Beginning of the Conscious Nutrition Course! June 2018

  • 2018

Learn to Nourish YOUR Body, Soul and Spirit

General Information

Course duration : 40 days

Registration for June 2018 is open.

Value: Spain 95.- / Argentina $ 1, 877.- / Rest of America U $ D 97.-

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Course Modality

Modality: Remote / Access to materials ordered in 4 modules,

Each teaching unit includes: Main video of each module,
PDF class, activities, resources, complementary library,
multimedia, online test, etc.

Tutorial Support: It is performed live in the Virtual Classroom ( see virtual tour )
In live meetings, questions about the materials and activities of each module are attended.
IMPORTANT: the live class is NOT dictated, for this reason it is not mandatory for the student to participate in these meetings, since they can also make their queries via e-mail.

Foundation of the course:

The process of conscious evolution, in our Spiritual path requires to have high levels of energy, this was understood by the sages of different cultures, such as the Tibetans, Toltecs, Cathars, Egyptians, Inkas as well as the Essenes among other Initiatory Cultures, who attended Feeding in a very special way, understanding the need to address conscious nutrition as a cornerstone of a process of expansion of consciousness that requires higher frequency energy levels and vibration as we subtly achieve.

What is the nutrition?
When we talk about Nutrition we refer to the action of obtaining nutrients obtained from food. In principle, this is a biological process through which nutrients that our body needs for proper development of vital functions are absorbed from food and liquids. But when we "make this biological process conscious" and focus on selecting those foods with a high level of biophotons, also being able to be present at the same time when we eat these foods with the right nutrients and with the vibration necessary to feed the Dynamics of Be beyond the physical body.

It is no accident that those who manipulate the threads of the current factual power today, are generating eating disorders, through different manipulation and propaganda strategies, generating in millions of people a serious imbalance in their metabolism and in their energetic and physical body ... preventing them from accessing levels of higher consciousness.

It is imperative to dismantle these harmful destabilizing maneuvers. Read Article click here.

Aimed at: People who wish to transform their usual diet into integral nutrition, allowing them to reach higher levels of energy, also balancing your weight and anxiety.

Objectives: Learn to Nourish the physical body, soul and spirit, the 3 dimensions of being that must be balanced, thus increasing your vibration and accessing an expanded state of consciousness.

What can this course give me?

This is not only a healthy eating course, but it addresses deeper aspects of Nutrition in relation to our conscious evolution. In this virtual training format you will find information, tools, tips and concrete references on how to start transforming an automated and disorderly feeding into a Conscious Feeding that brings you high levels of energy and helps you remember your purpose and decode the light codes that are entering the earth, that only from an expanded consciousness and a subtle physical body is it possible to realize it.

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