KRYON: Conference given by David Brown in Freiburg, Germany - April 2009

Dear friends, I resend the transcribed text - forwarded by Alexiis - of the conference that David Brown gave on April 12, 2009 in Freiburg, Germany, on the occasion of the 2nd International Kryon Conference. This conference dealt with the process that led David to get involved with Kryon and mainly, to explain his latest work with what he calls "The seven magical energies of healing." I am pleased to attach one of the photos of David that I took during the event ... Fraternally Mario Liani


KRYON Channeled by David Brown

Germany - March 2009

Translation: Giselle Barilleau,

From: Ada Guzman

May 2, 2009

Good morning everyone, good morning, my boys from Germany.

More than 13 years have passed since my spiritual experience began.

In 1996, on my father's 70th birthday, I looked in the mirror and saw my own aura. It was completely split in the middle, and both sides had a beautiful green light.

I knew absolutely nothing about these kinds of phenomena, except that a few weeks ago I had seen Barbara Umbrennan's book [or Ambrennan], "The hands of light."

I wasn't looking for anything about the Spirit or something, it just happened.

But that beginning led me to a journey, to a spiritual search. In those days I had no idea where this trip would take me, what it was for, what it was; I didn't even realize I was on a trip. But then, slowly, slowly life was unfolding, and because of that experience I began to be interested in the paranormal, and I spent a lot of time learning to see auras and past lives.

But gradually my interest in these things diminished, and I began to wonder why my life was the way it was - really, my life never worked out - and I think that at some point in 1997 or 98 I began to channel Kryon.

And when I realized that I had this gift and that I could use it, then I could ask Kryon all the questions I had, and the questions I asked him were: Why is my life like that, why doesn't it work? Why am I creating this life, this way?

And the strange thing is that the answers arrived. Something like going beyond the veil to bring information back to one's life, which is not so simple, especially if you have selective vision and hearing. Slowly but surely things began to develop, and I finally managed to put my own engineering studio, and I thought about using this engineering business as a god, a reflection of my life.

One of the first things Kryon told me is that thoughts create emotions that create reality, and that emotions create thoughts that create their reality. What happens inside us we create outside in reality. So emotions are within us, and the material world we create is outside, and is a direct reflection of the way we feel.

So, what they are feeling is what they create.

Sometimes they feel good, sometimes not so much: it depends on their childhood.

If your childhood was easy, with loving parents, with caring parents, then they will create an easy life, with love and care.

But if you come from a family without love, where there was no care, where there could be abuse, then that is the reality that you create for you.

This is a journey, an interior journey, a magical journey, a journey within to find those energies that do not work, to find those energies that are creating a negative reality, to be able to let them go, to be able to fill that empty space with love .

That is what everyone wants, that is what every child wants: to love and be loved.

Our nature is to love and be loved.

But what happens in childhood is that when the child is injured he reacts in a certain way. Obviously the child does not like to be hurt. And there are many ways to hurt him: it can be through shame or injury. From those two energies come other energies. These are love, fear, anger and sadness. And these feelings continue to play a role in our lives, recreating, regurgitating our childhood again and again and again. Over and over again.

And this is a journey towards consciousness, this is the way it is designed: we have chosen our parents to go through our lessons. And if they read Kryon's books, they will find somewhere that those closest to us are the ones that hurt us the most.

We become exactly like our parents. Exactly.

And as much as they hate the idea, as much as they don't believe it, we become exactly like our parents. We can be the exact opposite, but to be the exact opposite is to be the exact same.

They have exactly the same wounds as you, and they have exactly the same energies of love and care as you.

Everything your parents have, you have it.

Whatever they don't have, you don't have it. And in this work that I have been channeling, there are two relationships that were involved, there are two relationships that are the most important.

First of all we have the child and his relationship with his parents; The second relationship is that of her parents as husband and wife.

Our parents are the gods of our childhood. No matter how they behave, the child is like a sponge that absorbs that behavior, those emotions. Since slowly but surely, step by step of the road, we become exactly like our parents and their relationship with each other.

This is law. So it is exactly.

And the trip home is to connect with Father Sky, who is the archetypal father, the father who has all the beautiful aspects of a father. The same goes for the mother, we do it to reconnect with the archetypal mother, connect with the true mother, allowing us to be our father and mother in that archetypal way.

The other relationship, between husband and wife, once again is to learn to relate, to allow the masculine and the feminine to merge.

All creation comes from the fusion between the feminine and the masculine. It takes those two energies to do anything. That is what love is. It is the fusion of the masculine and the feminine.

