Instructions for these times, by Lord el Morya

I AM El Morya and I come back to you through my messenger.

I AM and I introduce myself!

And as usual, I would like to offer you a necessary instruction for you at this point of the Way.

I want to let you know that every time I introduce myself, the effort I must make to deliver such important and required information to my disciples makes me very tense. Since I sent them my thoughts, I put signs in their paths and sent them to my Angels. And every time you find my signals along the Way, your carnal mind pretends, for some unknown reason, that there are no signs, or considers them simply as a misunderstanding or just as a coincidence.

Every time I introduce myself, every time I teach them to read our signs, I can't communicate them through words. So you need to constantly keep your consciousness at the highest level. It is much simpler to send signals to your world due to your lack of sensitivity, perception and sensation of the etheric world.

You feel the astral plane well and are ready to cooperate with it. But the higher planes of Reality escape your attention and the external circumstances of your hidden divine levels complicate the connection with our world.

I teach them to be sensitive and read the signs. And every time I introduce myself, I offer concrete instructions. However, every time you listen to me, a couple of minutes or hours, you forget what was said to you. Their conscience reconnects with the affairs of their world, their surroundings and with enviable stability, they deviate from the decisions that would drive them towards devotion and Faith to run after the delights and momentary pleasures of their world. You need to learn to constantly keep the image of our world within your consciousness. And you must constantly feel that our worlds touch each other. And every time when you allow yourself to observe the surrounding reality and raise your eyes to Heaven, it approaches you. And every time you get too absorbed in the illusory problems of your world, the Heavens move away from you.

Believe me. The vibrations of your world are not the same for a day. There are hours, especially the first ones in the morning and the last ones at night, when the noise of your world calms down, our world approaches yours. And it is in these wonderful moments that many of you can see angels and elementals, even with their normal physical sight. In these moments of closeness to our world, many people, whose vibrations have not achieved the sufficient level of harmony and purity, feel an apathy, depression and loss of the meaning of life without any cause.

Therefore, I would like to tell you that you need to observe every similar situation in your life. The day on which the great terrestrial changes occur and the straw of the wheat or the separation between one human and the other on Earth can not be far off. People who have higher vibrations will leave the Sodomas and Gomorras that are modern cities, sewers, hotbeds of mass consciousness and low vibrations. These people will settle in the cleanest places that exist on the planet. And the individuals, whose vibrations remain in line with modern cities, will stay there. In that natural way, an exodus of the new race of humans to the "Promised Land" will happen. And the Angels will have the opportunity to execute the work of removing, without causing pain, all this cosmic garbage, incapable of a subsequent evolution.

This prophecy has been given through many prophets. And every time people listen to it, they continue doing their daily work without listening to their consciences. Only a very small number of people are able to hear, direct their eyes to the Heavens and receive the signals to continue on their way. These people aspire to the "Promised Land", and this allows them to continue evolution.

I don't try to scare them but to offer them instructions. Since right now is the right time to talk openly with those of you who are able to listen, and ready to take concrete steps at the level of the physical plane. I am not forcing them to give up everything and aspire to well-hidden places. No, the vector of your aspiration will gradually attract the divine opportunities for you. And one day, you will achieve the subtle desire for changes and change your life according to the divine evolutionary flow. Obedience to the Higher Laws and the desire to follow the evolutionary Path is required. But for that, they must reconsider their life and their attitude towards it.

The cause of elimination of the evolutionary Path is a concentration on the person himself, an excessive egocentrism and selfishness. Therefore, the virtues that you must develop on yourself in the immediate future are available: the ability of self-sacrifice, compassion and assistance towards your fellow man. When you can perform acts that are unreasonable for most other humans and full of devotion to the Brotherhood, you will walk the path in a stable manner and we will hold our hands firmly in yours. You only need to show your selflessness, aspiration and devotion and these qualities will attract to you the divine opportunities, which will take you out of the modern Sodomas and Gomorras towards the path of Light and Joy.

Just imagine how much you will gain by following the Way we draw you and how little you need to sacrifice: only your selfishness and the desire to achieve something only for you personally.

It is necessary to raise their level of consciousness to the Heights, understanding that by doing something for others - in fact, they take care of themselves. You, either work on your karmic debts or create the reserve of a good karma that allows you to escape from a dangerous situation, in the blink of an eye, as soon as you appeal for help. We offer you our instructions with the hope that many of you can perceive our words. And that not only perceive our words but also begin to act in accordance with the Teaching they are given.

Actually, it is very important to reinforce learning with practice. When you know the Law, but do not apply it in your life, your karma does not diminish; On the contrary, it increases. You increase your karma while there is that kind of karma, which is the karma of inactivity *. You have accessed this Teaching, so that you can perceive it and act accordingly. If they do not act in accordance with the teaching given, then they deviate from the Path accordingly. They deviate from the Path even when they do nothing. That is due to your dual world, the world manifested by yourselves, for those energies that you wanted to spend, not in compliance with the divine norms but in obtaining only for yourself personally.

The time has come to transform your world. And the first thing you should do is start acting in your life according to the Teaching we have offered you.

I have been very sharp and uncompromising. Since times have changed, there is no possibility to keep waiting.

I AM Morya Khan

* Teaching about the karma of inactivity. Beloved Kuthumi June 24, 2005.

The messenger is Tatyana Mickushina ©
Translated from Russian to English by Alexey Nesmiyanov
Translated from English to Spanish by: Gloria Helena Restrepo C.

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