Energy Report for August 2011: Transforming Duality By Kate A. Spreckley

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August 6, 2011

Julio ended the power of a New Moon, with both the Moon and the Sun in the astrological sign of Leo. This energy encouraged us to open ourselves to the warmth of our hearts and welcome the beauty of self-love and acceptance. The Light is now arriving more rapidly and with greater intensity, so that we can deepen our perception, expand our consciousness and realize the dreams of our hearts. Now it is even more important to allow our hearts to sing prayers directly to the Divine Creator and listen and follow the resulting wisdom and guidance.

Our current evolutionary journey is a path full of new phases of growth and development, exciting new visions and ideas for evolutionary change. At the beginning of each new cycle, many new possibilities are awakened within us, but the influence of the old cycle can be clearly felt, and there can be many overwhelming feelings as we release the past and at the same time work to manage the energy of the new. It was Julio's energy that prepared us for the end of one era and the beginning of another.

There is so much that it seems to be happening energetically this August, it has been difficult for me to know where to start! What I do know is that August contains a dynamo of transforming energies that will push us beyond what we have known before. We will be urged to move quickly, but at the same time, to pause and seek deeper insights and build stronger foundations.

The interpretation of the Mayan Calendar by Dr. Carl Calleman establishes that on July 31 it marked the entry point to the 5th Day of the 9th Wave. The 5th Day will only continue until August 17, and reaches the midpoint on August 8 and 9. In my opinion, the 5th Day is the brightest phase of light in the entire 9th Wave cycle. It is known as a lighting time, a germination phase, a great advance towards the light where our creations will become visible. It seems, then, that during this 5th Day we can expect a great amount of Divine light and information to vibrate within us.

The 5th Night of the 9th Wave occurs between August 18 and September 4. The midpoint of this cycle will be August 26 and 27. The 5th Night is the darkest period of each cycle and is described as a time of destruction. This is a very difficult energy and can be a point of crisis. Fortunately, it is relatively short compared to the previous 5th Nights of the other cycles.

It is this 5th cycle that calls us to explore the way we show ourselves, not only as individuals, but also as universal, global and planetary citizens, within our families, our tribes and our nations. It is vital that each of us, as individuals, advances to expanded levels of consciousness where we are able to recognize our responsibility and the effect we have on this planet.

The change in consciousness is underway and as our consciousness awakens and expands, it becomes increasingly difficult to exist within old realities. Spiritual awakening is a key issue for change and there are many who are feeling a deep desire to reconnect with their Spiritual aspect. Express your Divine essence and authentically express your Divine gifts, abilities and qualities.

As we follow our path of evolutionary expansion and growth, we go beyond the consciousness of duality and become Unity Consciousness. They will find themselves being aware of the nature of the energies within which they exist and a growing awareness of the duality within our world. The Spirit is the necessary aspect that is required to create a unifying force inside to transform your current reality, using the virtues of the Christ Consciousness of forgiveness, love and compassion.

In the past it has been necessary that they create their reality with the energy of duality, but as they assume their role as co-creators with the Divine Creator, they go beyond duality towards unity. Co-creating means uniting all aspects of your being within your heart, and then merging with the Divine Creator to consciously create your reality. This then means that they need to develop a deep awareness of themselves.

Self-awareness is a requirement that each person must develop if they are going to expand their consciousness and flow effortlessly with the evolutionary energies of these times. With a deep self-awareness they are able to naturally release their limitations, the illusions under which they have lived, and embrace their authentic being. It means having an innate understanding of all its different aspects, knowing what they are and how they work together. It is self-awareness that will make it possible for you to consciously choose how to direct your energy and move from fear to love. Thus, they are then able to effectively balance both their internal and external reality, creating unity inside and out.

Dualistic energy requires only the power of thought, and in these times it brings feelings of stress, depression, unhappiness and negative thoughts. The energy of the Unit requires the power of the heart, the mind, the body and the Spirit, and allows them to feel safe, calm, accepted, recognized and loved. In the past we have been taught to seek out knowledge and wisdom outside of us, cultivate and develop the mind to understand and create our reality. Duality is maintained thanks to obsolete beliefs, structures and patterns of the past. As our consciousness expands, these old beliefs, structures and patterns are released, thus dissolving duality. Unity then flows naturally and we are free to create the reality that our heart truly desires. Now it becomes vital for us to unify all our aspects of heart, body, mind and Spirit and go inward to reconnect with the eternal self, to discover the guidance and wisdom. inside.

By consciously choosing the truth of your Spirit over your limited ego, you choose love over fear. When they operate from a position of fear, they continue to create a dualistic reality. When they operate from a position of love, they exist within the unit creating a reality that is in balance and harmonizes with all living things. In this moment of enormous growth you should look deep into your heart for guidance, comfort, support and love. You cannot escape the need to take action while planetary and world energies are conspiring together to force you to consciously choose what energy you want to use to co-create your reality.

In August there are many important retrograde planets (going backwards with respect to the Earth), which will amplify the energies that create feelings of stress and frustration. We often experience multiple retrofits, but this month seems to be extraordinarily powerful. We are being offered the opportunity to wake up from the dream of our illusions slowly and smoothly, thereby relieving as much trauma and damage as possible. It is better to use this month's energy in deep introspection and healing, allowing your consciousness to expand into the realms of the heart. This will bring light to those areas where self-esteem, acceptance and appreciation are needed. It is important to be aware, compassionate and kind to yourself and others during this month.

The following planets are retrieved in August:

Mercury, the planet that governs communication. Thought and communication will be diffuse, slow and delayed. It is better to try softly and slowly through communications of all kinds and be prepared so that past problems arise for resolution, healing and transformation.

· Chiron, the planet that governs our healing, is giving us the opportunity to deepen our healing process.

· Uranus governs change and transformation. It is a good opportunity to pause and rethink any changes we want to implement in any area of ​​our lives.

· Neptune governs religious, philosophical and political ideals of all kinds. Now is an opportune moment to reflect on your beliefs, ideals and the Spiritual aspect of your life.

· Pluto, the planet that governs power of all kinds, will stall our ability to use our power, giving us the opportunity to pause and reflect on our use of power and energy, and what this means for us individually.

· Jupiter governs growth, expansion and edifying ideas. With this retrograde planet, our efforts towards expansion will slow down, giving us the space to pause and reflect on our internal and external growth and expansion.

Added to all this retrograde energy, we have the Full Moon in the astrological sign of Aquarius on August 13. With the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Aquarius and the influence of retrograde planets, this Lunar phase will mark a moment of profound transformation.

The energy of this month will deeply infuse our hearts, making it an auspicious moment to create an intimate connection with the voice of our heart. It is a good time to go inside and connect with the feelings of peace, harmony and love, which will invite you to claim your Divinity, cultivate your qualities of self-love, compassion and acceptance, and fully embrace your particular gifts and abilities. Going deep into your heart in search of guidance, emotional satisfaction, acceptance, comfort and love, will help you as we move towards the New Moon on August 28.

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