As I keep talking, I want them to observe their bodies, and simply feel what they are feeling. If they are angry, that's fine. If they are sad, that's fine. If you feel fear, it's fine. If they feel love, and I know that everyone wants to feel love, that's fine too.

The problem begins when they begin to combat those feelings, because in the center of all emotion there is an aspect of your inner child.

It is an aspect of the injured child. Our feelings are the guides to know where this injured child is. The only time they can see this child is when they create a negative reality in their lives.

We always dream of a life full of love and joy, ecstasy and happiness. But there is always something that interferes with that energy, with that dream.

In the English language, when we hear that word, "interfere" (interfere in English) sounds the same as "inside fear" (into fear).

Fear is getting involved in creating reality.

Then, it happens that when the child is creating that reality an unconscious behavior causes them to start blaming others for disturbing them, for making them angry, for doing this, for doing that. Or if the child's energy is too powerful to be sustained and controlled, it will cause them to explode with anger and rage and get out of control. That is unconscious behavior.

Unconscious behavior gives the inner child more and more power, gives him more and more energy. And the more energy that wounded aspect of the child has, the more negative the reality he believes, or at least a reality contrary to that of his dreams.

But a conscious person will stop there and say: "Aha! I have these feelings but where do they come from? Why have I created this in my life? ”

Then, the time has come to close your eyes and go inside, and feel what you are feeling.

Let the feelings come and let the feelings go. Empty yourself of emotions, just being with them.

Slowly but surely they will begin to see the inner child at any time in their life when the wounds were caused to them, and all that child has always wanted is to be loved; love and be loved.

Recently I have channeled the seven magical healing energies of Kryon, to facilitate the healing of the inner child, and those 7 magical healing energies begin with responsibility.

Responsibility : the ability to respond.

The child is the way he is because he does not know how to respond.

Then, thanking the Divine for the miracle and the gift of responsibility, the universe will come to you and give you the information, the knowledge, the wisdom to be able to handle this child.

The second energy is the energy of apology.

The child needs to know that he is being heard.

The energy of the apology will make the child open and receptive.

You know, when a child is really hurt, all he wants is to push them away, he doesn't want to be touched. Then he drives them away.

The energy of the apology will flow into the child and disobey that which causes him to separate them.

And this aspect of the child that drives them away is moving away from the Divine. Then allow the deep Divine love to flow inside.

The third energy is the energy of forgiveness.

Since thanks to the apology the child has opened up to forgive, receiving forgiveness.

All these energies are energies and are also words. They are energy. Words are so many things to so many people ... Later, when channeling, we will give you the energies of these words. Since there is no mistake, since they know perfectly what the responsibility is, what the apology is, what forgiveness is.

All these energies have a correlation in the 7 chakras:

The responsibility corresponds to the crown chakra,

The apology to the third eye chakra,

Forgiveness to the center of communication.

The three masculine energies, energies of fatherhood that come from above.

The fourth energy is the energy of love.

We always invoke these energies, thanking the Divine for the miracle and the gift of this energy. But whatever love is in this case, if you beg God to heal this child, stop this pattern of behavior because it no longer serves you.

The fifth energy is the energy of surrender.

Surrender to all those behaviors that no longer work, since giving up means winning. Surrender means winning. They have to understand it: giving up means winning. Surrender to what no longer works for you.

Surrender comes from the solar plexus, its center of power.

The more they give up, the more powerful they are.

The next energy is the energy of gratitude.

This energy should never be underestimated, since gratitude is grace. It has to do with creation. The more they believe from the divine will, when their will becomes divine will, more love, more joy and more ecstasy are in their lives.

Of course, this energy is found in the creation chakra.

And the last energy is to let go.

Like a tree you must let go of its leaves. If the tree does not let its leaves go, the growth will be minimal and the tree will eventually die.

So, the energy of letting go is the elixir of life.

Letting go is not turning away. Avoiding letting go will no longer help you.

Letting go is beautiful. Let go

Somewhere in the Bible, Christ tells Mary: “Do not hold on to me so much, Mary. We need to be open, we need to be free. ”

This energy of clinging is energy of suffering.

When you cling to what does not belong to you, to what does not work for you, this will take away all your energies, drain you, leave you empty, sadden you, make you unhappy.

So those are the 7 energies that will heal the child, those aspects of the child.

And they can do this at home.

Just lie on your beds and let the feelings come and let them go, because while these beautiful energies come they will release the negative energies that are creating your life. So don't be afraid to let those energies in, just let them come, and let them go.

