Jeshua, via Pamela Kribbe: "The Inner Flower" (Part 1)

  • 2019

Jeshua, via Pamela Kribbe: "The Inner Flower" (Part 1)

Dear friends,

I am Jeshua . I greet you all today and invite you to put yourself in the light of self-recognition, even if you feel you are having difficulties with being human on Earth. Never forget who you really are. You are a spark of light that is part of God; It is your right to exist. You need not be more than who you are, because who you are is pure, natural and good.

When you oppose what is happening within you, you are opposing your own humanity, and you do it by an external judgment that you apply to yourself. Feel the energy of that judgment, the energy of self-criticism. Feel the coldness, the hardness of that judgment, your lack of compassion: “ I did it wrong, I'm not good at it. I am failing, I fall short . ”

Feel, for a moment, how that severe judgment separates you from the love and abundance in the Universe . That love and abundance are available to you at all times, so connect with him.

God just look inside of you

Do you really believe that God cares if you succeed in the world, or if all things are perfect in your life, or if you are doing it "right" according to certain social rules and norms? God only looks at what is inside of you and sees there a flower still in bud. In some of you, the bud is still tightly closed, only in its initial stage, and in others, the flower is already in the process of opening and even blooming radiantly .

Sometimes, you have not known that you carry these "flowering" abilities within you; while on other occasions, you have focused only on flowers that are still closed or that have difficulty opening. But God finds all the beautiful flowers, either in the bud or budding or in full bloom, and also the dying flowers that throw their petals to make room for new buds. God has no judgment on what is flourishing within you.

So now look at yourself in the same peaceful and welcoming way. Look in your heart, because there is also a flower there. It is your most beautiful ornament. It is what you are now and what you have to give to the world: it is your essence . Let that flower appear in your imagination and look at its shape, its color.

The stage in which the flower is does not matter, just look at what arises naturally. Observe it with attention and openness, and try to determine what that flower needs to develop further in its next stage . You may need nutrition or water to grow. Or maybe the flower has reached the end of its flowering and wants you to let go, to make room for something new.

You witness the flower inside

Look at the stage of development of the flower of your soul . And feel in you what is more than the flower, because something in you is the observer of this flower: you are aware of it . We need to ask: who is this observer? Who is this silent flow of open awareness and acceptance? There is life and love in this flow; Total openness and lack of judgment.

This flow will ensure that the flower has what it needs, that it experiences strength and vitality, and yet this flow is the observer within you, not someone who pushes or insists, or wants to force things. This flow, in its opening and acceptance, allows everything to be as it is naturally, so it allows this flow to circulate throughout your body for a moment. It is your origin; It is God himself who takes joyful dance with matter and creates flowers in this way because they are beautiful and radiant, and give joy to those who observe them.

AUTHOR: Lucas, editor and translator of the great family of

SOURCES: Jeshua, via Pamela Kribbe


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