Let's make this union a Divine force By Master Saint Germain

There are three messages delivered by this channel and today we wanted to give you a room so that we can make this union a Divine Force, you have to make each one of you in the necessary conditions of communication and it is important that you help yourself from faith and From the most sincere manifestations of true love to each of the people around you, you have to help each one of the people who are close to you be calm and above all assisted by you.

In each one of the actions that we will carry out for you will be the Angel that you wish to be, it is important that each one is located as part of the Great White Brotherhood since each one is in the necessary conditions for that virtue to settle in each one of the hearts of each one of you.

And what is belonging to the Great White Brotherhood ?, Is being able to help the Angels are in each of their actions to perform the tasks that each one must do specifically from their habitat, from their love, from their passion For good and this means that they will be in a permanent state of tranquility and observation for those who help themselves from the Divinity, for those who are asking for help, for those who are still far from being on these paths.

This is not a sect or a hoax, this is a breakdown of some beliefs that have hurt the evolution of each of the people who are called to be part of this legion to achieve their mission on this earth and that every day be more and that every day there is a greater and more common domain of the friendships of the brothers and when I speak of domain I speak of trust and fellowship, when we are in those states we are controlled by love.

There are different ways to control oneself, it can be with the love of each one or with the height of the frequencies that are waking up in each one and that without knowing it they are helping each of the people around them to connect and help each other Fall the greatest lies that have hurt the world and the older generations.

We must defend the earth and we must defend the friendliest ways to adjust the most prestigious truths from the soul and from the most sincere conditions for love to thrive in each of the situations of success and failure.

We are beings of light and each one of you is in a position to decide if you are to take care of the planet or if you are to love men and help you from the word or if you are simply to be connected to help yourself and those who surround you, any of the options lead us to be part of this great work for life and for the peace of each one of you and of us.

There are different ways of establishing contacts with us and that is very important that you know, there are many ways to express ourselves but there are many ways that you will end up trying to do to achieve it but there is only one way to achieve the connection and it is through of love for themselves and others, as long as that develops in their hearts each one will be able to help others and in fact will be assisted and helped and in fact connected, you can not make this a fashion you have to take it with all the gentleness of life and love because we are light and love and each one knows how he can do so that the light is in each one of you.

There is already talk or is being warned that from here to 2012 there is a period to awaken the consciences and there is a hierarchy that is warning from science why and how, the capacity that we have as White Brotherhood is to decree that this year is so that each of the minds is so awake that it will be in a position to TRANSMUTE the most aligned negative energies and the most aligned bad moments must be decreed as good to serve humanity and protection must be decreed for those who are daring to face so that there is no powerful conscience that harms.

We must decree the exit of the truths that harm man and decree his elimination and we must decree that each of the acts of each of the people who are in power must be from the more sincere manifestations of development of good over evil and that must be done from the mind and from the smallest of acts and from the smallest of feelings.

We cannot look at the different ones as the bad ones must transmute their evil, we must make each one try to help each other to be vibrating on the same frequency and that each one is to assimilate the purest conditions of the most stored frequencies we have so that we are in a state of goodness, love and peace and each one of you will be there to make each one help each other and make their decision to do good more violent and make their decision more vulnerable. Of doing evil.

So beloved brothers of the light that each one will try to be in each one of the actions that we will be decreeing as good and of the actions that we will be decreeing as the ones to be corrected. It is not about forming a chaos, it is about acting for good over the obligations and actions that lead us to do the wrong unfair and that each one tries to help their needs be met from the same decree of the good and will be heard and that must be believed and must be helped to give from faith and hope that will be given and that it will try to accumulate the most powerful divine energies to be give all the conditions of help for good and for the things that need to be done in each of the spaces that are destined to step on.

Let's talk about your feet, look at them and bless them and wish that their steps are correct and that they go to each of the places to go to help and to do good and to feel part of the will divine We are light, we are love and we are God the Father in us and each of the conditions of help that this knowledge provides us will be linked to our well-being, it is important that it be clarified that the only thing that cannot be sold is the messages delivered to the channels addressed to humanity to that we refer in the previous messages the rest is a condition of help for each of you, this is clarified because there are many concerns and we are able to understand that currency is an exchange value to survive and live in each One of the sites so try to help your savings to be of greater amount from the good this means that each one will know how much he earns to help and how much he earns to live and that if you dedicate time to someone who is for the welfare of the two and of each one of the beings that are in each of the situations that are known as work spaces of light and not of shadow, it is important that they do not confuse the most sincere intentions to help each of the people who are trying to do good and that person should try to help that channel if I need it so that they are all well.

