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The Angel Zadquiel is one of the angels who are in the presence of God, called the Angels of the Presence. Its name means Justice of God and is, according to some sources, one of the nine rulers of paradise.

This is the angel of justice, loss and transmutation, being these key aspects to purify the soul by granting justice with forgiveness and cleaning the soul of resentment and hatred.

For the Jewish religion, Zadquiel is the Arc of Angels of Piety and for certain occultists, the angel who guards the Akashic records of past lives, considered a un Cleaner of karma .

Who is Archangel Zadquiel?

In Catholicism only three archangels are recognized officially and Zadquiel is not one of them. However, although it is not confirmed, it is not denied either . The same is true in the Orthodox Christian Churches, where only three archangels are recognized: Gabriel, Rafael and Miguel, while the Protestant Church only recognizes Gabriel and Miguel.

Officially, Zadquiel is only recognized in the Coptic Church of Ethiopia, as the canonical book of Enoch is used, where it is mentioned as an archangel.

Within Judaism, Zadquiel is the Archangel of Piety . Therefore, in esoteric metaphysics, the Archangel of the Violet Flame is considered and is associated with the transmutation, forgiveness and liberation that this flame represents.

In the Kabbalah, the Jewish book, this archangel is associated with the sefirot, the 10 divine emanations that correspond to the aspects of God. Each sefira is a channel of Divine energy that represents different dimensions of the same force. And this archangel is associated with the sefira of Piety, Compassion and Mercy.

These qualities have given him several titles: Angel of Transmutation, Angel of Forgiveness, Angel of Mercy, Angel of Compassion, Angel of Liberation, Angel of Magic, Angel of Alchemy, Angel of Memory and Angel of Remembrance, among others.

The Archangel Zadquiel in Judaism

In Judaism, Zadquiel is the Angel of Piety, since it corresponds to the sefirot of compassion, mercy and piety. He is the angel that God sent to stop Abraham's hand when he was going to sacrifice his son Isaac, although some sources believe that it was Gabriel who fulfilled this mission for his role as a messenger.

There are some rabbinic texts that name him as the head of the Hashmallim, while other sources consider Zacharel as head. However, if Zadquiel belonged to the order, that would explain why he would not be part of the archangels guarding the Earth and why he is associated with freedom.

For its part, the Maseket Azilut, a Kabbalistic text that has its origins in the fourteenth century, names him along with Gabriel as a leader of the Shinanim order.

The qualities of Archangel Zadquiel

Zadquiel's qualities are very varied, and some may seem opposite, such as justice and forgiveness. But we must bear in mind that Divine Justice is linked to forgiveness and they are not opposed as in earthly justice.

John Paul II said: " There is no justice without forgiveness ." However, justice is not forgiveness, but only one of its aspects.

That is why Zadquiel represents the compassionate or merciful aspect of justice and his title of "Archangel of Justice" is more proper than in Uriel, the archangel bearer of the keys to hell and who represents justice in its most rigorous and repressive

Another of the qualities that might seem contradictory in Zadquiel are the qualities of justice, forgiveness and liberation . But it should be noted that forgiveness always represents liberation, both for those who grant it and for those who receive it. He who forgives is freed from his hatred and resentment, as well as the pain of the constant memory of having been a victim.

Liberation for those who receive forgiveness is the freedom of being free from punishment or a latent threat, as well as the ill will of those who grant absolution. Therefore, Archangel Zadquiel is also the Angel of Forgiveness, the Angel of Memory and the Angel of Remembrance.

His quality as Angel of Transmutation derives from the fact of the spiritual transformation necessary to grant true forgiveness, which is an uplifting change that liberates and purifies the soul.

For certain occultists, Zadquiel is the archangel guardian of the Akashic records and is associated with a cleansing of karma thanks to his quality of Angel of Forgiveness. It is understood that by granting forgiveness we subtract karma from whom we release and we also subtract karma from ourselves. And the gravity of the fault, as well as the sincerity of forgiveness, is fundamental to that liberation.

The Archangel of the Invocation

In the esoteric branch of Metaphysics , the Archangel Zadquiel is associated with the Violet Flame or Violet Ray . It is said that he is the minister who spreads his powers to those who request it.

The Violet Flame is a spiritual energy that contains the attributes of Forgiveness, Liberation and Transmutation and transforms or transmutes everything bad into good by raising the vibrational frequency of the energies of the spirit.

In total there are Seven Flames and each one corresponds to an archangel, but as the bearer of the Violet Flame, Zadquiel is the most important archangel in esoteric circles.

For believers, this is possible since Count Saint Germain (1703-1784), known as Master Ray Sol, Ascended Master of the Violet Flame, managed to be allowed to give humanity the possibility of summoning the flame with decrees in which the "I Am" presence is very frequently found.

Representation of the Angel Zadquiel

Zadquiel is represented with violet clothes, associated with the Violet Flame that symbolizes the transmutacion. It is also the color of penance and the link with ceremonial and forgiveness.

In his hands he carries a cross, which is interpreted in two different ways. On the one hand, this cross can mean the cross of Christ, which theologically represents divine forgiveness, and on the other, it means human openness to divine energy, since the cross symbolizes a person with the open arms that receive the divine energy of their Creator.

The Angel Zadquiel wears a cup, which can be a symbol of the elixir of eternal life, but it can also represent the mass of the Mass, which means transubstantiation and the transmutation.

Virtues and services of the Arc ngel Zadquiel

The virtues of Zadquiel are compassion, charity, mercy, piety, goodness, freedom and transmutation.

The spiritual gifts that this angel can grant to those who invoke him are liberation and spiritual evolution, the ability to be compassionate, to forgive and heal painful memories, as well as to eliminate energies. as negative, the feeling of defeat or despondency, hopelessness, helplessness and pessimism.

It is to this angel that one must turn to when one needs to find peace and inner liberation, when one wishes to be free from hatred and resentment, when one needs to purify the soul to grant forgiveness and also when life is perceived under the negative aspects that prevent a person from evolving spiritually.

Seen in Mundo Pránico, by Pedro, editor of the White Brotherhood

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