Astrological Report April 2012

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Towards the solstice December 2012

April 2012

In 2012 there will be a measurement on how much indoor unit we have created in ourselves and then we will live that unit in our environment for the next 1000 years Peggy Phoenix Dubro.

Sun in Aries, the human will joins the divine will to carry out God's Plan on earth.

Concerned about what will happen in the coming months on the planet? For beings in awareness of the evolution and spiritual awakening there is only one place to look for detached responses from human beliefs and ideologies. That place is in our inner center, in ourselves. Creating unity of consciousness from our heart center is what will keep us in balance.

The external world is still managed by the forces of polarity: who is right, who gives the most shocking information, whether they will overcome the good or the bad. As long as we continue to feed in our mind the fear of what may happen to us, we will be wasting the best energies to create our new world. Conscious beings are responsible for creating the New Earth with our vision, our thoughts, feelings and actions full of light and love, only that is needed from the place where everyone is.

From the astrological view, we return to action in the next few days . Mars is the planet of action that supports the will in decisions. He was retrograde in the sign of Virgo, from January 24 to April 14. Now we return to action after reviewing our way of manifesting and acting both personally, relationships, projects, our life itself. In the previous months there were delays, delays, apparent blockages to the action. Now we resume the initiative from another more conscious place, recognizing where we stand and where we want to continue, accepting a realistic and concrete place.

The Sun in Aries inclines to the fast and little thought action, nevertheless in the last weeks the principle of action of the I was stopped by external forces that took us to make a new scale of Priorities From now on, the point of support is in ourselves, how much security do I have to move forward with my own resources on any path of life?

In a useful and practical way as Mars tells us in Virgo: where will I invest my personal energy for my next achievements?

What resonance is radiating my being, what answers do I receive? My thoughts, emotions, feelings create the reality that I see outside. This is the quantum leap of consciousness: I create my reality outside ... I can modify my world from my thoughts. Taking charge of reality is the only possibility to change it.

We will not give complicated definitions of quantum physics, we will only say that our personal experience, using quantum principles, has been to create harmonious realities, to love, to love and to love in every difficult situation. Learn to travel “interdimensional timelines” where the only premise was: to maintain a state of consciousness balanced in light and love. Ah !! ... and also delivering everything to the superior will of the Heart of the Galaxy for the Plan to be fulfilled. 2000 years ago Jesus said: "Let your Will be done" And ... He also said: love one another ... Half hard at heart we must be with 2000 years of experiences on top and still about to succumb to the 3rd dimension consciousness between wars and fights of each other. The 5th dimension consciousness is accessed through Unity.

The full moon of Aries brings the necessary energies to be reborn as spiritual beings in a conscious evolution of our lives and the planet. What more important thing can we have in our hands for the coming months than align with the galactic synchronization ray of December 21? Our spirit came here to participate in this cosmic graduation. The quantum leap is to align ourselves in the resonance of our true being.

The profound cosmic, solar and planetary changes cannot be stopped by any force contrary to the plan of the Galaxy. At the center of our being, in samples memories of DNA is the information we need to align ourselves, you just have to enter the heart chamber to find the information.

Ana María Frallicciardi and Jorge Saco

Chapel of the Mount. Cordova. Argentina

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