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Silvia Patrono (SP) - Can you define what spirituality is for you?

Brad Hunter (BH) - One of Einstein's great discoveries was to understand that matter and energy are different forms of the same essence. Matter can be transformed into energy, and energy into matter, that is, they are opposite polarities of the same and only universal substance, Ether, Prana, Chi, or whatever you want to call it. Spirituality, then, is to evolve from materiality to achieve - through experiential self-experimentation - transcend from a dense state to another higher vibrational state, by attaining elevated states of consciousness.

SP-What relationship does "conscience" have in spirituality?

BH- It is the Universal Consciousness that determines the frequency of vibration that will give energy status. To a third state of consciousness corresponds a reality of related density, which we call third dimension and that is in accordance with the evolution that it needs for its development. The level of individual and collective approach to this consciousness is what determines our personal evolutionary frequency stage and that of Humanity. When material energy is transformed by evolution, it begins to vibrate at a higher frequency and then becomes spiritual energy. The ancients called it "spiritual alchemy, " and it is the consequence of increasing the frequency level of the atomic structure of our bodies. As consciousness evolves, the reality changes by correspondence.

SP-How do we achieve spiritual alchemy?

BH- The only way to achieve this "spiritual alchemy" is through the awareness of love. The great masters of humanity did not come to talk about quantum physics, nor of complex universal dynamics, they only asked us to function from and for love. The speed of human energy that is achieved from true love, makes the speed from one pole to another is greater, to reach the infinite and being at the two poles at the same time is no longer desired, you no longer feel dissatisfaction and he is happy, because there is no longer mental agitation, but mental calm, I am no longer attracted to the other pole. We experience the consciousness of Universal unity.

SP- What is your vision about love?

BH- Love is the most powerful particle accelerator. Love is the most coherent way of "bearing" and "offering" creational energy. We will only evolve when we understand what evolution is to help the Universe evolve. Love in its purest expression is a frequency that manifests itself in golden proportion, (the proportion and frequency in which creation manifests itself). A frequency of love, or Phi, is the frequency that allows the upward jump in the evolutionary scale.

SP-How to achieve spirituality in a world that distracts us from true awakening?

BH - There is an old story that sums it up very well and talks about a group of disciples with their teacher, worried about being able to live in spirituality at all times. The teacher exemplified the process by asking his attentive disciples to try to fill a sieve with water. Unsuccessfully again and again, they tried to pour water over the strainer and, of course, the water filtered through the holes. With spiritual practice it is the same; That is not the way to fill a strainer with water, nor is it for our spirituality. The teacher then took the strainer in his hands and threw it away into the sea. The sieve floated a few moments and then sank. "Now it is full of water, and so it will remain, " said the teacher. That is the way to fill a strainer with water, and it is the way to perform the spiritual practice. It is not achieved by pouring small doses of divine life into individuality, but by throwing individuality into the sea of ​​spirituality.

SP.- What do people who are going to listen to your lectures or talks ask you the most?

BH- The general concern is about what will happen with their lives in the face of the scourges that humanity currently lives: economic crisis, hunger, unemployment, climate change, etc. and the question is how to evolve in evolution on these problems. I always ask you that first of all, you have to preserve positivism and that you don't have to fear for what happens, you just have to move to another side of life from consciousness and not from fear. Mother Earth does not want to exclude us from her plan, she only expects us to approach her new frequency. Integration is not denying or excluding something, nor maintaining a positive thought without awareness. It is just moving from one frequency to another. The issue is that nobody is going to do for us, what we should do for ourselves. We must learn ... that's what evolution is about. The new knowledge teaches us that the power lies in ourselves and that we exist as a unified part of a Universal System that integrates us and enables us to exist by granting us what is necessary to live and not suffer. We just have to learn to live. God gives us life, not how to live.

SP-What is the greatest resistance that people put when you talk about the power of emotion, words and that there are no victims?

BH- We must break down old understanding schemes of how reality works. People have many conditioning mandates that prevent them from facing change. We must understand at once, that everything that happens to me I am creating is my responsibility. We must replace the eternal and much-heard lament. Why is this happening to me? Why am I creating this? Everything that exists is based on frequencies. I attract my life as often as I transmit. Each emotion, thought, feeling is an energetic charge that when added individually determines a unique personal frequency and that, like an identity document, identifies us against what the Universe will respond to us by the law of action and reaction.

SP-What conscious space do you give to the Law of Attraction in your personal life?

BH- The Law of Attraction is incomplete and inefficient if we do not know how the field of intellect works and on which materialization depends. We are units of energy, and it depends on the available energy we have, to achieve the correct frequencies to materialize our destiny. The elements we need - fundamentally Oxygen, Water and Nitrogen - we get from breathing, eating, habitat and other living beings, then according to the quality of the energy we assimilate, it will be the potential to materialize. Reality materializes, by the power of the emission range, not by the illusion of what we think. The greater the energy, the greater the power of the mind. In a universe made of waves, the coherent focus is the medium that has the ability to attract creative forces fluently. Consistency at any level is consistency at all levels. The Law of Mentalism does not work separately from other 7 Universal Laws. The Law of Attraction is only chapter 1 of an extensive series of knowledge. We live on illusions, we die of realities, the big problem is that they always sold us the fragmented truth.

