III Argentine Meeting of Light

  • 2010

It is an honor to be present with the Network that summons the whole great community of light workers who, each one from their line of work and their personal dynamics, provide a daily service to this awakening to the new earth and the new time that together, united in diversity, we are co-creating.

Little by little we will be updating and putting at your disposal tools that contribute to your own evolutionary process.

The page is still under construction, so we ask you for a little patience, we are sure that we will give you the dynamism, the dedication, the love, joy and knowledge that the times ask of us.

Thanks for being on the other side!

My love and blessings,
Juana Aliberti Martinez

Tel .: + 54 (387) 425 1044
Cell .: + 54 (387) 154 191 280
Skype: juana.aliberti.martinez

Red Luz Argentina Advisory Council

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