Kuthumi: Angels of Peace Weave a Ball Gown and Light Around You

  • 2013

Kuthumi and an Emanation of his Heart on November 8, 2012 - Sunday, November 11, 2012


From Paradise Valley, Montana ...

Angels of Peace Weave a Dress of Gala and Light Around You
Separate Time for Inner Rest Every Day and So Access the Highest Virtues.

Kind Hearts:

In the living light of God, in the living reality of his presence, in the real emanation and radiation of his being I am here with you and I do everything I can at this time to support

Your path of personal advancement, the development of your soul and your inner growth. I share the essence of my being with your soul, with your heart; the radiation of my Solar Presence I grant to each of you and the glory of God in which I live and move and have my being, I offer it to you as a gift of God's will, so that you can understand the demands of the hour, the requirements for a greater achievement and you can know how to use each virtue for a greater opportunity.

The light of peace is here. The power of the Presence shines outward. And the total radiation of the soul that you have gained through long hours of prayer, devotion, praise and thanksgiving to the Source are now multiplied by the angels of the Lord who reflect in projection and return to you, what you have given to the universe in the form of love, compassion and kind tolerance amplified by a quotient of God's gratitude. Yes, I am Kuthumi and I discover keys to you so that you can always embrace the cosmic light of Christ's peace and Buddha consciousness, as I do.

Many seek comfort and relief in the spirit, protecting themselves against the interposition of the darkness of the unconscious in the world, a sacred space where they can contact the perfected being that they know as God within their own hearts. That is the goal for each one of you, to consider spending a quiet time each day, to access the high virtues that are achieved by living in that supreme light of grace. Therefore, I grant today an opportunity for you at internal levels, to dwell in my presence, so that you feel united at a deep level of the soul, to feel the value of your being in the arms of God, your true identity one with your source.

Yes, I will highlight this in a way that provides each one with the inner peace that will bring you a new space of light and harmony. And when you can generate this space for yourself around your aura, of your being and maintain the irradiation and gentleness of your superior power through loving tolerance, you will make great progress, while having the face of God in front of you. through your inner vision and you will have the opportunity to commune directly with a great number of ascended beings, in the retreats of the Great Brotherhood and at the same time they will align you in their presence, welcoming you in that state of cosmic equilibrium that you will manifest.

Yes, there are brothers in the dark who try to catch you and get tangled up with all kinds of tricks of this reality of the grace of the living God. Do not pay any attention to these external things or concentrate on talking about it again and again. Because this at a certain level magnetizes your attention and your efforts to get involved in your strategies. Focus exclusively on the pure reality of your superior being, the brightness of the star of your state of being God and living in the radiance of this great light through every thought, word and deed and every opportunity that presents itself. You can magnetize the presence of ascended masters and their conscience for centered love, for the acceptance of grace and for a humble heart united with the eternal fires of the Lord, Our God.

Each of you has this ability, yes, it is an internal mandate to live as gods and goddesses, sons and daughters of the Most High. Because this is your undeniable right of birth and your destiny, while you choose to accept and live day by day, hour after hour, in knowing God, living as a divine being and enjoying the fruits of the spirit that are always yours to use, to A life of harmony, blessing and peace.

Angels of peace now come to make around you a garment of light, of many points consciously woven with the living reality of the flame of peace itself. You can wear this garment at any time, in any place, to reject violence, ignorance and the intrusive forces of the unreal being. To be able to embrace every gram of holiness in which you focus inside your mind and your heart.

Yes, beloved, I am always here as one of your teachers in the world, To train and guide you always forward. Know that the path is not so difficult when you embrace the love and kindness of God as your standard, your path. There is no need to feel this inner struggle, division or consciousness engaged in a battle of anxiety and sense of suffering that sometimes strikes you, if you remember who you are and allow the light of God, the love of God to make you vibrate in the place where you are and cover you with these garments of peace and harmony gala

Or my precious ones, if you could experience for a moment the eternalness of your soul, as each ascended master knows it, having fully incorporated the Presence of God, you would be at peace with yourself, in harmony with nature, smiling at the Mother of the World and prepared for what the effulgence of God wishes to deliver to you, he offers it to you from within your own sacred heart at every moment.

Yes, Jesus, Omraam and I have a plan prepared, both for the expansion of this movement, and for the expansion of the light inside the servants and friends at heart. Therefore, be at peace and prosper in the state of rest of being, that privileged environment that can be accessed by just saying a prayer gently, requesting the support of the Lord and his angels to cease the tension and stress to be within the heart of the Divine Mother.

Or, the way she hears children's beats and their internal cries, the calls of their souls. If she feels them and responds gently with light, with her maternal care of Presence and reverent permanence for those of you who are like a creation of God, To lift you up, transport you on the wings of light of the angels that hold you in the light and observe you until your victory.

Or, kind hearts, I thank you for your love. And I grant you on this day and day again and again the presence of God, who blesses and enriches your life with spiritual joy and the transcendence of simply knowing and loving God daily. I thank you.

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