Astrological Report - Aguila Azul ~ August 2013

  • 2013

Definitely, the first weeks of August have been very rare for our conscience.

In everyday terms, both human and neglecting solar explosions, income from galactic energies, DNA activations and great astrological, cosmic or metaphysical explanations, something went over us and we don't know very well what it was. Something moved within us, in our physical, emotional or mental structure.

Perceptions of a new reality, of a new cycle of the Cosmic Plan. The veils were also run and show us another evolutionary stage. Many factors, internal and external, activated emotional instabilities, sudden changes, states of anger and anger that arose unexpectedly, without apparent causes or perhaps with much unconscious release. Other people have experienced physical imbalances that found no certain treatments.

Everything dismantles us from the known traces, every day is a different way to solve life.

The question they asked me the most in the last few weeks was Until you? The only answer I could offer was: from now on, please get used to living in change and apparent instability, learn to discover your personal power.

Many physical, emotional and mental symptoms.

Noises, ringing in the ears, vibrations throughout the body. Pressure in the head or chest, neck and back contractures. Emotional overflows, from inside they pressed the fury, the anger, the annoyance.

Lack of concentration, confusing, unclear ideas, disorientation, not finding the right answer or the concrete idea. Many will have "thought", my mind no longer works as before, what is happening to me?

Neurons in the left hemisphere were disconnected to give way to intuitions and synchronicities in the right hemisphere.

In the morning we woke up and did not understand where we were, although we recognized our room, there was a strange feeling of relocation. Feeling weird, as if something was happening and not knowing what it was.

We moved the anchor point, we began to perceive another reality, we knew we were in the same place but we weren't the same. A new approach, but still without knowing what it is.

“… Surely I had to be one of the few people in the world who felt so bad, that I didn't want to know anything at all with everything they told me for this galactic dawn and the tales of ascension…”

How many of you, my dear friends from all over the world, had these feelings?

The confusion we experience is the product of being receiving a higher vibrational level, our entire conception of life is dismantled and once again we feel alone and unprotected to sustain everyday life. Patience, until the new energy is accommodated in our energy system and then things will slowly fit in, according to the new energies.

I think that the whole humanity is going through this confusion, many beings are making decisions even from the old energy, and they get confused because there is a new game board. The interests of world powers continue to generate conflict and this also has an impact on the framework of collective consciousness in waves of confusion and hopelessness producing more control. These are times for warriors of light, very experienced in discerning between true and false. Focus point is in the heart.

Conscious beings know what "neutrality to integrate the forces in conflict" means. From that active neutrality the healing energies of love can be generated. And we clarify the concept again: neutrality means not taking sides for or against, this frees us from polarization and gives us energy to integrate opposites and discover the healing ability to "love without judging"

Due to the great cosmic and planetary changes all humans are in crisis. There is a stormy transformation and this creates uncertainty and fear. The balance is in loving without judging.

Those who have interior work can quickly differentiate the new energies and prepare to integrate them into their systems. Those who cannot look inside to find the securities inside are more vulnerable to their own fears. Interpreting or explaining these processes rationally is no longer useful. Events are happening from another non-tangible dimension. It is the soul that knows and knows the purpose of each one's life. The key is in the wisdom of the heart.

Choose again
A new consciousness "pushes" towards unknown challenges, the entire structure moves and schedules are released that we didn't even know we had there. The emotions squeal, the attachments that resist abandoning us are enraged. “The matrix is ​​being changed!” I heard around, and I asked myself: Who is changing us? Do we own ourselves? Can we choose?… And I felt that a brighter and clearer part of my spirit was taking care of my human self. Those who protested and fought were my old emotions and habits, very accustomed to responding to the daily program. New vibrations are coming. Greater light and with them a new matrix…. We have to take time to get comfortable, so we are sleeping more hours than usual. Be flexible and let the cosmic energies do their calibration work. The key is to flow in the synchronicity that leads to new realities.

The exit door
The exit door is inside each one, it is encoded in the heart and each one has its own access key. That is, the exit door is not towards the outside world, it is towards your interior, towards the connection with your Soul from the heart center and the Thymus gland.

If you need to be silent and in spiritual retreat, it is a good symptom. We must silence the noise of commercial music to find the silence of the soul that opens the music records of the cosmos.

The silence, the meditation, the alignment of the column of chakras is what allows to connect the body of light that is being activated.

Being focused on ourselves, aligning emotions shows, is not selfishness. It is to take spiritual power to radiate peace and balance in the collective consciousness. "As it is inside is outside" Let us radiate the peace of the universe from the inside and we will generate peace outside. Let's continue demonstrating mass meditations, of light messages. The peace of our united hearts is the beginning of the consciousness of integration and unity.

We are not alone or isolated, we are part of the Crystalline Grid of the planet that is receiving great emanations of New Energy-New Consciousness. We must allow these energies to integrate into our energy systems and then act in resonance with the purpose of our soul.

The real changes that will occur after these great cosmic movements, we will see manifested in the coming months. It is time to raise the vision beyond the current uncertainty.

Ana María Frallicciardi
EMF Balancing Teacher
Chapel of the Mount
Cordoba Argentina

Astrological Report - Aguila Azul ~ August 2013

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