History of Archangel Chamuel

  • 2018
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Archangel Chamuel is one of the seven princes of heaven and his name means "He who seeks or sees God." This is the archangel of love, the one that helps people who feel lonely, who are depressed or sad about heartbreak.

Chamuel promotes unconditional love and gratitude towards God in a selfless way. He is also an archangel who recognizes him as a sweet and affectionate being who spreads love.

Who is Archangel Chamuel?

Chamuel is also known as Camael, Camiul, Camiel, Cancel, Kemuel, Samuel or Anael .

His name has many meanings, but perhaps the best known is "He who sees God, " because he is a pure soul . Jesus said "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God" (Matthew 5: 8) and Chamuel, the archangel of love, has a pure heart filled with love for God and all beings.

This archangel can see God, because he is inside and is free from everything that would prevent him from seeing him, that is, hate and the negative aspects that oppose his essence of love.

Chamuel is love, protects emotional bonds and represents the beauty that is obtained from that expression of pure love.

Many recognize him as the "Prince of the Powers" and the director of the angels of the pink flame, who fight hate, inspire respect for all forms of life, promote gratitude to God and help develop unconditional love.

According to esoteric beliefs, Chamuel is the archangel of spiritualized aesthetics, considered the ruler of physical beautification and decoration, also representative of tolerance, sexuality, charm, sweetness and affective communion.

According to the metaphysical current, which claims the existence of the Seven Flames and the Ascended Masters, the archangel Chamuel remained separated from human consciousness for centuries and men could not communicate with him, but claim that it is currently possible That communication.

Some spiritual traditions link Chamuel with Haniel, the angel who took Enoch to heaven. There are those who affirm that the second heaven lives and is responsible for the emanations that ascend to God through prayers.

The archangel Chamuel in the various religions

Christianity, as well as the Orthodox churches, only recognize three archangels officially: Gabriel, Rafael and Miguel. The Protestant Church only recognizes Michael and Gabriel, while the Adventist Church and Jehovah's Witnesses say that Jesus and Michael is the same being.

In any case, the cult of Archangel Chamuel is tolerated, since at first the Catholic Church believed in seven archangels.

In modern esotericism, Chamuel has been used as a superstitious instrument to invoke spirits and perform other rituals related to love.

In Judaism, there were only a few mentions of angels in the sacred ancestral texts, such as "Angel of God, " "Angel of Yahweh" or "Angel of Death, " nameless angels who appeared before Abraham and Lot.

The Jewish stop in Babylon contacted them with Zoroastrianism, the monotheistic religion that identified angelic presences as stars. This revolutionized the concept of angels in the Jewish religion and Haniel (Chamuel) was identified with Venus.

Representation of the archangel Chamuel

  • Day of the week: Tuesday
  • Day to invoke: February 14 (Valentine's Day)
  • Pink color
  • Chakra: Fourth

Archangel Chamuel has many representations, but they all agree that the color of his dress is pink, the color that is used as a representation of unconditional love and divine love.

The pink energy is one of the most important energies of the Universe . Its activity is what sustains the Universe on its bases, because without love it could not exist as a unit and without that union the Universe would not exist. That energy attracts pure love to the world.

Sometimes Cahmuel has been represented as a child, symbolizing his pure and sweet character. He has also been represented as Cupid, the god of love, although this has been a combination of Greek angels and myths.

Chamuel also represents the third person of the Trinity and the Holy Spirit . The pink ray personifies the God / Mother or the feminine aspect of God. Therefore, it has the energy of the father and mother together, the masculine aspect is justice and the feminine is mercy.

How to invoke Archangel Chamuel

Archangel Chamuel is associated with the virtues of love of neighbor and love of God, as well as gratitude, appreciation, devotion, sweetness, affection, compassion, mercy, beauty, tolerance and self-acceptance.

Chamuel has the virtue of eliminating hate, freeing us from resentment, resentment, bitterness. This is the angel that can fill our life with love, increasing our self-esteem, making us more generous, selfless, tolerant, compassionate and sweet with others.

This angel can be invoked as a preparation to receive the Holy Spirit . You can ask him for protection against evil, misunderstandings and to find lost objects, although his mission is not to give you back what you have lost but to approach your divine purpose. It is possible that if it does not help you to make a love return it is because it does not suit you or because it is not your soulmate.

The Angel Chamuel is a great help to improve personal relationships . It can help you get closer to someone you have distanced yourself from, to repair relationships that have been damaged, to make new friends, to find love or to bring harmony back into your relationships.

When to invoke the Arc Chaluel?

  • To attract our soulmate.
  • When we are depressed due to lack of friends or the contempt of others.
  • To get a job or recover a lost object.
  • When we are far from God for feeling hate or resentment.
  • To help a person who has bad feelings.
  • To increase our self-esteem.
  • To improve our emotional bonds.

Invocation of the Chamuel Arc

There are several ways to invoke the archangel of love, but one of the most effective is the following:

  • Call on Chamuel on Valentine's Day or on a Tuesday at 5 in the morning. Ideally, it is a Valentine's Day that falls on Tuesday.
  • Try to do it in a quiet place and make sure you are not interrupted.
  • Take a pink candle that stands, pray and then rub it from the bottom up using both hands 7 times.
  • Take a pink or failing white card and draw the seal of Archangel Chamuel in the upper half or so that it occupies the upper third.
  • At the bottom, write your requests and thanks to the archangel for being on your way.
  • Light the candle, read the requests and thank the archangel again.
  • Fold the cardboard and put it under the candle.
  • Recite one of the prayers to Archangel Chamuel.
  • Close your eyes, pray and try to feel God and the archangel.
  • Visualize that your request has been fulfilled, thank God and Chamuel.
  • Burn the paper and then let the candle burn itself.

Finally, enjoy the love that this wonderful archangel will bring into your life with its pink energy.

Seen in the Mystery Library, by Pedro, editor of the White Brotherhood

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