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  • 2015
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Greetings, Beloveds! I am Metatron, Lord of Light, and I greet you, each and everyone, with respect and knowledge. I greet each one individually at the exact moment he reads these living words in the vibratory essence of the eternal NOW. I hug you in love.

As the announced Ascension approaches, everything opens around you. The nature of its divine Star Seed expands in the realms of the Earth; They are certainly dancing with the Stars. Stars of hope, love and impeccability. Dear ones, we of the Angelic Kingdom are here to support you, to offer you guiding visions; but it is up to you to master your challenges in your stays in polarity and duality. These are his way of learning; it is up to each of you to face and solve your problems. We assist them by putting them in touch with their own power. Our purpose is not to solve the problems for you, or to stand between you and your own freedom of discernment and choice by giving you "answers, " even in the most complex challenges.

Our purpose is to strengthen your strength, because ultimately the vast divinity of your Being is not only well equipped to help you find your fullness, but totally eager to do so. And, dear human, in this process you will discover your highest nature of wisdom, understanding, exuberance and peace . No one, not even an angel, can do this for you. In impeccability you will complete every self-appointed task that comes your way.

Beloveds: we offer at this moment the integral energy of our Being of Light, of that crystalline essence of who we are. We offer you, in pure love, the guide of our wisdom for your discernment. Teachers, we ask you to simply be fully present in your hearts and in your minds. They discern what we tell you, because you are God in process. Take, among what we offer, what resonates with you, because we present it to you in the deepest respect and love.

Stellar dance: Expand in love

The stellar dance of your life is to expand in love. But the love we are talking about is not the mere emotion that you humans tend to believe is love, but rather the extraordinary and magnificent energy and science of what can be done. To call expansive unconditional love. In this context, love is a science, a vast field composed of a very complex vibrational resonance.

So, let's define a key component of the resonance of love as it relates to your growth. That is the impeccability of the divine will in action. The will, translated into action, is the driver of your search for spiritual growth. Impeccability is then the distillation of your current experiences and your knowledge to obtain the wisdom of the action.

Accept the challenge

While it is true that your thoughts create the reality that you experience in duality, in your aspect you create and create carefully and thoughtfully the challenges you will face. These have a great purpose. Believe it or not, you really write your own tests. While positive thinking is a key frequency, positive thinking is here to help you get closer to your life lessons, and don't dodge the learning process itself. You cannot simply ignore or ignore the growth lessons you designed for yourself in order to expand. This is because in most cases, the chosen configurations are outside, beyond the capacity of the dual aspect of the ego / mind to remove or deny them . You will face them because, from your divine being, you decided them from the highest perspective.

We assure you that nothing is more stimulating, more worthy of realizing, than your manifest desire to evolve, to change for the better. Certainly that is each of your life missions. It is not enough to meditate or visualize that the desired goal is achieved if you do not act according to the inner voice, to the impulse from which your meditations and visualizations arise.

Intention, focus and meditation must be absolutely combined with action. Becoming impeccable and eventually achieving your enlightenment does not mean, as some religions indirectly imply, that you are suddenly in a blissful state of oblivion, or in some distant state of nirvana. Teachers, we tell you that you are part of nirvana now, as much as you can be; You just need to find out within yourself.

Certainly there will be cycles in your emotional state; That is part of being human. There will be times when they feel depressed and apathetic. The origin of such despair may be not only in the problems you face, but even in certain astronomical seriousnesses per se. All this must be faced and can be overcome. So, keep in mind that "Nirvana", as you call it, is achieved with attitude, not through avoiding, ignoring or escaping, but through an impeccable confrontation with the projection of reality around you.

The experience of the Earth, the mastery of duality, is difficult . It is a great truth, one of the greatest truths of duality, and it is common that it is not well understood. The study and mastery of life requires work. You cannot simply put the study book under the pillow and sleep on it; It must be read and understood page by page. Moment to moment. So, your full understanding and acceptance that your life is a construction of "configurations" that you have planned in order to enable your spiritual growth is an even greater truth. You see, when you accept this noble truth, you have the opportunity to transcend it. What you call "destiny" is really the situations you previously planned for your life lessons. And dear ones, that same “destiny” that you have written in your own terms, will help you both to face your challenges and then to express your desires, but not because you protest against what you don't like. To experience the light of your desire, you must ignite the passion that will free you from the confinement where it has been carefully stored. The biggest path is to accept the challenge of purification itself by being a living example of your own light instead of protesting the darkness that still exists in the 3D world, choosing to isolate yourself from it.


