Radiating Your Light "Master Kuthumi

  • 2011

Beloved Student of Light

Sincere and pure are your intentions when you undertake a study and dedicate time to Higher Labor, however with the passing of time your initial splendid vision is worn, allowing the fog of the everyday to prevent you from seeing the white light of the star of realization And it's always shining above your head

Many classrooms are supported by only those who persevere and whose capacity for development goes beyond any human qualification. I do not say that they are different men or women, each one has the same characteristics that make up each one, simply the sovereignty of the Spirit in every act of their lives.

Who is never unaware of the Primordial Source from which everything is sustained, magnified and renewed, has the ability to live and evolve in great strides!

The confusing and narrow vision of identification with the temporary and temporary is sown of pain and suffering. He who distills the Light of Christ lives in the splendors of his Being!

Tireless are the intrepid ones that go up the strait, but at the same time wide path, and that never stop before the steep and hostile steep. Because while groping their days go by between night and day, they know that beyond all struggles and avatars the Divine Light of God remains pure and serene. His immortal presence. Allies to the Light do not turn their backs on their brightness and although their eyes do not see beyond the immediate, they contemplate with the vision of the Christ and walk safely between the darkest and most closed night .

Remember: The advanced does not fall apart!

You don't turn your steps back,

as the rose of the same rose does not bloom the same.

Yesterday he held in his arms while today is another,

your celestial root is eternally the same

who held your breath at birth and at death,

However, you are not truly born or die.

Witness of the divine, the essence remains

Like a necklace of pearls n veas is spinning in your lives

for when the gold Luz del Cristo

Revive in your body and be Light, only Light.

Holy Principle and permanent eternity!

Radiate your Light, it is the duty, the Law and the sublime but

that follows everything that holds the same spark

and similar to a handful of suns that came off

to give you the form and experience

that today drives you to recover that immaculate origin,

primordial and perfect in the Trinity of One,

encompassing the Three Flames of the One consciousness.

In your walk you bless,


Mirtha Verde-Bouquet


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