The channels should help their words to be heard from the assistance to individuals individually because it is we who must make each one try to be well, they lend their minds to the service of each of the beings of the light to rescue and crumble his most sincere truths taught that have hurt his person, this has nothing to do with guessing the future, the future is predicted for each one and it is for each one to make that future the most beautiful from the act of this present .

The prophecies that are made are widespread and we must listen to them and our job is to be in each of the places that correspond to us so that the negative prophecies are transmuted because they have to know that these prophecies are more than an aid to prevent the catastrophes that will be created by man but not a decree that they are destined for evil, it is very important that this be clarified since each one will be in the necessary conditions to help assimilate the ways of helping decreeing the denial of each bad news to humanity and well-being for every good news and that the truths that come to us from each of the situations discovered are so that each one tries to help in each of the most sincere manifestations of help.

Channels are made from the most sincere animations of our most beloved channels and in Spain there is a strong legion of channels that every day is transforming the environments just like in South America and in every corner of the earth so everyone must help each other to be in a position to help so that this legion is strengthened differently from the conditions that encourage us to be in each place to carry out the channeling, it is time for everyone to try to be more orderly in their readings and start taking their own conjectures and from their actions try to act now for the transmutation and the change of this their generation that is sent so that the work of assimilation of the process that we call ascension is made faster.

It is the rich in each of the civilizations that are responsible for trying that each of the circumstances of help so that the truths are discovered do not arrive but it is also the rich who have the conditions to ensure that each one of them is in the More sincere conditions of being one of the lively minds with high capacities to develop their multidimensionality and if they develop it without help, it is because they have made a great effort that one day they will be amazed to see the benefits that have caused the participation of each in this process of exploration and opening of their minds from the pineal gland that there are still many that are not removed and we need each of their words, their eyes, their help to try as much as possible to transmute those limitations and those disabilities that from the sentimentality is limiting direct communication with us beings of light.

Make each one of you in a position to help your minds wake up and that your help will be from the simplest activities to the most complex, you have to try to be in peace conditions so that each one is in the conditions that he deserves and that they must be so that we are the ones who speak from each of their hearts.

There are legions that help the bewildered glances when their mandates are ignored to become freer and that each one is demystifying only as it is necessary to feel part of those who wish to do good, do not find concern in This phrase because each one knows to which legion he belongs and each one knows that he must be in a position to love this way from the difference, we must act now and from each of the corners of his life and from each of the situations that exist. To untangle them so that they are all very well, it is necessary to help each one to feel love from the most difficult conditions so that we are sure that they are ready so that we are in unilateral vibrations with each one of you.

There are ways to help each one be able to be a channel and it is love there is no other route for each one to help each other from the highest frequencies of love, if it is true that you have to study the cycles of the moon and of the stars, we must study how and each of the stones can bring us closer, if it is true that each one will be in his personal mental cleansing ritual to connect with us but the real key is love and each of you will You will feel assisted in each act of love in silence and in each of the actions that lead us to each one being in the conditions of well-being and help of each one of the beings that approach us.

In the dreams we are transmitting the irregularities that are close and in which they must work so that they do not happen from the thought, it is we who want to transmute everything bad but it is you who decree it so you have to make a powerful source of assimilation of the benefits that we can share from dreams and from each of the actions that each of our children is performing.

We must be persevering and each one must establish each of the actions so that with his help he is in each of the situations to transmute, Reiki is one of the most sincere manifestations of love among the ways to help each of people who must be healed, that is why each one must learn it and it is nothing more than an imposition of hands with love, the rituals should try to suppress and simplify them to the point that each one is able to heal each of the people who approach them, in each of the people who do not help to be well we are trying to assist them without false promises that it is very important that they understand it.

What do Angels share for the good of each of the people who do not help fulfill our promise of change in humanity? It is love, the only thing we give, we take care of them and protect them until they can no longer, that is why we ask the channels to try not to be in very polluted places or very involved in situations of risk of human evil, we will show them in each One of your dreams.