Just as Salt… flows to Salzburg, simply like a river that flows, we must become that; and flow with the force of life.

Then close your eyes and go inside.

Become like a sponge.

Just pretend they are a sponge.

All the energies of Kryon are here this morning, your own angels are here with you.

His guiding spirits are at his feet.

Lay the soles of your feet on the ground, and connect through them with Mother Earth.

Make that connection.

Connect with Father Heaven through his crown chakra.

Allow the love of these two energies to flow through you.

The energies of Father Heaven and Mother Earth. And feel what you are feeling.

Watch your breath. Let the feelings come and let the feelings go.

Whatever they are feeling is fine.

It is exactly as it should be.

Accept your feelings. If they feel hurt, or angry, or sad, that's fine. It is normal. Since this is a human experience.

And while love begins to flow, perhaps all kinds of strange thoughts begin to appear, but that is for you to release all those thoughts that are not loving.

Then let the thoughts come and let them go.

It's okay. Whatever they are thinking, it's fine.

Let the thoughts come and let them go.

Relax. Go more ... and more ... and deeper.

Whatever you are feeling, let the feelings come, ... and let them go.

First of all, I want you to look directly into your mother's eyes.

Connect with what's inside your mother's eyes. Whatever is in your mother's eyes, accept it, since by accepting you are responsible for what you chose.

This is what they chose for this life. What they see in their mother's eyes are the lessons of this life.

Then they can accept and let go, because of what they accept they can take responsibility and finally let it go. That will be a lesson learned.

So, let the feelings come ... and let them go ...

And at the same time we can involve the 7 magical healing energies of Kryon, through his heart to his mother's heart.


Don't intellectualize the responsibility, just let the energies flow. Since Kryon always tells me: "Life is a feeling, not an intellectual exercise."

Then really feel the energy of responsibility, and let the feelings come ... and let the feelings go ...

They are taking full responsibility for choosing their mothers.

All those things that your mother has, and all the gifts she does not possess, that is what you chose for this life.

Now let the ENERGY OF THE apology flow.

They may ask: why should I apologize to my mother?

Because she had to behave in a certain way so that you could have your life experience.

Also apologize to yourself.

Just let the apology flow wherever you want to flow.

Let the energies flow where necessary, and while the energies flow, whatever you feel is normal.

Let the energies come ... and let them go ...

Let the energies come ... and let them go ...


Let the energy of forgiveness flow from your hearts to your mother's heart and to any place where you need to flow: back to your ancestors, to all of your mother's mothers. Let it flow where it needs to flow.

Right now, music by Robert Coxon, "Music for mental clarity" is playing.

Since only when they are relaxed can they let go.

And what we really want here is to let go.

Then, whatever comes to your mind or center of the feelings that require forgiveness, allow it to take place. Since finally forgiveness means that while you become like your mother, you become exactly like your mother and accept it, all the emotions that exist between you and your mother are released.

That is really forgiveness.

Then there are no claims, there is no anger, there is no injury, there is no sadness.

It is what it is, it simply is what it is.

The next energy is THE ENERGY OF LOVE, and I am sure it is what your mother always wanted.

It is to love and be loved ... To love and be loved.

Let love flow from your heart to your mother's heart, and to any other place where it needs to flow.

Allow a deep, deep connection with your mother.

Since when they connect with their mother, they connect with Mother Earth.

Fall deeper ... and deeper ... and deeper into their bodies.

Thanking the Divine for the miracle and the gift of the energy of love.

Know that this is an electronic universe.

You are the direct reflection of your mother.

The last pattern


Give up all those energies that prevent you from connecting with your mother.

From the mother comes all nutrition, all care, all love; its abundance

As a tree deeply roots its roots in Mother Earth, the same is for us.

Again, let the feelings come and let them go, giving up all those behaviors, all those emotions, all those thoughts that disconnect them from their mother.

The next energy is THE ENERGY OF GRATITUDE.

Thank the Divine for the miracle and the gift of the energies of gratitude.

Let gratitude flow from your hearts to your mother's heart, and be filled with gratitude, thanking your mother for the gift she has given you and the gift she has not given you.

They will cover all the bases.

Fill with gratitude, allow gratitude to flow.

Turning like a sponge that absorbs gratitude.

Really get the energy of gratitude, the energy of creation, since the more grateful they are for something, the more they get.

Then they get mother care, they get more connection with Mother Earth, more abundance, more love, more joy, more freedom.

