Kryon, the Earth's energy grids and its interrelation with Humanity

  • 2018

There is much talk about these days about changing the grid of the planet, but perhaps there is little information we have about it that allows us to really understand what this is about. So this time we will delve into this issue. I have synthesized this knowledge from the work that Monika Muranyi has done in her book “The Gaia Effect”, in which she has compiled the channels of Lee Carroll of the Kryon Consciousness that are related to Gaia and her interrelation with Humanity .

To begin we will say that in reality the Earth has 3 grids, these are: the Magnetic Grid, the Gaia Grid or Gaia Consciousness and the Crystalline Grid.

We can mention that in general terms among its characteristics it is found that they are interactive, they are interwoven quantumly, they exist as one only because what happens in one affects the other and they are part of a system that includes the Galaxy and the Universe. It sounds complex but later we will go deeper to clarify these aspects.

The part that may seem odd to us is that these Grids can be transformed by Human Consciousness and that in turn their changes alter the human interior. And here we will start to pause a bit to understand what this means.


At first there was Gaia and it contained the Magnetic Grid, it originated from the movement of the Earth's core. It existed as matter but it was spiritually empty. It was the Pleiadians who, by shifting Humanity to a divine DNA, also created the Gaia Conscious Grids . This Human product of the Pleiadian intervention differed from the other species that occupied the planet, it did not have 24 pairs of chromosomes like the others but it had 23. At the time of this modification the Pleiadian DNA seed was planted in Humanity and they were created the Grids of the planet.

The Grids, especially the Crystalline, have been reacting to Human Compassion . The essence of Gaia's energy is related to the creation of Playadian Humanity. This resulted in a Conscious Gaia that expanded thanks to the Pleiadians.

Now let's go deeper into each of the Grids and their characteristics:


  • The Earth's magnetic field is produced in its center. The core is a solid iron ball as hot as the sun. It is as wide as 70% of the size of the moon. It rotates at its own speed, faster than the Earth itself. It has an ocean of liquid Iron called the External Core, from here comes the magnetic field, this conducts electricity, has hurricanes and eddies produced by the Coriolis effect that are the forces of the earth's rotation movement, which generates magnetism by a process called Effect Dynamo.
  • The magnetic field is constantly changing and responds to an intelligent design. It has been transformed as a result of human intention, due to a change in collective consciousness, so Humanity created a new plan and a new terrestrial potential.
  • This magnetic field changes according to the profound events of Humanity. When events involve human compassion, the vibration of the planet rises. Magnetism helps human Consciousness.
  • The Magnetic Grid acts as an antenna of the planet towards the universe and is in communication with the magnetism of the solar system. Magnetism is needed for quantum entanglement between the Earth and the center of the Universe.


  • It has to do with life on the planet and is totally related to Humanity. Gaia is the grid of life.
  • It contains the Akasha inside. Every being has its own Akashic record. The Akasha of Humanity is in the DNA and in the Cave of Creation within Gaia.
  • Gaia is an energy of the planet Earth, is sensitive, conscious, has an innate intelligence, has an intelligent consciousness that knows about humans and is able to communicate with them.
  • Gaia creates a record of each soul that arrives on the planet because it leaves a mark, a unique energy that modifies its vital force.

    It is deep inside the Earth, it is a multidimensional cavern that will never be discovered. Although it has three-dimensional properties it is invisible to humans. Here is the record of what we humans are.
    This Cave is the first place we go to when we arrive on the planet even before birth and it is the last place we will go before returning home.
    It is the deposit or storage of the Humanity record.
    Every soul on the planet is unique. Gaia knows about each one of those who are here.
    We all have a crystalline structure for every life and in this one the energy of everything we did in that life is saved. The soul is the same life after life, the Higher Self is the same and represents the energy of the essential soul.
    The Cave is aesthetic in 3D but dynamic in multidimensionality, so no crystals are added or removed.
    It is always complete, it contains all Humanity (ophthalmic potentials) because it is quantum, it connects with the past, the present and the future, that is, we can interact even with those who They are not here.
    The energy record of each life remains on the planet forever .
    Everything that is recorded in the crystalline structure is transferred to the DNA at the time of birth, it is done in the Cave of Creation. The personal Akashic record is in every double helix at a multidimensional level in 90% that is considered basura .