The most mysterious wills of their hearts come into direct contact with us and it is possible that each one is in places where he feels bad or even with our help and each one will try to be what he can be when he is in the most Sincere predilections for their sooner future, but the most important thing is that each one tries to be helped from the most sincere ways to transmute each deep negative feeling, they are not doing more damage with false initiatives of joy there are some of our beloved children that they sacrifice their happiness at the expense of fulfilling the Divine law but that is not necessary for us, the most important thing is that each one be truly happy from his deepest privilege and from his most sincere help of what to do and try to assume within of their possibilities, you have to help the people in your environment but you also have to let them do their job and know that there are ways to be very uneasy and very intellectualized and that we do see because you can not establish intellectual discussions from the divine discourses must be assimilated from the conditions of each and from the codes that handle each being of light.

It is important that the conditions of each of the beings of light establish in each of the ways the most sincere ways of communicating their confusion from their jurisdiction because it is the facts that will prove from now on the thousands of theories that there are about the divinity and it is very important that it is the height of events to understand that the concepts that are from the intellect are not very clear because they are governed by some people who have not channeled and it is very important that each channel help him to confront his own truth from the mental messages of love and goodness so that they are not contaminated.

There are many of our children judged but you are the great White Brotherhood that will help each one try to do things better for the requested transmutations and for the help because we are light, we are peace and we are love what counts is the possibility to assume the actions from each of the ways to help each other.

There are ways to feel the most sincere manifestations of truth when confronting us and that should not be rejected because we are the most called to the transformation of our most sincere invitations to contradictions and it is not necessary that each one is in contradiction. n with the other because each one is the bearer of the most sincere truths of our most sincere desires to love those who in this age of aquarius belong to us to instill love from divine truth.

We must clear the name of our most sacred brother Jesus of Nazarene by revealing that his story is the most obvious example of our life on earth and that we must help his name be lowered from the heavens and let us awaken in each of our hearts the most sincere manifestations of helping him to be in each of your hearts.

It is not important that they assume that they should help each other from the word, just feel it in their deepest being and he will be the Christ who will rule later from the confines of our souls is THE CHRIST BEING what we call To wake up from love, we must not fight the truths that are already said, make your own conclusions from the deepest experiences of love.

Do not get tired of studying and capturing each one of the beings of light who are sending you messages, this is a new school and it is a new way of assimilating that divine light and

that way of feeling that we are part of a community called the White Brotherhood.

These are difficult days and we must help each day to be in a position to help each person so that this is well, I will repeat it many times because everyone knows what is there. what to do and do it shyly in some cases but you have to do them without it because we are not the divinity maker we are a light of help and you have to drag people to fight for well-being to calm their souls you have to follow up on each person and every being of light and every woman and man who is confused with feelings towards loved ones.

We must guide people to find their inner truth from the most sincere communications of the truth that you can see and you must not enter into the simplest hints of acts, you have to communicate an opinion and free will It will be he who helps strengthen souls and that they approach the most sincere manifestations of divine light and love and communication of each of our situations of light and peace.

We are called to each one to assume that we are very close to you and each of the children that is about helping yourself and your way of loving and establishing a dimension of love closer from the divinities of divine exile and from the divinities of each of the most sincere manifestations of fraternity and identification with good.

We are one in each of you because we are of the most adorable Divinity in the best of senses because we are in charge of love, the other legions are in charge of science from love, of friendship with the celestial environment from love with we are so many legions but there are many who take care of something that you have never called the rest of humanity and it is to help us to be able to feel our own possibilities of being light in ourselves and that is the difference that you they must identify directly from the most possible energies of the path they have had to travel.

I want everyone to understand that the indications are very severe but at the same time purifying and that each of the details will be addressed to each one in its measure and dimension of understanding from the most complex to the simplest, the most important thing is to point out the that are in its synchrony and that you help yourself to be that which is fulfilled in your daily acts.

We are a powerful light and we need you to feel it from the smallest strength of your purifying and transmutated soul of our most sincere wishes that you are in the places of help, so brothers in light who have tried to transmit these messages together with others. of the other channels and make this the best school of love for life in the light AMEN.

Saint Germain will always speak to you from the most sincere manifestations of Divine love.

From the most sincere thanks to each of my children channels, Amethyst spoke to them.

Channeled by Rosalia

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