Teachers, by accepting that they are here to face challenges, can more vigorously create the energies needed to face them. Because, once accepted the fact that life can be difficult no longer scares, but rather motivates the spiritual warrior to solve them.

The major issue that you have to assume definitive ownership and responsibility for your actions lies in a central desire to avoid the pain of the consequences of your own behavior. But we tell you that the courage to face it and solve problems impeccably is what allows them, and in fact nurtures, a significant growth in their life .

Facing their problems is the lucky chance that distinguishes between success and failure, or rather between growth and stagnation. The problems raise your best effort to solve them and refine the courage and wisdom within the impeccable seeker.

Categorically it is through stressful conflicts and obstructions that you grow mentally and spiritually. It is through the pain of confronting and solving the puzzles of life and the "configurations" that you learn the greatest meaning of the science of love.

Dear hearts, the simple fact is that some of your most moving achievements and of course your greatest growth originate when you find yourself at the problematic crossroads of dilemmas. Their greatest tribulations and revelations take place when they are outside their "comfort zone", feeling perplexed, dissatisfied, even in a state of agonizing despair. Because in those moments, driven by their discomfort, they are forced to break the cages that enclose them and seek a more spiritually satisfying way of life.

Impeccability - The State of Grace

So what is impeccability? We are not minimizing the basic premise when we define impeccability as simply “always trying to do the best. “But staying impeccable requires more effort as the scope of your consciousness and the wisdom you have gained expands. The higher your consciousness, the more "you know." The more you know, the greater the responsibility of living accordingly. You are in the process of expanding your vibrational consciousness, of becoming a conscious participant with the soul. You are transforming into what your soul is; Discovering your greatest identity.

Dear ones, when you grow spiritually, it is because you have opened up to seek growth and have taken action, working to achieve it. Impeccability implies the deliberate extension of your evolving being. Impeccability puts you in the state of grace. Impeccability does not infer that you have achieved enlightenment or that you have learned everything you need to learn. Rather it means that you are on the right path to get there. So we will define impeccability in two layers, two phase formats:

1) Conditional impeccability: When the entity is not highly advanced, but is working to obtain expertise. Do the best one can. Use knowledge to the maximum of your ability to do the right thing, even when there is ignorance and innocent errors of concept. This means that you truly believe that you are doing the right thing, even if it is not the full and expansive truth. You all go through these phases. In this phase, if you make a mistake it will be an honest mistake in which you genuinely believed that you were doing what you felt was right.

2) Impeccability of Mastery: This is the phase of the soul in human existence that is in the anteroom of the Mastery. It is highly advanced, and it is practiced what is preached. There is no inner conflict between what one thinks is the right path, and what one does. Both phases activate what you would call an accelerated state of grace. Grace is the assistance of the Divine Being to help in the outcome of situations in which one is trying to do his best. It can be thought of as the "Guardian Angel, " because in many cases that is exactly what guardian angel means, it is your Divine Being intervening with "lucky coincidences" in situations, to help you on your way. If we were to redefine what your religious texts consider "sin, " it would not be in terms of the commandments, but rather it would be "unused knowledge." Perform actions that you know are wrong, actions in conflict with your highest beliefs.

The wisdom is inside

You all want greater wisdom than you possess. Search and you will find and, Masters, you can discover it "hidden" within yourself. Unfortunately, it is usually the last place they look for it. It requires work. You see, the divine interface between God and man is within what academics call "subconscious." Even religious texts say that God is within you, that each one is a spark of the Divine. The subconscious mind, or "back brain" as you call it, is the part of you that is God. The portion of your largest self that contains the knowledge of "All That Is, " the part that contains the Akashic records, the soul memory of all things.

Because the subconscious is the Divine Mind within you, the goal of spiritual growth is achieved by entering that sacred “ Garden of Wisdom. ”You enter by quieting the mind of the ego. Meditation has always been the portal. It is the key to silence the narration of the personality ego and allow the “ Voice of the Divine Soul to be heard . ”We repeat that effort is required. There are no short cuts. Re-obtaining the "divine essence" is the purpose of your individual existence on the plane of polarity. You are born to be able to transform yourself, as a conscious individual, into a physical expression of God. A divine expression of Being. The challenge is the search for your soul, your true purpose, and in your physical stays the clock is always ticking. Obtaining divinity in physicality is something that is achieved in a gradual liberation, through the immaculate desire that acts in the physical realm merging with the wisdom of the non-physical. Time matters. In polarity, the current paradigm and energy changes take you out of your center easily in this accelerated time. Your true purpose is often difficult to define subjectively and your understanding is between illusion and perceived reality. You may feel that you live in a distortion and that nothing is exactly what it seems. In that process, you get confused and become complacent. You can lose track of time.

