Jesús Sananda: Forgiving Yourself Is Necessary At All Times

  • 2018

Channeled by Genoveva Coyle, June 27, 2018

Greetings dear brothers and sisters! Regards! I AM your brother, Jesus Sananda, I am your family and friend.

I come today to greet you. I come today to sit with you around the fire of that bright heart, bright and white and pure, peaceful and luminous. I come to share stories of my travels on this beautiful planet Earth.

I understand how difficult it is to navigate through your world, because I've been there and I know it. And so, I want to remind you to have compassion and to bring forgiveness to your sweet beings, because some of the challenges you are facing are not as easy as they say.

I understand the challenges they face.

There are moments when they find themselves trapped in the game of life, busy, busy, busy. And then they become entangled in the world of low vibration, wanting to keep their families in the old way, therefore they become physically and mentally fatigued . And that is when you lose track of the thoughts that allow you to enter your consciousness, that is when you allow fear and doubt to enter and then act in response to them, projecting these negative energies on yourself and others.

Forgiving yourself is necessary at all times, dear hearts. And that's why I 'm here ... to remind you that it's not about how many "mistakes" you make, it's not about judging yourself and others as if you were on the wrong side of the spectrum, it's about loving yourself Enough to forgive yourself when they don't meet your highest expectations. It is better to let go of any expectation of how they should act in any given situation.

It's about loving yourself enough to forgive yourself.

Understand that your missions are complex and intertwined, with many more. And there are times when they are allowed to be out of sync ... to tell them more neutrally what in the human world it would be to react to the old way .

Becoming your ascended Being requires a lot of awareness to overcome previously conditioned ways of behaving and responding.

Forgive yourself, give yourself unconditional love, and then sit with the error that you both perceive and reflect on. Call me to help you understand more and more deeply the purpose of a particularly challenging situation.

Call me so I can help you.

We are going to sit in the sanctuary and the altar of your heart while allowing me to show you how wonderfully you are working, in a multidimensional way, affecting many realities and timelines in a positive way. Because it is the intention and the choice that you make at every moment, to be in your divine purpose, to be at the service of the Mother, and to fulfill Your Dream, which is what matters .

And that is what drives them and always guides them. My brothers and sisters are doing magnificently well!

I will leave you now, although I am always with you! Go in peace, go with my love! Goodbye!

Jesus Sananda

TRANSLATOR: Carolina, editor of the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Genoveva Coyle (2018) Jesus Sananda: Forgiveness of one s self is needed at all times

Gabriel Gabriel: I'm Here to Open Your Ways of Communication

Channeled by Genoveva Coyle, June 29, 2018

Greetings dear brothers and sisters! Regards! I am Arc Gabriel Angel, I am Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, I am your family, assisting you with your communication skills as messengers of Mother / Father / One.

I am the bearer of the news, just as you are bearers of the new and bearers of the news for all. And there are so many ways and so many beautiful ways to bring truth and love to others. There are many ways in which they can bring others healing and hope for the beautiful and exciting life that awaits them.

There are so many who have decided at the soul level that they have had enough, that these changes are too hard for them, and that is why they wanted to return home in the old way, stripping themselves of their bodies and returning home. But there are also many who are watching and listening and want to stay because they want to continue learning and expanding to this new world of high vibration.

Now is the time for them to expand their comfort zone and expand their skills even more ...

You see, they give you hopes and great examples to refer to, so that they too can move on, releasing their old behavior patterns. You are intrigued by the resistance and strength that you possess. They can see the light in their eyes, and certainly, they are feeling the bright energy and love that flows through all their beings.

I am here to encourage you to move forward with courage . I am here to push you to take those first steps in a new direction. Yes, all of you who are here reading and listening to this message, all of you are great communicators of the messages of love and light of the Mother.

You are a communicator of the messages of love and light of the Mother.

Some of you are channeling information about us, others are bringing healing energies from the upper realm, and a few of you are great conduits of light and love . Some are bringing love through songs and writing, or simply radiating that love in silence and with the intention of touching and helping the many people they meet along their paths. And some of you are doing everything, instilling love in your meals while preparing them for family and friends, or buying groceries and paying your bills.

But now is the time to expand your comfort zone and expand these skills even more. That means that some of you might want to talk and expose the darkness, the shadow and the things that nobody wanted to see, much less talk. While others may want to come and bring different knowledge and information that have never been brought before because the human mind was not ready to accept and understand them.

But now is the time to expand your comfort zone and expand your skills.

This is what it means to be the leaders of the new world they are building and in which they are now asked to step forward and talk . Of course, they need to use prudence and discernment, using the knowledge of the heart as to when to delay the transmission of certain information, and when to communicate parts or even all of the truths to which they are being asked.

I am here with you, dear hearts, I am here to further open your communication channels, to remove your fears and doubts about whether you can really help others in this process of renewal and reconstruction of the New Earth.

You are the bearers of truth, you are clear channels of love and light in many ways, beautiful and clear! Know this and take a step forward in trust and love!

I will leave you now with my effervescent golden bubbles of love and joy! Goodbye!

Archangel Gabriel

TRANSLATOR: Carolina, editor of the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Genoveva Coyle (2018) Archangel Gabrielle: I am here to open your communication pathways.

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