Son of light ", by Julio Andrés Pagano

I want to see you standing and with your face very high, glowing.

The universe awaits you to manifest your full potential.

Your core carries the fire of the spirit.

He broke the hex.

Transcend negative thoughts that disturb and corner you.

I regained your inner strength.

You are free.

The wind cries that you open your wings.

An omnipresent frequency hugs and vivifies you.

I heard the voice of your heart.

You are more than just a body.

You are the son of light.

Perceived the vibration.

Your skin is bristling.

Your spirit implores you to hear this message.

You asked me to remind you when the right time came:

you incarnated to manifest,

through your gifts and talents,

spaces of love and awareness that give man back his dignity.

Your mission is to level up, focused on your essence.

You came to Earth to recover magic and charm.

The light summons you.

Raise your arms high,

let others react to see your hands facing the Sun.

It is necessary to increase the flow of confidence that change is possible and necessary.

I remained attentive.

Your most sensitive points can be touched,

in a subtle way,

so that it is very difficult for you to recognize that the goal is to get on your knees,

so you don't encourage others to wake up.

The closer the definition times approach,

The environment becomes more chaotic through confusion and despair.

That envy,


the violence,

Sadness and reluctance do not catch you.

Be true to your inner nature.

Do not let them close your heart.

Keep it always open and vibrant,

It is the door to a more human world.

Take a deep breath.

It will release the heaviness.

Let your soul be recharged with optimism and your body regains harmony.

Never forget that you are accompanied.

I felt what happens ...

an energy,

loving and crystalline,

descend and wrap you,


because he loves you

Before saying goodbye he whispers in your ear,

in a clear and sincere way:

"Keep it in mind, you are the son of light."

Julio Andrés Pagano

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