Integrating the New Energy Levels "Master Kuthumi and Master Hilarion - Lynette channel of the Kuthumi School of Wisdom

  • 2011

I, Kuthumi and Lord Hilarion come to share with you knowledge, wisdom, peace and love. All of us here are aware of the movements of the great energy of Gaia (the Earth) as she tries to shake off the old energies and prepare for the new ones. This is similar to what humanity must undertake. Some have begun to do it, others are just beginning to think about it, others have already completed it, they have let you go and are ready to enter the new energy fields that are almost above you. Lord Hilarion will continue.

We, from the Council of Light, have gathered to offer our help, because 'As above, below' will be fulfilled in a total reality for all. To help you easily enter these new energies, I want to take you back to your childhood. This was a time when they could play, have fun, laugh freely and also cry when they fell or had been told painful words. As you cried, you innocently released the pain. Then he was gone and soon after they were playing and laughing again. These were times when they were fully present, without thoughts of responsibility, pressure or control. You were simply present. Concerned with what they wanted to do at all times. That desire could be a ball, a drink, or just explore the world of your own backyard. Remember?

The game of 'pretending to come true ”using imagination

Do you remember when you played the game of 'pretending to come true? How fun it was! You daydreaming about everything, and you thought it would come true. You created magnificent scenes in your mind of the things you wanted and how you wanted things to be in your world. Do you remember I would like you to remember how you totally trusted and believed in the creation of your dreams. How focused they were with each creation, playing 'pretend to come true'.

I have come today to remind you of these times. I have come to help you remember. Look, we have made a complete circle. Yes, because you are close to completing the circle. Yes, because they are close to completing the cycles of the Earth, and it is time to play 'to pretend to come true' again. It is time to remember the confidence, the focus, the strength of your beliefs when you daydream. I am asking you to pause your busy life, feel calm, close your eyes and remain silent. We will all be there with you when you start playing again, to daydream about a new you. What would you like if you could choose now? What would you like to do or experience? In what area of ​​their lives would you like to succeed? What would your friends, your families, your children be like? Maybe they wish they had more free time to do whatever they wanted, to walk on the beach, or on a path in the park. Or meet with us, communicate with us. Wouldn't that be fun?

(Channeled meditation is available to help them play 'pretend to come true', to remember, and to help them develop their own intuition.)

His energetic awakening

This would bring your life back to a state of more balance. It would help them recognize their feelings - their Highest Self. You are all going towards your natural state of being, of reading events and interactions in a different way. Not only with their eyes, seeing what they can see and hear physically, but on an energy level. Everything on Earth has an energy field. All. Animals, plants, mountains, streams and rivers, insects, minerals, humanity, including their tables and chairs. All are united through this energy field.

Now the vibration of that great energy field has been raised more. You have been prepared for this for the past fifty years, and you will be given more preparation in the years to come. Now they are learning to recognize and communicate with their Higher Self. They are learning to recognize what they feel within themselves about a situation, person or event, or some personal company. Your Higher Self is continually pushing you forward by asking: “How do you feel about this, how do you feel about that? Does it feel good, does it feel right for you? How do they feel in this situation? ”

His own energy field has had to be elevated in order to make this great leap in the evolution of man. There is still more to achieve. Many of you are at various levels of energy advancement. My brother Kuthumi has talked to you a lot about clearing your emotional fields. Without completing this vital step they would not be able to sustain high energy vibrations. Luz's body could not stand it and it would collapse, causing a great disorder and physical illness. It is a journey for each of you. One that your Being agreed to follow joyfully and undertake before you incarnated.


Humanity has been operating in an extremely low 3D energy for thousands of years. This is the reason why so many have had trouble leaving behind what is so familiar to them. You will no longer be able to remain entrenched in old and outdated models. They can no longer use these papers to play victims. Again I quote Kuthumi who says: "There are NO victims, there are only experiences."

Along with this energy change there must be a healing. This is your next step - heal, release all the past. Show yourself willing to do this. Show a desire to try. We will help you with our Love energy if you ask us. As you move forward, recognize the great energy of your feelings, of your heart, guided by your own Higher Self. With each release of letting go of something, with each step, your vibration will be able to rise a little more, freeing your Being. Step by step is the way forward. A little at a time. Seeing the entire trip at the same time is too daunting. The ego itself takes a step and says: "I can't." The words: "I can't" keep them tied in the past. Caught and remaining as they are now, blocking their evolutionary growth, slowing them down and keeping them in their three-dimensional energy.

Whenever you find yourself whispering the words: "I can't, " stop and play 'make reality' by putting all your trust and belief in it that you enjoyed as children. 'Play to make reality'. Ask us for help if you wish. Playing 'make reality' is extremely powerful as long as they believe in it. You can take them forward and help them to listen to your inner voice, to learn to feel and love your Being - your very essence.

We say goodbye with the loving embrace of the Creator.

Master Kuthumi and Lord Hilari n

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February 13, 2011


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Translated by Gloria M hlebach

Sharing the Light, Alicia Virelli,

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