JES S, channeled by Mirtha Verde-Ramo

  • 2011



Touch me with your hands and let My presence welcome you,

as the flowers host the solar rays.

Let me walk with you, I will do it every time you name me,

Love me as the dearest being, the closest, the closest friend! I will answer you in the same way.

Take me in your hands

every time the soul inspires you,

sit me in the breeze

in the falling leaves,

In the first breath of the morning, how my soul kisses you!

My gift is of love,

In your heart I am

Take me everywhere, hear my voice in yours.

Accept my smile as if they were arms that clothe you.

In the silence of your Soul I am alive!

Like the miracle of being one and being immersed in everyone!

Because you know Love is that I speak to you,

You know about the Light that illuminates you when you love,

You know the joy when you give a warm smile,

You know how to contemplate and distinguish when you reap love for what you sow,

You also know the pain when you walk away

of the Light of My own conscience in your conscience.

Give me your nearest jewel, leaving your heart always open to the nearest one


Mirtha Verde-Bouquet

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