  • This grid cannot be seen but felt. It is called crystalline as a metaphor related to crystals because these are “stones” that contain vibration. The Crystal Grid contains vibration, remembers and stores information.
  • This is a Grid of spiritual nature, which stores energy from the vital force of Humanity, our energy.
  • It is above the Earth, spread over the planet, outside even if it is not visible.
  • It contains imprints of our energy in specific locations on the planet due to what has happened in them, (for example wars and deaths) that are very difficult to clean. The memories are recorded on the mainland because the water cannot be printed.
  • It contains everything that has happened and the places where it happened. It is a human energy storage grid in specific locations .
  • It is a mantle of energy of human consciousness spread over Gaia.
  • Where there have been no significant events in the history of the planet, it feels clear, clean and that is why you can meditate better.
  • Here is all the human experience that lies above and within the planet and creates a vibrational speed that the Spirit can measure. Sensitive people can perceive that information that is stored in the Grid, pain, death, but also when it is clear and clean. Being in these places we remember that information, we feel that vibration.
  • It is responsible for what we perceive as "ghosts . " The Grid records and reproduces the energy over and over again, reproduces the event incessantly, the more intense the drama is played with more force, quantumly it is still real and can be measured in terms of magnetism and temperature. What is perceived are not entities, they are energies that were recorded multidimensionally. What we believe ghosts are past energy captured by the Grid .
  • The DNA responds to the Crystalline Grid . The DNA adapts to the old energy at birth. Now it works more effectively due to the change of consciousness. We were designed with a DNA with 100% efficiency but because of our level of consciousness it works at 30%, however the children that are being born arrive with 35% efficiency because they already bring an instinctive knowledge of the human condition that we have been acquiring evolutionarily The quantum imprint of DNA can be changed with compassion, awareness and pure intention.
  • This grid was put by the Pleiadians to allow the communication of human consciousness with the interior of the Earth, with what is known as Gaia.
  • The Grid has around it a multidimensional field that interacts with human consciousness.


  • Energy is being reconfigured for compassion, so the way of recording and reproducing energy is changing. The darkness, war and death can no longer be felt because there will be less energy there. There is a realignment and in the places where healing, love and recognition of God is perceived, the energy will rise.
  • This realignment involves focusing attention on maternal energy, less energy will be radiated from hate and drama, humans will stop feeling this energy and will no longer cooperate with hate and war. This is what the grid recalibration refers to.


  • Intuitively, Humanity knows that whales cannot be eliminated without disturbing the Earth's vital force balance. Human DNA is part of the Gaia system because it represents a biological evolution of Humanity on the planet.
  • Whales and dolphins are the living parts of the Grid system, contain the history of the Earth and are sacred. They are a system of support, of constant help.
  • The information of the 3 akashic systems combined is stored in whales and dolphins, these constitute the last layer that connects Humanity with Gaia.
  • The akashic record lives in the oceans of the planet, the information is in the water molecules. The history of the planet and Humanity is in the oceans, the whales access it and communicate it by connecting with the water molecules.


The Lemurians discovered that there was a balance with Gaia that consisted of giving and taking. They knew that it was necessary to make offerings with their energy and then take from Earth. Physical offerings are a ceremonial memory, a true offering refers to taking God's love into account daily and knowing that Mother Gaia is our connection to a greater source.

We must restore the connection with the energy of the Earth, this will rebuild a bridge of consciousness of the human being with Gaia. She is at the service of Humanity and changes according to her consciousness.

Humans are responsible for Gaia's changes not only in environmental terms but also in the sense of awakening consciousness. Technology must be used at the service of Gaia and the care of the planet, altruistic thinking will lead to retake the indigenous ways of understanding the Earth as the mother of all life.

And so it is ...

Author: Editor for the Great White Brotherhood, Diana Marcela Carvajal Díaz. Bogota Colombia.

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