HANM, the symbol that balances emotions: Mother Mileila

  • 2016

This symbol has been created by Mother Mileila, her divine complement the Master Ritzua, by the Master Mahatma Morya and channeled by Fernanda Abundes, which is formed of geometric lines provided, which together in an ideogram generate calm, harmony and balance in emotions of human beings.

As we all know, these days the emotions are being altered by various circumstances, for everything that is happening in our world, situations that are more repeated or described to not continue giving them strength, since we already know that what we We talk and think it is precisely what we generate, therefore what we need is to change our thoughts, transform them to be able to see, speak, intend and feel from tranquility, from harmony.

Mother Mileila asks us to strive to generate harmony and balance in thought and emotions because only then will we subtract the force that carries with it an act of pain, revenge, anguish, in a word of negativity.

So, here is a tool that will help us to see that through your individual contemplation, the collective consciousness is transformed and emotions are regulated, quieted and balanced, since this humanity what it needs are weapons of peace, it takes a love match.

Contemplate, visualize, focus on each line of the symbol and in its entirety and you will experience calm, transmutation, peace, in this way you will act, feel and perceive from infinite love, from the balance of emotions.

HANM is the symbol of peace, of harmony, of love, of the balanced feelings that Mother Mileila, Master Ritzua and Master Morya grant us.

Meaning of the HANM symbol:

1. Corresponds to the Moon, the moon is a satellite that shines thanks to the action of the sun, the moon associates situations such as tidal movements, emotions of beings, cycles in women etc.

2. Equivalent to the Earth, which is fed thanks to the energy provided by the sun, the earth is going through its ascent, that is, increasing its vibrational level.

3. Represents the Sun, the one who gives us the energy necessary for the development of life.

4. It is the series of lines that have no specific beginning or end. This is the life of beings, we all have the capacity, the gifts, that is, we have always been what we try to achieve. It corresponds to the life cycle of human beings returning to the perfection that they had from the beginning.

5. Concerns the electromagnetic field of beings, graphically corresponds to the energy of the sun, and this is involved with the work of beings in those great actions that each of us contributes.

6. It symbolizes duality, the positive and negative side of beings, there is an energy regulating antenna.

7. Represents the line that descends again on earth, already with regulated energy, neutralizing their emotions.

Published by: Geny Castell, editor of the great family of hermandadblanca.org

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