SP- Since childhood you have been attracted to UFOs, which has led you to study this phenomenon thoroughly. What conclusion have you reached, do they exist or not?

BH- If the Universe is matter and matter is supported by a Universal Conscious Mind - and we are an integral part of it - there must be many of us doing it in other realities and in other spaces. There is no third dimension, without a fourth that supports it and so on. The Universe is like a great radio transmitting in multiple frequencies and wavelengths in whose stations there are many speakers and people talking. Luckily, we cannot perceive all stations at the same time and those who speak on them, because we could not concentrate on our own transmission. A single species is not able to support such a Universe. Each of the living beings of the Universe are devices that keep the same Universe functioning. If we look at the greatness of the Cosmos, we will realize the diversity of life that exists underpinning it.

SP- In your opinion, those who are turning more to a spiritual search where there are no victims and we are the creators of the reality we live, the j Young or middle-aged people?

BH- It is not by age but by evolution, a child can possess an old soul and can quickly wake up to the wisdom that carries his soul. Search and awakening are not conditioned by age, but by years of disinformative and limiting mandates. Young people have a new genetics that allows them to accept things better, even in relation to someone we think is already trained. Likewise, there are many factors that determine the reception-evolution of knowledge.

SP-Are you writing a book?

BH- The best writer is the one who recounts his books in front of his audience and he allows each of those listeners to write what they have learned in the book of life, creating together a better story for everyone. I think that books are written by evolving their writings on a daily basis, in the sheets of the quantum matrix. There is only one universal library and it is the one that continuously reads our DNA. The Universe evolves at every moment with the writings we make at every moment as we live. I do not think of traditional terms of making and projecting. One does and projects at all times and in the face of every circumstance of life, so the minimum affects the whole. Here this, soy and do what my conscience orders is correct, that is my project, I hope it will be a valuable contribution for both an insect when I admire him flying, like an assistant of my lectures when I share what I investigate. We live creating realities and we are little aware of it. Being aware of it, isn't it the best of the projects? The conscience of co-creation forces us to be very responsible for what we write and we project daily in existence, because when we think and do, we are affecting with our experience, the matrix of the Universal Consciousness.

SP -Many of our members ask us what to do to be prepared for 2012. What would Brad Hunter say to them?

BH- The old part of the cycle is that dominated by ego, fear, insecurity, famine, religions, banking systems ... that is collapsing until it disappears. All of that was sustained by ourselves and a level of consciousness. It didn't change reality, it changed consciousness and in doing so, it changes the way of perceiving it. The new part is the end of living under the laws of polarity, the end of duality as a divisible force. The evolution of consciousness is what leads us to integrate both parts into an evolutionary whole that transcends polarity. In doing so, one enters a new evolution in which Unity and the acceptance of polarity as parts of a whole. There is no precise date that marks the evolution, the change is already in process. It is essential not to be aware of dates, because these condition our own evolution, the basic thing is to be aware that we must balance ourselves and become receivers of the new energy that emanates cyclically every 26, 000 years and that comes from the Center of the Galaxy, which is a proven scientific reality. The evolutionary history of the planet marks us with evidence, that the Universe is responsible for extinguishing everything that does not serve evolution, giving space to improved versions of ancient species. The process of prosecution "is already" in process and it is the same energy responsible for determining who made evolutionary merit to be accepted on the new Earth. Each human being has a vibrational range that identifies him and is determined by how he "chose to be" in the face of life by free will. That frequency is going to be our own judge.

SP - You have had the privilege of interviewing José Arguelles. Can you share with us any anecdote regarding that meeting?

BH- One of my research fundamentals is to depersonalize information. Without detracting from the work and relevance of anyone, I personally do not focus on characters, but on knowledge. For years we become spiritual followers of leaders and not spiritual followers of spirituality. So it went. It is time for equal de-identification. The importance of the mailman is to become the medium that brings us the letter. I apply the same to my person, that's why I communicate information and not personification. Speaking of knowledge, I think what struck me the most is to find in its theories a coherence with other knowledge investigated by other branches of research. The theory of the field of the planetary intellect of the Russians is similar to the theory of the noosphere defended by Arguelles, the frequency of the lunar time is coincident with other quantum theories, etc.

SP -Who would you like to interview soon and why?

BH -Anyone who has something constructive and creative to say. Evolution needs evolutionism and that can be found both on the street and at NASA. We are all participating in the same process and each life experience is “charged” to the Universal Matrix, which we call the “Mind of God” and that does not discriminate against any of the contributions it receives. We are building a participatory universe on a daily basis in which you and I are an active part of the same scenario. The true investigator or journalist is the one who manages to see in the daily scenario of life, the best contributions for his research. I daily interview life and I am amazed at how much it has to say.

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