Dear ones, your lives, every moment of your physical lives is precious; much more than what some realize. Much more than what most use. Time is a precious input, and within its duality it is finite. Each of those who read these words, at some point in their future will make their transition out of the physical. In his words, they will experience death, they will die. This is a condition of physicality as you know it. However, many acted as if they were going to live forever. Certainly the soul is eternal, but you will not be the same person, the same personality or expression of now in any other life or aspect of your being. Dear ones, you are here to learn the expressions of your own divinity within duality, and certainly duality is a gift. Life is a gift. They are here to learn how to co-create, because in fact they are co-creators of the Universe, of the Cosmos . They are here to achieve the Master, and many are very close, very close, to that achievement.

Take advantage of the day

Teachers, until they value themselves, they will not be in the grace of impeccability, and then they will not be motivated to truly value and optimize their time. Unless they give great value to their agreed time, they will not do the best possible with it. Carpe diem, it translates as Take advantage of the day, and is very appropriate . They must seize every moment! Many of you, despite your good intentions, allow yourself to be quietly accommodating in certain phases or within certain conditions of your chosen stays. Many waste time; if they misuse time, they can waste one life after another. What they don't face, what they don't solve at any time or life, will come up again. They will repeat the configuration until they solve it successfully, and this is certainly a great truth.

Teachers, using your time in duality is essential, and it is a complex business because you need to look for impeccability. It requires love itself, because until they truly value themselves, they will not truly value their life or their time. Until they value their time, they will not feel driven to optimize their use.

Natural discipline is the team of basic tools to solve life's problems. Without discipline it is difficult to have the thrust required to concentrate on the work of solving your problems. To put it simply, they can become apathetic, immobile, complacent or lazy. On the "Ascension ladder" they are going up, or standing still, or going down.

In the Physics of the third dimension there is a law that says that highly organized energy will naturally degrade if it is not in a dynamic state. By natural law it is easier to be in a state of complacency on the physical plane than to be in a condition of upward movement. It is clearly logical. It is the Law of Love that motivates all souls to a higher consciousness, and that requires dynamism ... work! In a real sense, laziness is one of the biggest obstacles, because work means swimming against the current. Enjoy the day!

Perfect order

Some of you say, and feel, that "Everything works as it should, everything is in perfect order." But Masters, that concept is somewhat paradoxical, like a card that is face down as you want it to be looked at. Do you understand? From a higher perspective everything is in perfect order, but from the perspective of humanity within duality, it is not! If that were not the case, no lesson would be needed, what they would call reincarnation would not be necessary. Just taking a look around it is known that the situation of humanity on planet Earth is far from perfect. It will certainly NOT work as it should, until you make it so!

This applies in large and small. There is much to fix, much to review. Everything in time and, Masters, will occur. We offer some of the delayed issues for review and discernment. The Hidden Ego - Spiritual Competition. Many of you are leaders and teachers and have worked hard and long to acquire an advanced level of knowledge and spiritual truths. This is admirable. But it leads to a crossroads of decision. A human on the path to Mastery must avoid all manifestations of the ego, or he will fall into atrocity. A leader must always honor the voice of the soul and follow the path of inner direction to ascend instead of falling. This is the essential compass for all those who are in the advanced Master's course. Without the "inner examination of the soul" and calibration, the true direction towards home cannot be seen.

Then, understand that continuous progress entails the need for humility. How many of you have attended metaphysical meetings only to be overshadowed by someone who insists on knowing how far you travel in your dreams, how great are your visions and what heavenly teachers do you see in the higher realms? This implies that they are advanced in mastery and want to make sure everyone knows it. This is an understandable difficulty; It is not the true practice of integrity. Spiritual "competition" is widespread in the New Age circles, however most of these people do not even realize that they are so pompous. In the circles of spirituality there are many hidden manifestations of ego. No one is exempt. Leaders and teachers who advance to a certain level are particularly prone to these manifestations of the ego when they begin to gain followers. Most of those who suffer from it do not even recognize it.