The next energy is THE ENERGY OF LET'S GO.

Let us thank the Divine for the miracle and the gift of energy to let go.

Again, let the energy of letting go flow from your hearts to your mother's heart, wherever you need to go.

Allow yourself to be filled more and more with love, love and letting go.

The elixir of life: let go. Whatever doesn't work for you, let it go, since 100% of the time something better comes in its place.

Always always always.

Not 99%, but 100% of the time, something better comes.

Then let it come. What is your dream? Let your dream come.

Let me take the place you want me to go.

Again, while your dream enters your body, allow more emotion to enter.

Let the feelings come and go ... let the feelings come ... and let the feelings go.

Now I want you to see yourself at the top of a spiral staircase.

There is a sign there.

The following is written on the poster: “I am very, very angry with God; I don't want to forgive him. ”

Allow yourself to go down the stairs, down the steps, going more ... and more ... and deeper.

At the bottom of the stairs you will find an aspect of your inner child.

He has been very hurt. And this little boy is turning away from the Divine.

Keep going more ... and more ... and deeper, until you find this little aspect of your inner child.

What happens to our child is that it fragments.

And we want to bring it back to be part of the whole.

Go more ... and more ... and deeper ... down the stairs ... until you find this part of the child.

They may want Kryon to accompany them down there.

Let Kryon be down with you and your child.

Allowing Kryon to flow between all his cells, his DNA, filling with Kryon and love.

I want you to find your little boy at the bottom of the stairs, allowing him to access the 7 healing energies of Kryon, the 7 magical healing energies of Kryon.

The responsibility, ... the apology, ... the forgiveness, ... the love, ... the surrender, ... the gratitude, ... gratitude for all the suffering of the child, gratitude because this child had to be hurt in that way so that you could have this experience .

And if the child is angry with God, he may be angry with you; and if he is angry with you, you may be angry with him.

Then let these healing energies of Kryon go through these matters, letting the feelings come and letting them go.

If your child is angry with you and you are angry with your child, there is a tie; They will never get what they really want for their lives.

And I know what I'm talking about because I had these problems myself.

Then let the feelings come ... and let them go.

And in this energy healing will be easy.

And when the little boy is safe, loved and safe, they can let him into his heart, letting the feelings come ... and letting them go ... letting the feelings come ... and letting them go.

Since your feelings are the portal to freedom.

Whatever they feel is gone, it's gone forever.

When they feel they are ready, they can return to consciousness.

* * * * *

This was some of the information that Kryon has brought, which I have been applying to my life in the last twelve years, and this is what I teach in the workshops "Living the impossible dream".

I have decided to leave my formal job to work with Kryon.

For the next few months or maybe for a year I will remain in German-speaking countries. There is much more information than I could provide at this time.

I have been organizing workshops in Salzburg, Vienna and Berlin. The “Living the impossible dream” workshops begin in September of this year, and in Vienna and Berlin I will conduct a meditation course from the beginning of May for a few weeks.

I am also available for private sessions. You can find me on my website:

This work has brought a huge change to my life.

When I started on this more or less thirteen years ago I felt totally, totally empty, and now I'm starting to feel completely different, after all these years.

This is what happens when that small and angry child goes through his transformation and reaches our hearts, and once there he begins to create a reality from love.

Then, the more you heal the more love there is in your bodies and the more we create our reality in love. This will be the energy of the new era.

This is what will happen in 2012: we will be creating our reality from love.

By then there will be a sufficient number of people who have done this work to be the catalysts of the planet.

You can see that love can take off and fly as long as the child is put in the cabin.

Something that must also be dealt with is the relationship between the father and the inner mothers as husband and wife.

If his mother and father did not love each other, then sadness comes from there. Hence the sadness, and shame.

So, this is an inner journey to bring back all those aspects of our person and thus heal them; to allow the masculine and the feminine to merge, and to let love flow ... To let love flow ...

This is a very, very deep, sometimes painful, sometimes hurtful job.

But once they have the courage to go to that dark place to face what they have to face, it has disappeared, it is gone forever.

The word "healing" (healing in English) comes from the word "complete" (whole in English) which means "one."

Healing means becoming one; bring all those proper aspects back to the heart. Be one, be completely connected.

To walk on this planet, meet a magical child.

Kryon always says: "They are magical beings of this universe."

The magic and the gifts are in the dark, in the shadows.

The more light there is in the shadows, the more it is revealed.

And with the latter my time is over.

Outside there are some brochures and bookmarks, if they are interested in working more with me.

Thank you very much to all.

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