Illumination through the Awakening "Master Kuthumi and White Celestial Beings, by Natalie Glasson

  • 2013

Illumination through Awakening

February 10, 2013

We present ourselves with immense conscious Love to greet you and connect with your Being. We want to share with you the gift of Conscious Unconditional Love, which is one of the greatest gifts that can be shared. We want to awaken your own natural ability to be aware of the Unconditional Love that you are and the Unconditional Love that you share with others and with yourself. We ask you, if you feel guided to it, to invoke our energies to transport you to the Ashram of Master Kuthumi on the inner planes of the Creator's Universe. Our greatest desire is to awaken in you feelings, sensations and energetic experiences of joy, joy and enormous happiness; and within the manifestation of these sacred creative qualities we want to activate your natural ability to be aware of your Unconditional Love. In these sacred qualities we want to train you, wake you and guide you deeply to make you aware of your own vibration of Unconditional Love and to be aware of this vibration. To be aware is to be completely rooted in an energy, to be completely knowledgeable of the energy and to feel as if you were the energy; A true and absolute incorporation. Unconditional Love is always necessary on Earth, in Humanity, in connections and manifestations; but we want to anchor a pure vibration of Unconditional Love that can only be born of being conscious. You can open your heart and share your Unconditional Love, but this process intensifies if you are aware, not being aware of where Unconditional Love is flowing, of the purpose or result of Unconditional Love. It is more useful to be aware of the real vibration of Unconditional Love so that it can be interpreted as your experience of Unconditional Love. Even when you are aware of your experience of Unconditional Love, there is no need to understand or understand what you are really experiencing, it is more to recognize the energy vibration, being in unison with the vibration, without expectations or mental processing needs. We are asking you to meet us at the Ashram of Master Kuthumi to obtain and awaken this awareness in you, for it will serve as a true and meaningful gift in your reality. Imagine if you could exist eternally in this state on Earth, you have this divine and sacred ability, it is naturally within you.

First it is necessary to achieve this conscious state in the internal planes, then it can be truly experienced in your physical reality, which will allow a new vibration of Love to materialize, not only in your reality, but in the very foundations of the vibration of the Earth. With conscious knowledge and uniqueness with the vibration of Unconditional Love on the inner planes, you will become very familiar with the vibration, being consequently able to tune into deeper, continuous waves of Unconditional Love. Unconditional Love is one of the greatest and deepest ways for healing to take place in your Being and on Earth; It has the power to dissolve the emergence of ego, judgment, cruelty, misunderstandings and lack. on Earth and in everyone's realities. It also has the power to bring true and absolute alignment with the Creator. Unconditional Love is a Divine expression of your Being that can be nurtured as a quality of strength and truth within you.

Through meditation you can become knowledgeable and aware of your Unconditional Love, while you let yourself go to a peaceful state of existence, breathing, just ask us to introduce ourselves and transport you to the Ashram of Master Kuthumi to obtain the gift of Conscious Unconditional Love.

Part 1

As you allow yourself to inhale deeply into your Being the vibration of the Ashram, just ask us, Master Kuthumi and the White Celestial Beings, to surround you with the divine qualities of the Creator of joy, bliss and enormous happiness.

Inhale in you these vibrations as if you were being filled with joy, joy and great happiness. While you focus on inhaling the vibrations, you are activating them within your Being.

You may discover that you need to practice this part of our connection with you several times, until you are truly aware and capable of experiencing joy, bliss and enormous happiness, activating in your Being and radiating from it. This vibration will flow from your Soul, so find out that with your experience you are also connecting deeply with your Soul, the Essence and Truth of your Being.

Part 2

With your conscious experience of Part 1, allow yourself to focus on the inside of your Being, not on your heart, but by placing your focus on the center or core of your Being, whatever this may be for you.

In the center of your Being there is only Light:

'Master Kuthumi and White Celestial Beings, I summon you to put in the center of my Being a seed of your own Unconditional Love. When I imagine, feel or acknowledge that this seed of Unconditional Love is present within me, it merges with my own personal seed of Unconditional Love.

The seed of Unconditional Love within me symbolizes the Oneness and Unity of all aspects of Unconditional Love with the Unconditional Love of the Creator.

I invite the energetic vibration of my Being, which is my conscious alert and current focus, to be wrapped around the seed of Unconditional Love allowing a deep fusion to take place. The fusion of my Unconditional Love and my conscious alert acts as a symbol of my chosen manifestation. With truth, Love and Divine Responsibility, I ask Master Kuthumi and the White Celestial Beings to help me reinforce the seed of Unconditional Love, so that I can incorporate it completely achieving complete Unicity. Everything I choose to incorporate is surrounded and energized by Joy, joy and great happiness, of which I am already aware.

I AM aware of Unconditional Love in incarnation. '

You may also find it advisable to repeat the last statement in your mind, or out loud, while focusing on being with, merging with, integrating with or as the seed of Conscious Unconditional Love. The more you begin to be within this vibration, realizing the Oneness with the vibration, the more conscious you will become of the Unconditional Love you have. After some time you may discover that this vibration and ability to be conscious will radiate and flow from your heart into your physical reality, without much action or encouragement from you.

When you allow yourself to be aware of your Unconditional Love that is an extremely pure aspect of your Being, which seeks nothing but simply wishes to radiate and be expressed, then you will allow yourself to become more aware of another aspect of your reality and of your Being. It is by Through your focus on being aware that you will allow yourself to have access to enlightenment.

When Unconditional Love is experienced within your Being, it can sustain and present enlightenment to you; after all enlightenment is not receiving wisdom or knowledge, but rather the ability to be conscious, observant, entrenched; and simply be in a vibration of understanding. Enlightenment may be linked with understanding, but understanding may be linked with knowledge of the following action. If you are enlightened, or if you have spiritual understanding, you are aware of the process that requires your action, your focus and your energy, so that you interpret the Will and Divine Plan of the Creator. In many ways, there is a need to abandon the requirement of detailed understanding; and embrace the process of understanding without truly understanding in your mind all aspects.

We are with you in this time of great change, enlightenment is yours to obtain, it is already yours, only that there are expectations that obscure your vision of your own enlightened Being.

The enlightenment can be to be at peace and follow the powerful inner guidance of your Being, without looking for anything else, just follow that Divine inner compass. Illumination flows from the awakening, stimulating you to consciously manifest many activations within your Being. Being aware, is to realize All That Is the Creator.

With Unconditional Love,

Master Kuthumi and White Celestial Beings.

Translated: Jairo Rodr guez R.

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