January 2012 Astrological Report

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by: Ana M. Frallicciardi January 2012

Astrological Report: Mars retrograde in Virgo

January 2012

We have started 2012, a lot of information circulates on the internet with wonderful auguries of the birth of the New Earth and apocalyptic messages also persist. From now on everyone can take the line of reality they want and live their own experience of changes.

There will be no total collapse, the prophecies of the end of the world may not take place in a terrifying way, but the change will be gradual, it will take several years more. s there from 2012. Therefore, the most important thing is not to wait for things to happen outside, but to strengthen the inside to vibrate in resonance with the energy changes that the planet is going through.

Life will continue to exist and transform. There is a crystalline grid that protects the planet earth and it will continue in its course around the Sun, traveling towards the galactic center that is the photon band, where the eternal light illuminates all manifestations of life.

I think the most important thing is to become aware of our ability to change and integrate the new. This is much simpler than many imagine: it is a state of consciousness towards integration and balance, through discovering the inner power that each one has. In this way you can turn personal history and turn reality itself into a path of discoveries of its potential asleep.

The change is to joy and abundance, if you do not travel this road, it is time to review the route, check your GPS and look for the highway called Abundance.

Those who are deprived do not live in synchrony with the energy of the universe, they are not supplied with universal abundance, which manifests itself in many ways: energies to manifest in matter, energies of love to heal wounds of the soul, energies that pacify, that unite, that integrate, energies that remind us of our cosmic origin. Cosmic energy is calibrated according to our needs. You just have to know how to use spiritual technology to take advantage of the cosmic bank of unlimited resources. This spiritual technology (meditations, harmonizations, healing, energy balance techniques) are available and available to anyone who knows how to see it.

Planetary aspects between January and April: Retrograde Mars in Virgo

The planetary movement that will stand out in the coming months is the transit of retrograde Mars through Virgo. Mars entered Virgo on November 11 and will remain in this sign until April 15. As of January 25, he began his retrograde path, that is, retreating on the path he had walked during the last two months. Time to review and evaluate everything that has been done since then, conclude what is pending, issues or people from the past may appear that bring our way of acting to consciousness. Recognize mistakes and start over, doubts will arise on the way forward, evaluate possibilities and wait for the inner wisdom to guide.

Most critical moment of retrogradation: March 1 to 9, it is suggested not to start new things, to continue with what has already been established. Observe in what area of ​​life our will, our intentions cannot manifest, what stops me? What do I have to reconcile inside to unlock the outside? The new action is released as of April 15.

Let's understand the energies of Mars to understand what happens in us and how we are resonating in the universal concert. Mars represents the spirit of action and struggle, the strength to move forward in life. This energy is direct, without turns, advances, takes action, performs, cuts, separates and starts again. Martian action has an absolute and irreversible character. Once we make the decision we must move forward. Mars says: "Here I am and may God help me."

The Martian force is represented by the journey of the hero and the sword, going through challenges and triumphing over difficulties is their mission. The signs of Aries and Scorpio have this planet as ruler, there is a greater opportunity to review their actions, just like Virgo, a sign that Mars is. And some Piscesians, a sign opposite to Virgo, will say: again I face my difficulties to act… .the outsiders attack me… adequate time to rely on the power of the spirit, which is beyond the planetary energies.

It is necessary to have a fighting spirit because sooner or later we will have challenges to go through life. Without the Martian force we are helpless, if we repress the push or not express it correctly, the aggression and conflict comes from outside.

A blocked Mars causes a feeling of helplessness, makes the person feel like a victim and creates a great unconscious anger that can be expressed in various ways. That is where the dark side of Mars appears: aggression, violence, anger, rage. These characteristics correspond to an energy of blocked and distorted action of the creative principle of life, whereby destruction appears.

Let's review the aggressive charges retained within us. Let's see when a violent situation presents itself and how we re-act. The issue of violence is quite thorny right now. There are entire societies that are victims of violence. However, when violence enters our lives from person to person, we must consider whether there will be something inside us that is unleashing it out there in a Martian way, something unconscious such as retained anger, unexpressed anger, anger, or also our own images. internal submission, devaluation, suffering. How is the energy of aggression and violence resolved? Healing our interior with love, with much healing love, acceptance and reconciliation with ourselves.

Retrograde Mars can inhibit the outward expression of our urge to assert ourselves.

The impulse is felt but it is contained. Retrograde Mars can contradict what the self is trying to put into practice. This retrogradation of Mars occurs when it is in option to the Sun, that is, at odds with the solar principle: "I want but I can't." This situation of opposition Sun-Mars will take place between March 1 and 9, which is why we explained earlier not to start anything new.

Observe where the bindings are, do not press, find new paths, make paths to reach our goal or goal, something good we will find on that path. Find other ways to strengthen our inner power in the face of difficulties. Only when the ego no longer has power can something new appear that redeems us, the self surrenders, the pride yields its space and the true power of the spirit that intuits other path of realization arises.

You have to put Mars in harmony with the Sun so that your actions or lack of action are in accordance with the will.

Am I doing what my Being wants? ... What am I questioning? ... My doing ...? ... Are my decisions consistent with what my being wants? ... And all the questions that appear on your mental screen. You can visualize your inner warrior, how it appears today, what path it presents itself, what obstacles it has, to which king it responds (Solar principle, your personal Self)

Taking advantage of retrograde Mars: ideal to complete pending tasks, students who left subjects without passing, procedures stopped for various reasons may find resolution, unfinished work takes another path of completion.

Let's have a friendly relationship with our Mars, let's act in harmony, for this it is important to “know what we want and do what it takes to get it”

I have the right to express my own needs, my feelings and ideas.

I have the right to be treated with respect, to ask for what I want.

I have the right to make my own path of conscious evolution.

Ana María Frallicciardi

Chapel of the Mount. Cordova. Argentina


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