Invitation to Nature by Jordi Morella

  • 2013

I see the waters of the river making its way through the stones, following the flow drawn from its birth. The creation of this path where they have to inhabit every drop of their presence, was carefully drawn and keeping in mind the influence that it should have throughout its entire existence, in the times of abundance and shortage. Each tree existing randomly throughout its course has been brought here to be watered by your waters. Today, many of them are still in acceptance and silence of stillness, although when the wind is present, some manifest the cracking of their branches.

I feel the beating of the whitewater due to the abundance of this present. The river continues its course without stopping the momentum that leads to what it has come to do. He does not ask, he only lets himself be carried along the slope, bypassing the possible obstacles that he may encounter throughout his career.

When I observe it, I realize the lesson that is being transmitted to me: everything continues despite everything, watering at every step of its arrival. Thanks to him, the landscape takes on another nuance, exalting the beauty of the place and creating, with its presence, the perfection of that place.

Years ago I realized that nature was the best teacher we could have to find ourselves.

Now I am part of this decoration in the middle of nature, where purity is shown as each piece as it is. Nothing and nobody wants to be the other, the other plant, the other bird with a trill different from mine, that tree with the protruding roots, ... no !, every element with its way of being has a meaning in that place.

My process continues and I understand my brothers in nature better every day. I have always wanted to be with them as long as possible. I feel the calm, harmony, calm and joy of the birds that infect my being. They are all life in my present and remind me that, wherever I am, I will always be part of something more extensive to my senses and that my presence where I am gives meaning to everyone and everything around me. I am a piece of my environment. Everything fits. Everything makes sense and an intent on the part of who created us.

There is life where I am, wherever I am.

There is a sense that goes beyond reasoning.

Don't think ... just feel.

I am lucky to be able to hear the murmur of the waters coming from the top of the mountain.

I am fortunate to be able to hear the songs of the birds in my path, announcing their presence. They are life. They always go where they perceive the existence of purity.

I remember once, that I was in a place where no bird was seen or heard. I dedicated myself to energetically cleaning that place, and after a while, they began to come and appear. A place without birds, is a sign of lifeless. Where there is life, there they go.

I find myself sitting on a rock contemplating these waters going where they agreed, but the surprising thing is that this end is not the important thing, but the fact of passing and being there where it passes and occupies its space. During the whole process everything can change. The flow can vary, and he, the river, without questioning accepts the new direction serving nature.

I see humanity in this feeling, although human beings often protest or do things reluctantly.

Well, acceptance is not your main course, and letting go ... we could talk for a long time, but what is important is the beauty and mastery found in nature. Anyone who wants to feed on the spiritual essence that we are, enter a forest or mountain, and open his heart. From it, you will appreciate what in another situation would go unnoticed: order and harmony despite the sorrows of that place. Being able to realize the abundance and union between different living and mineral beings makes it an exaltation of the divine beauty that we all are.

I recently read a phrase that said that for beauty to be, landscape and vision are needed. There is no beauty without your perception, and this is related to the moment you are in your ascension process. Your degree of consciousness can appreciate or ignore. The greater your awareness, the greater the beauty you will see in your life. The Light that will be in you will allow you to see in greater detail what exists. Less light, more darkness. In a dark room we will not be able to find what "we have gone to look for". Touch the switch of your consciousness and the Light will be made. Then you can see your entire environment in a clear and crisp way.

Thus the human being lives his process. Many ignore it, but luckily, humanity is waking up and some activate the others, making a kind of activated and resplendent human chain among all that makes others can also see and activate the overture of their hearts.

Don't you see how nature is part of us? Do not you realize that what you can find in it is what each one looks for inside? When you tune into it, then you realize the true being that you are and appreciate that even if your life is not as you want it to be, it makes a greater sense for the greatest good of all, and you are in the right place, right in these moments. You could not be in another place, because you need it now and here for your soul.

Nature, the Earth, is part of you and you are part of it. What you see in her is in you. That which you see in you of well-being, is found in it. Human imbalance is the result of ignorance, of not remembering. Go to the forest, sit down, close your eyes and let yourself go.

When our heart tunes in with the heart of nature, harmony is created.

When your being needs peace, serenity, clarification and a clear vision of what to do, you can enter the home of Mother Earth and she will comfort you, nourish you and show you the way forward.

Nature is the part of you, of everyone who often forgets. She will return you on the way to your inner home, to the true being that you are and are willing to manifest. It does not come from your mind, but from your heart.

Once we have balanced again, then we reaffirm the ties with every being that inhabits this wonderful planet. We are One with everything and with everyone. Then you feel the true sense of Oneness.

You return to your everyday space knowing that what is in you is immense and unique, created from the love of the Home from which you come.

And the waters continue their course.

Invitation to Nature by Jordi Morella

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