The sacred alliance, by Julio Andr s Pagano

Give me your hand. We will issue a signal. We will radiate to the universe a beautiful manifestation of love that symbolizes the transformation lived. We will make a round, so big and so beautiful, that from the sky a powerful ring of incredible light will be seen on Earth. Inside there will be joy, sweetness, tenderness and a wonderful share of hope. It will be a clear sign of the conscious union that we achieve by vibrating intertwined. Let's do it. Let's give life to the sacred covenant.

Today we will feel the immense diamond flow that hearts display when they open to the light and merge into love. With this powerful round we will help the sky descend to Earth and make our essence circulate throughout the galaxy, releasing a pure frequency towards the entire creation. This will be a sublime act of divine alchemy that will help us not forget that we can always play, dance, laugh and love, even if the unconscious hits hard.

Come. Add yourself I opened your heart. Dress in your best clothes and bring out the purest of your interior. While your eyes are closing, you will feel that love goes beyond your soul and you will begin to turn from the hand of your brothers. We are hundreds, thousands. We are co-creating a powerful ring of light that expands up, down, out and in. Energy unfolds in all dimensions that we still cannot perceive. I felt This is the unit.

As we turn we activate our ancestral memory. We came to serve. We were born to love. We accept to incarnate to channel the light of a bright time that allows us to fly and thus encourage others to wake up, rediscover their wings and feel. There is brotherhood in this dance. The intense flow of the innocent joy that relieves us palpitates. Gathered in love, embraced in faith, we form an immense beacon that dissipates darkness and restores harmony.

We are light. We are love. We are the force that activates the new consciousness. Thanks for turning. Thanks for radiating. Every time you feel it, close your eyes, connect with your interior and release the great strength of your spirit again. It encourages others to dare to experience the energetic crystalline flow of this effulgent ring, which today was seen from the sky and flooded the universe with love. So we wake up. Thus we are helping by dancing and celebrating in the sacred covenant.

Let's vibrate:

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