History of Archangel Jofiel

  • 2018
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The Jofiel Arc is one of the so-called princes of heaven who are in the presence of God . This is the arch of the intellect, wisdom and enlightenment, so it is thought that he was the one who expelled Adam and Eve from paradise, then taking care of the path which led to the Tree of Life.

There are those who believe that this is the angel that builds bridges of energy between the different levels of spiritual reality, allowing communication between angels and humans. But his virtues go beyond that, because Jofiel helps to increase the consciousness of the spiritual plane and therefore, the wisdom of man.

Who is Archangel Jofiel?

Jofiel is also known as Jophiel, Yofiel, Iofiel, Iophiel, Zophiel or Zaphiel.

The name Jofiel means "Light of God" or "Beauty of God" and refers to the learning of humans on the way to their goal of spiritual ascension. Archangel Jofiel can show man that everything is a teaching process that is repeated over and over again until he understands the meaning of God's Plan.

This learning is the one that is operated in the soul through successive incarnations and in this area this archangel helps inspiring the wisdom that allows the soul to be released from its chains that bind it to the earth.

In this way, Jofiel brings humans closer to their creator and allows them to abandon the incarnations of this lower spiritual world to begin to incarnate in worlds of greater spirituality.

In Christianity, Jofiel is not officially recognized, since only Gabriel, Miguel and Rafael are in the book of Enoch. The Protestant churches only recognize Gabriel and Miguel and consider the cult of Jofiel as idolatry.

It is believed that the Book of Enoch was written by Enoch, great-grandfather of Noah, although recent research states that it was written between the third century and the first century BC by several Jewish authors.

In this book, the 7 archangels were Gabriel, Miguel, Uriel, Raguel, Remiel and Zerachiel . Then it was Pseudo-Dionisio who named the 7 archangels as we know them today: Gabriel, Uriel, Rafael, Samuel, Jofiel and Zadquiel. Finally, Pope Gregory I appointed the 7 archangels Miguel, Rafael, Gabriel, Uriel, Selaphiel, Jegudiel and Barachiel. However, the list of Pseudo Dionysus is the one accepted today, but at an extra official level.

In Judaism, Archangel Jofiel is the equivalent of Yefefiah, who watches over the Torah reading on the Sabbath. Kabbalah points it out as the angel that must be invoked to create amulets and for some people, it would be the angelina Dina, guardian of the wisdom of the Torah.

Representation of Archangel Jofiel

  • Jofiel celebration day: September 29
  • Day of the week: Monday
  • Color: Yellow or Gold
  • Chakra: Seventh

The representation of Archangel Jofiel has golden clothes, representing wisdom and enlightenment, a burning sword in one hand, representing his task of caring for the Tree of Life, and a book in the other, as a symbol of knowledge.

Jofiel's sword is the sword of fire that God placed on the path that led to the Tree of Life after expelling Adam and Eve, the one quoted in Genesis. There are those who believe it was the sword of a cherub, but God really put two cherubs and the sword as a separate entity. This seems to point out and there are those who believe so, that the sword itself was the representation of Archangel Jofiel.

Another of its representations has peacock feathers, symbolizing the beauty of its name "Beauty of God" and showing the multiple eyes of the feathers of this animal as a symbol of consciousness.

Jofiel's color is yellow or gold, but more commonly gold, as a color that does not exist in the spiritual planes in which the human soul is found and only corresponds to saints or sages.

The gold, like the yellow color, represents the mind and issues such as intelligence, understanding and logic, but the gold is also spiritual enlightenment, deep transcendental understanding and supreme wisdom.

This archangel is represented by the seventh and final chakra, the spirituality chakra and the one that connects the human with the divinity. This is the chakra that provides intense spirituality, which brings with it wisdom and enlightenment as fruits of divine inspiration.

Virtues and functions of Archangel Jofiel

Jofiel is associated with wisdom, intelligence, intellect, enlightenment, mental openness and the eradication of ignorance, as well as the spiritualization of the mind. And it has the ability to promote the reflection that leads to self-knowledge and artistic or philosophical inspiration, as well as the release of pride, prejudice and connection with the Higher Inner Being.

The wisdom provided by this archangel is understood as a type of knowledge related to the great questions of life, which arise according to the most profound and transcendental aspects.

This is a knowledge that affirms the existence of a spiritual plane and allows to capture the truth, but not in a rational plane, but in the sense of appealing to other means outside of reason, such as intuition, human sensitivity or spiritual enlightenment. .

The Archangel Jophiel helps to access the deepest levels of consciousness, connecting the seventh chakra and the chakras that exist above the head, those that are outside the body, allow to become aware of the existence of other spiritual planes and visions

Therefore, Jofiel is invoked when mental clarity is needed to study or to be successful in examinations, when it is necessary to make important decisions, when there are existential crises or great philosophical questions.

How to invoke the Arc ngel Jofiel

There are several ways of invoking the Arcofel Jofiel, but one of the most effective is the following:

  • You must summon Jofiel on a Monday, at 5 in the morning.
  • Do it alone and ensure that no one interrupts you.
  • Take a yellow or golden candle that remains standing and after praying, rub it with your hands from the bottom up 7 times.
  • Draw the seal of the Arc ngel Jofiel on the top of a piece of paper or cardboard, so that it occupies the upper half or its third upper part.
  • At the bottom, write your requests and thanks to the archonel.
  • Light the candle, read the requests and thank Jofiel for the help and for being present on your way.
  • Fold the cardboard and put it under the candle.
  • Pray one of the prayers of the Arc ngel Jofiel.
  • Close your eyes, relax, pray and try to feel God visualizing a spiral of golden light that enters your head from the sky, fill your being with golden light and divine energy.
  • Visualize that your request has been fulfilled, thank the angel and God and open your eyes.
  • Burn the paper before the candle is consumed and then let the candle burn itself.

The Angel Jofiel as conscience can be in several places at once, but not in all places, because only God can do it. But this capacity is not only of Jofiel, because the seraphim also have it.

However, the Jofiel Arc is one of the most important features of this arc, because it is the representative of wisdom and enlightenment .

Seen in Mystery Encyclopedia, by Peter, editor of the White Brotherhood

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