Are you one of them? At some point it happens to most, dear ones. Humility is the path of the true spiritual leader, however it is very easy to fall blindly into self-aggrandizement. In love we tell you, dear ones, what happens to all of you. It happens to them in all their lives, every day they move and change from inside to outside integrity. Within duality, be it a teacher or a student (and they are all both!) None is above that; and that is why it is necessary to recalibrate through the infinite mirror of truth, of the self-examination by the detached observer inside. There is a very fine line between ego and self-love. The paradox is that love is a necessity of impeccability, and the ego is an impediment to it.

On the path of Mastery they will be forced many times to choose between love and power; The power is very seductive and is usually well disguised. Pride precedes the fall. Many have risen to great heights in spiritual achievement, only to lose everything by being blinded by the ego.

There are two forms of power; one is used for control, political power; the other is true power, the benevolent power of Love. But when you progress in consciousness, you discover that the difference in power is not so much a case of good / bad as a case between love and the deceptive concept of power. It has to do with more subtle energies. There are energies that want a movement or direction, and there are other energies that need a different and more refined understanding. The challenge remains in assembling and assembling all the pieces, and this is not an easy task.

Sexual integrity

True love is a frequency. It is not an emotional passion, it is not romance, and it is not sexual, in your terms. Above duality, in your true essence, you are androgynous, integral, complete and genderless. Only in the polarity plane of the physical realm does gender orientation occur. In your current time and plane of existence the physical impulse to sexual fertilization is within the current DNA model to preserve the survival of the species. That is not necessary nor is it present in your higher self, above duality.

Sexuality is another very complex area, very confusing for many of you. It is an area that requires impeccability.

Through the ages there have been many belief systems, many varied expressions, experiments and modalities within diverse cultures across the planet regarding sexual expression within biology. Some were very inhibitory and others extremely liberal. The deepest bonds of biological and spiritual love are at the base of all personal and cultural relationships, but there is a higher love that transcends well above the cultural and religious programs of sexuality. The standards of morality forced by religion and culture in your current paradigm drive great oppression in terms of sexual expression. Very specific sexual orientation, then, reflects a firm division in consciousness. Not only does it separate men from the most nutritional emotional impulses, but it can also separate women from their own freedoms to project their strength and intellect. They effectively formulate a restrictive culture in which the mind and heart, strength and nutrition are divorced into a polarity through gender.

Intimacy and sexual expression are vehicles for expressing non-physical energy in physical forms. Sexuality can be sacred or it can be mere lust. When it is a spiritual expression of the physical union of souls, it is experienced as much more than a physical act and is done from an intention and manifestation of higher chakras. In this sense the energy of life that has been spent is amplified, sanctified and returned to the energy field of the participants and increases their vitality and balance. Each one records the soul imprint of the other.

However, this is not the case when expressed only by physical desire for the sole purpose of sexual gratification. When sexuality is realized only by physical desires, the vital energy is simply spent, and does not return to the human energy field. In fact, in some cases, when the act is based on selfishness and mere gratification, it leaves the electromagnetic field with ruptures, and a bleeding of energy can occur.

Most humans in your current society have conflicting issues regarding their sexuality and sexual expression. Sexuality is a format that can merge two souls into one blessed unit as one, but it can also express one as the One. It is the qualitative aspect of the participants' intention that determines the level of the specific chakra flow, whether whether it is done or not in the highest clarity.

Isn't it ironic that many of you achieve the highest balance in your life only after your bodies stop producing sex hormones?

However, the liberation of the kundalini, of chi, through the sexual act is among the most potent energies available to mankind. It has been used for good, and has been wasted by misappropriation. The key is in the intention. When there is consensual attraction, combined with affection and mutual respect, it can be exquisitely sensual, beautiful and sacred. It is capable of transporting the spirit to the highest realms, accompanying the trinity of body, mind and soul. When this occurs, especially among members of the same soul group, there is an energy imprint and an extremely beneficial synergistic effect on many levels.

Sexuality is the natural expression of love that blooms between souls. It may be the highest natural expression of love between people, regardless of gender. However, it can become a source of guilt, control, a source of bias and judgment. It can cause self-aggrandizement and addiction especially in the male gender, because the male impulse to reproduction is installed, so to speak, in the corporeal. Therefore, it is often misunderstood and often misused.

The relations should be based on the agreement, and the freedom of this expression should be honored, however it must be optimally aligned with the upper chakras. The domain of one for the other is not congruent with true love in relationships whatever their nature.

