Invictus "- Unconquerable by Ana Bosch

  • 2013


This week I had the opportunity to see the INVICTUS movie again .

The example of Nelson Mandela, a man who spent 27 years of his life imprisoned and left loving everyone, is a model of behavior and communication that I deeply admire.

I value your talent to UNITE without falling into the trap of division, and I wonder:

Who of our leaders applies it? Who of us is a daily hero?

I just suggest that you raise awareness in a person around you who would prefer to get off your map.

Observe yourself here, with your internal dialogues, feel if they bring you well-being and peace. If it is not so and you feel judge, rage and complain, I leave you with a couple of questions:

Who allows this person to have so much power over you?

Who directs your life now?

Nelson Mandela made peace reign in his country by being a facilitating and motivating leader. He left us an example of how to do it, with its most characteristic humility. As I have assimilated, I share it in this writing for whom it may be useful.

The first relevant detail of his attitude is found in the strength he obtained from a writing.

Our character took a phrase from the poem INVICTUS, written by William Ernest Henley, which says:


And you, do you have the phrase that accompanies you in your life project?

If you have a dream, go for what you deserve!

What it is about is identifying who you are and what you vibrate with.

This second screening of the film has caused me and I have decided to write some advice here, something I try to avoid even if my clients ask for it.

Now yes, now I write from my heart an advice. An advice from my experience, from my years traveled with trials and errors, from failures and successes, from this moment and those that will come, now I keep putting my hands to the fire to defend it, to pursue it moment after moment. And I say it like this:

“Inspire and breathe what comes to you.

Let the air be your wings.

Let ideas be your propulsion.

May your goal be with you.

Create, be inspired and never forget to exhale.

The world moves in a subtle movement that expresses itself balanced between expanding and contracting, between day and night, strong and soft.

Inspire and exhale while you illuminate your path and leave a deep mark in your path.

Walk your days with the Serenity, Wisdom and Strength that allow you to:

Accept and Forgive.

Draw a smile on your face, which is the mirror of your soul.

Connect with your will, respecting your surroundings.

Give and receive from Unconditional Love, which fears nothing.

Direct your dream, for which it is worth walking.

Nourish yourself with positive and motivating thoughts.

Allow BE who you are when you are aligned.

And now YES, say YES to life, say YES to HAPPINESS and pursue it “

Do something EXTRA- ORDINARY right now to change what you can improve.

It is not about doing something extraordinary but something ordinary but different from how it has been so far.

Albert Einstein said: “If you are looking for different results, do not always do the same”

Now, before closing the screen you can put it into practice.

You decide if you want to advance your goal.

The challenge is in your hands, the Action is your power.

YOU ARE FREE, Feel it !!


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