Kuthumi The times that are being announced.

  • 2012


I am Master Kuthumi, I appear before you my beloved brothers in the light, in view of the times that are being announced, and I will try to explain a little more, this process, already, which is very long and full of expectations, for those who are ready, and have performed the perfect balance of your karma. And for those who feel that your flat has faltered, and what they wanted with such longing, today it has broken to pieces.

The road traveled here could have been arduous, if they have lived dramatically in some incarnations and poetically impregnated with the fragrance of love in others.

That has been your choice, and those souls, who live now, understanding this passage, as a great experience, full of shades of light and dark, stripping themselves of earthly garments, and daring to only wear the heavenly robes, perceiving your beating hearts from the simplicity of sublime and divine love.

I want to talk to you and tell you that the human being has never had so much help, from the cosmic, and the conditions are given, so that they can assess your personal and individual, and collective situation, there is still time, there is always time.

Well, it can occur in just a few moments of your three-dimensional linear existences.

Be still, those who are experiencing situations of change, (what it was is no longer), have to learn again, and that is what it is all about.

It is a new opportunity, a new experience, thus the new, renewed, liberated man emerges.

If this situation of change had not occurred, they would never have experienced the only possibility that is now being announced to them, leaving behind, realizing, your divine contexture.

Yes, you will see, around you, situations of chaos.

Precisely, the resurgence from the soul and the heart.

It makes you understand the deep inner desire, which lay hidden, and you could not perceive it.

That's what this process is about, and turn your earthly existences upside down to make them divine.

For those who are ready and are beacons of light, illuminating, and building eternal bridges, extending brotherhood ties with everything created.

Where there is no time or space, past, or future.

Brothers in the light, beloved, I say goodbye, and I greet this soul who has received my words with such sweetness and surely wishes to transmit them from my brother Sananda.

My beloved, I love you, forever, I am with you, and with my beloved sister.

I come to you, and truly I tell you, as I have spoken to you in the times, that I have trodden your land, and to corroborate, the vibrations of light, expressed, by my brother Kuthumi.

And as a planetary Prince, as you like to say, everything is prepared by my Father.

The Divine Plan is being fulfilled to perfection, as established.

Many souls are waking up from the three-dimensional dream, and together with my brothers and your brothers in the universe, with love we wrap you and protect you, you feel these vibrations.

Planetary Change is a universal change, you have to assume it.

You are all involved, and proof of that, you have it, in sight.

If you look, and stop.

You will see the souls, your brothers, immersed in the situations that you would never have imagined.

This has an answer, beloved ones, as at that time, when I preached, about the liberation of the soul.

I told you, the same as I tell you now, just from pain, resurrects the soul.

Many did not understand, because pain would be desired, for my brothers. But, on the Cross, my pain, will redeem, so much darkness, not understood.

And it will remain forever.

The Message is Love, and times of glory and joy await you.

Beloved brothers, remember, to love, it is a wonderful word, it is the word that you must adopt, if your hearts so desire.

Never forget, I am with you. I love you

Thank you, teacher, for your presence, I love you.

By Mar a Ruso 6-9-2012

Kuthumi The times that are being announced

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