The high intention within sexuality is extremely beneficial at all levels, physical, mental and spiritual. It can be a source of rejuvenation and regeneration. However, some choose sexual expressions that border on debauchery, manipulation, greed, self-aggrandizement, conquest and an sadly misaligned orgasm addiction. Without judging, we tell you that sexual energy is a gift of exquisite and sublime energy, and when used with high intent, it offers a vision of the sacred orgy of the kingdoms heavenly It is life force, and should be used wisely, encompassing body, mind and spirit. When sexual expression is duly chosen, its responsible deployment with the highest intention, through the connection of the heart and love, is an aspect of the crystalline impeccability.

Unresolved energy block

Teachers in the final stretch of the Master, most of their main problems have been solved, and we honor them for that. However, facing what remains can be elusive. And it is important to deal with all unresolved issues and energy. We say this without judging. We point this out to help them. Because in due time, they must take care of everything. The more advanced they are, the harder it will be to sweep the last fragments of unresolved issues, because they are often well hidden. The unresolved energy, the final issues, can be polarized and rejected outside your mental field, forgotten among the residues of many lives. Dear hearts, devote time to self-examination in the multidimensional aspect Mer-Ka-Na. Please decide what remains to be resolved.

Polarity Physics

Teachers, the closer they get to the light, they attract more strongly to the dark. The light attracts insects! The more they advance, the more critical they will attract; To handle that requires wisdom. The polarity aspect of the `` Law of Attraction of Opposites '' comes to intervene in this. From a state of detachment, what takes place is electromagnetism. Pure positive energy has the greatest 'magnetic' attraction for negative energy. So when your light shines brighter, the opposite magnetic pole increases. It can be managed, but they must have the light, humility, strength and discipline to divert it.

Then dealing with offenses, with the harsh energy of jealousy, hate and anger, are important pieces of the puzzle to solve to achieve the level of Impeccability of Mastery. How is this handled? Don't take anything personally; It is easier said than done, but it is very true. Your bible speaks of offering the other cheek. But this does not mean that you apologize when someone stepped on your foot. Certainly, part of the paradox is defending your truth. This does not mean that you step on the feet of others, intentionally or unintentionally. Do you understand? Standing up in your truth is a peaceful action. It is a benevolent expression of aggression that allows both sides of a conflict or attack to preserve grace and dignity.

Each of you has an opportunity to be impeccable in any conflict. You can handle the conflict without compromising on it. Do you understand? Handle it, face it from a position of emotional detachment, like the observer; It is not easy, but it is the way of the Master. This is how "You don't take anything personally" ; You detach yourself from the emotional reaction.

Everyone has the opportunity to be impeccable every day. The scenario in which they recognize their own failures, their own conflicts with integrity, is the day when they cover impeccability at the level of Master's degree, and it is certainly a journey. Likewise, the day they defend their truth with the willingness to recognize the truth of another, they encompass integrity. La mente divina sólo se logra, sólo se accede a ella, a través de la resonancia de la Mer-Ka-Na cristalina, dentro de las ondas de pensamiento cristalinas. El pensamiento cristalino está por encima de la emoción, por encima de los sentimientos mezquinos. Se logra con el desapego. Es el lago cristalino de Shamballa, del Nirvana verdadero, tan liso como el cristal, ninguna ola distorsiona su superficie espejada.


Al cerrar, te ofrecemos nuestras bendiciones y gratitud por tu búsqueda. ¿Qué hay más precioso que tu vida y su propósito divino? Tu rol, ahora y mañana, es buscar siempre la plenitud, la comprensión y el despliegue impecable. Tu misión divina puede crear, y lo hará, una bella fusión de la realidad experiencial con propósito… bailar en la gozosa luz de las estrellas y proyectar los rayos de esa belleza cristalina a todos los que te rodean. No hay éxtasis más supremo que alcanzar la mente divina. Para eso estás aquí. Eres del reino de los Creadores, de la Maestría, y estás mucho más cerca de su manifestación física que lo que crees. Queridos, USTEDES crearon la Ascensión, y ahora está amaneciendo. Los honramos. El tiempo anunciado que ustedes han soñado los espera, queridos.

Yo soy Metatrón, y ustedes son bienamados.

And so it is.

Canalización del Arcángel Metatrón a través de J. Tyberonn

Traducción : M. Cristina Cáffaro

Impecabilidad cristalina – Danzar con las estrellas – Metatrón

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