation. It also helps stressed people who cannot disconnect even at home from work problems. A bedroom painted a light blue hue can help you fight insomnia.


A room in which yellow predominates can help us improve concentration, especially for intellectual purposes. It also favors flexibility and the ability to adapt to changes.

If you have an environment that you use as a desk, do not hesitate to decorate it so that yellow is the predominant tone. In the event that family and friends meet in the kitchen, paint it yellow and you will achieve a very cozy space. If you are engaged in an independent activity and have clients that you advise, this color can benefit the relationship with your clients, as it stimulates openness, dialogue and optimism.


It is a cheerful and social color. It is used by clowns from around the world. Stimulates optimism. generosity, emotional balance, security, change. the struggle, self-motivation, variable character, enthusiasm and a sense of community. It is striking and affectionate. It is tolerant and sociable. It is suitable in rooms for collective meetings or in which people will gather to interact and have fun. It is a magnificent color for any room where parties are organized.


Stimulates feelings of balance, harmony, peace, hope, development and healing. It is present in Nature, where it symbolizes the forces of abundance and the provision of the Universe. Green reminds us that there will always be enough. It is a sedative and healing color. It can be used in any room. As the bathroom symbolizes purification and renewal, green is ideal for it. Try to make it a bright spring green or a light green leaf.


It has a calming, sedative and comforting effect. It is associated with psychic knowledge and intuition. People whose favorite color is purple tend to trust the future and be abstract, great and able to tune into the inner world of others. Purple stimulates our spiritual perspective and our intuition. Being so powerful it is not recommended to paint an entire room of this color. It is better to use it to put a color note in a room painted white, green or even yellow.


It encompasses all colors. It fosters divine understanding, humility and creative imagination. White is purity and perfection. It can be a healing color, ideal for any room. However, a room painted white may be too sterile, it will not seem cozy or attractive. White communicates a feeling of cleanliness and clarity, but unless it is a room for sleeping only, it is better to combine it with color accessories.


It is a spiritual color. It focuses attention on the inner world, either to devote himself to the realm of the spiritual or to process feelings of regret. The predominant use of black can be overwhelming and even depressing. Although black accessories can provide a dramatic air and strength to a room, they can accentuate and define it in the same way as in a painting.

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