KRYON live by MARIO LIANI - BOGOTÁ, Colombia - Saturday September 3, 2011

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Saturday, September 3, 2011



Kryon channeled live by Mario Liani

In your own Spanish language!

In this opportunity

The Encounter with Kryon and the Spiritual Family includes .

Presentation Will be announced shortly

Mini-concert - Guest Musicians to be announced shortly

Channeling of Gaia - Abjini Arráiz

Kryon Channeling - Mario Liani

What is "channeling"?

It is a process by which a human being transmits (without losing consciousness)

messages or words inspired by intangible beings, higher levels of consciousness

or a Divine Source that expresses itself through sensations

and groups of images that do not come from your mental dialogue,

but are implanted by an external force

that is flawlessly aligned with your human conscience.

Meeting with Kryon and the Spiritual Family


Saturday, September 3, 2011

5:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Place of the event

William Shakespeare Theater

19th Avenue - No. 152 A - 48

Contribution per person

$ 150, 000 per person

$ 120, 000 per person (before July 20, 2011)

(For logistical reasons, it is necessary to book and pre-pay in advance for the event attendance)


“Meeting with Kryon and the Spiritual Family”



301 - 745.5421

317 - 437.2523

Dear Human Angel

Mario Liani - Kryon channeler in Spanish language - will be presented for the first time in Bogotá on September 3, 2011 to bring you the love, understanding and deep wisdom of Kryon, one of the greatest and most loving angelic group-entities that the humanity has the possibility of contacting in these times of great spiritual advancement.

Thanks to the fact that the projection of the Spirit is geometric, by deciding to incorporate this “Encounter with the Spiritual Family”, you will be indirectly helping many other people… because it is necessary to carry out an important mass convocation to generate a strong radial imprint that energizes Bogotá with the high energy of spiritual transmutation that these times require, especially now that we are at the doors of a great planetary change.

Bogotá needs the Light of the Spirit

Therefore, your presence is valuable and very necessary, because with it you will be participating in the creation of the appropriate “Momentum” to propitiate a new quantum leap of awareness of your beloved country, to new and higher vibrational levels.

We will be very honored to be able to count on you, because you will be in the sanctuary of a valuable meeting that will take place in Love and in Unity, during which a great community of loving spiritual entities will be with you finely fluttering ... to make the invisible visible. This will be a great experience, totally open to your perceptions and senses ... worthy of being remembered.

Do you want to be an active part of this event, manifesting your willingness to walk towards the encounter of an experience that will reaffirm the intention of your Divine Being ... one who has decided to hold the light that illuminates the path to your own spiritual growth?

Do we have your presence?

We wait for you to go to a rewarding meeting with Kryon and the Spiritual Family, where you can access an intimate experience of spiritual communion ... that will touch your soul.

KRYON blesses you lovingly from the peace of your Interdimensional Being ... and offers you its wings wide open. Human Angel, do you want to open yours?

Do not miss this opportunity!




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