Kirael: "Stay tuned for your inner voice

  • 2010

Good morning beloved Masters, it's a quarter to nine in the morning and I strongly feel someone's presence, so I don't miss the opportunity to connect to see if I perceive well or if that energy It has another explanation. I wait. . . .

I am KIRAEL, Alexiis, I am really glad that you are taking the initiative that as soon as you feel something you connect, because that does not have to activate the famous bell of yours. The time will come when it will no longer be necessary because if you start paying attention again to your perceptions, I say again since while you were in Buenos Aires you did it in a more me It is constant, and the other will be forgotten.

I know that in a way you are grateful if that ends because you really are the only one with whom this method was used and although Master Kryon likes to play with him, but hey, we will find another way to get your attention and give you little nudges if you do not perceive it right away and be calm that we will not continue messing with your car *.

Very good. The message of mine is that in view of the great planetary changes that are taking place and that will continue to occur on a larger scale yet, we have to ask humanity to become aware of what is happening.

Pay attention to your inner voice, to your inner voice, which is the voice of the soul, of your higher self, that if you have to go to the side and suddenly feel that you don't feel like it or see that it is getting difficult Going to that part, pay attention if it is not a call of attention of the soul to alert them not to go.

I know that unfortunately there has been another disaster in the country that you call Peru, where there were large floods of water, avalanches, etc. The news networks are already transmitting it, so it is not necessary for me to comment here, but they also know that there will be more disasters, I say, they are not disasters, there will be more changes in the body of Mother Earth, which Yes or yes they have to occur.

Then each and every one of you, be attentive to that inner voice. Specifically, those who live on the Pacific coast, who have been told so many times, 'move in, try to go to “other places, ” well again, those notices are in effect.

Now it is also true that there are a number of human beings who choose that way to leave the planet, because they do not want to move forward with what would be called the Ascension of Mother Earth. Everything is valid, everything is in Divine Order.

All I ask of humanity is that they be aware of this, do not consider this a great tragedy, even if a lot of humanity goes away, but we know that many do not want to move forward with Mother Earth, they prefer to choose another path. They are deeply honored for it and we are giving them all possible help from the other side of the veil.

But we ask the rest of humanity to try to understand this. Try to be a little aware of what is happening - as you would say - behind the veil, behind the events, what are the reasons, it is not that the 'evil on Mother Earth' has been unleashed and that is why you are producing these movements. No, on the contrary, Mother Earth is pure love and in her love she is doing everything possible to purify herself, to cleanse herself of toxins and all the damage that you as humanity have done to her.

Mother Earth has for the first time in the history of the universe the intention of ascending with a certain amount of humans who are willing to accompany her. That is the fact that the rest of humanity has to become aware.

I send you all my love, I am KIRAEL.

Alexiis, January 27, 2010 -

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