Jeshua, via Pamela Kribbe: "The Inner Flower" (Part 3)

  • 2019

Jeshua, via Pamela Kribbe: "The Inner Flower" (Part 3)

Sometimes there may be a new flower that sprouts in your heart, a flower that takes a different shape and color, and is more powerful. Look inside your heart again and imagine that you see the flower that you are when you are standing in the world in an open and dynamic way.

Look at that flower when you are full of confidence and surrender to your true being, for the purpose of your own soul, without fear of the outside world, trusting fully and in contact with your own divinity . What does that flower look like now? And how free do you feel then? The beginning of a new era on Earth is when people like you dare to do that.

Feel the energy of your own heart

The first step is to go inside and feel the energy of your own heart and the aspirations that give you joy and inspiration. That brings you closer to your heart, who you are and what you have come here to do. Making this connection, while going against the flow, is sometimes the first step to rediscover yourself; It is a home that comes to who you are.

The next step is to take that energy of lightness and joy, of desire, inspiration and passion, and dare to take it to the world. Not only do you experience it in yourself, but you dare to radiate it outwardly in what you say and do, in your dealings with others and in the work you do in society. In every possible way, you don't hold it back: you dare to radiate who you are, you really dare to embody your divinity here.

By doing that, you can experience a strong confrontation with the fears of others and also with the fears within you, because the moment you walk away and let the energy of your soul flow freely, then you risk, at least that It has been your experience. But in the end, it is much riskier to retain everything, because that isolates you from reality and makes you unhappy.

However, taking a step abroad is very scary: that of being different, of not agreeing with the status quo ; fear of being great following your inner knowledge . All those fears can take over you as a human being, but I tell you: taking a step outside is the direction to take.

The intention of the inner path

That exit takes you deeper into yourself. When you see in your interior where you react to anxiety fed from outside, you connect with what is dark within you: the shadow that is not yet positioned in the light and contributes to the flowering of your interior. Precisely, by taking the step and following your heart, and by expressing yourself in the outside world, you connect deeply with yourself and with what you still dare not expose yourself because you are afraid.

The intention of the inner path is that you observe all the parts of yourself, understand them all and pose your light on them so that you become complete and your fears begin to slowly dissolve. Actually, it is quite simple. When you begin to enter the world with your inspiration, you can receive a “yes” or a “no”; You can find a welcoming welcome or strong resistance.

If you receive a "yes", you feel how your energy flows and becomes more connected to the earth; You feel how you really embody your inspiration, the energy of your soul . And this often gives you abundance in the broad sense of the word: joy, creativity and also material abundance where you need it. It is a “yes” flow that also touches and inspires others.

AUTHOR: Lucas, editor and translator of the great family of

SOURCES: Jeshua, via Pamela Kribbe


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