Educate yourself with relevant details of the production, handling and consumption of water kefir

  • 2015

Water kefir is a probiotic drink made with grains of kefir, they can be used for growing water of sugar, juice or coconut water, the grains of kefir consist In existing bacteria and yeasts in a symbiotic relationship, the term k fir grains describes the aspect of culture only, water kfir kernels do not contain grains real like wheat, rye, etc.

There are differences between grains of water kefir and powdered kefir, grains of water kefir have a greater number of probiotics than the powdered starter culture, with Proper care of water kefir grains can be used indefinitely to make water kefir while powdered starter culture can be reused for a number of defined lots, the starter culture of Kefir powder has a lower initial investment cost than making water kefir grains, however you will have to continue buying the powdered starter culture.

Water kefir grains are grown in filtered water and organic sugar, kefir water contains fewer strains of bacteria and yeasts than milk kefir, but much more than other cultivated products such as yogurt or whey, while probiotics They can vary with each batch made with water kefir grains, water kefir grains do not contain gluten, water kefir grains are reusable, once a batch of water kefir is finished growing, just remove the Water kefir grains and place them in fresh sugar water, juice or coconut water, The kefir powder starter culture is also reusable several times, just follow the instructions to make kefir with a direct start setting.

Water Kefir is a Probiotic Drink Made with Kefir Grains, Can be Used for Sugar, Juice or Coconut Water

With proper care, water kefir grains have an unlimited shelf life and can be used repeatedly to make water kefir, powdered kefir can often be re-cultivated 2 to 7 times, the exact number of successive batches will depend on the freshness of the kefir and the hygiene practices employed, it is recommended to move the water kefir grains in sweet sugar water after 5 days, at most as the grains can starve if more time is left without food cool.

It is not recommended to drink the rehydration liquid, since the water kefir grains spend the rehydration time instead of consuming the sugar, the resulting solution is likely to contain a large amount of sugar, in addition the sugar water can have a Unpleasant taste, as part of the rehydration process is the rebalancing of yeasts and bacteria that form the water kefir grains.

Kefir water usually takes 24 to 48 hours to be optimal, the exact time may vary depending on environmental factors, the most important of all is the temperature, the liquid can lighten in color and become cloudy, the taste can become Less sweet and have a slightly bitter or sour aroma and taste, it is always recommended that you refrain from consuming anything that looks, smells or tastes unpleasant.

The taste of finished water kefir is very variable, depending on sugar used and the cultivation time, the water kefir can be quite sweet and can have a not very pleasant taste, most people prefer to add flavor to the water kefir before of consuming it

Educate yourself with relevant details of the production, handling and consumption of water kefir

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