There will be a space for the Arc Miguel Angel and Master Sant Germain


We are all here and now with you today and tomorrow and always and it is very important that you help to understand you with this new language of practicality for you because it is time and that will be from friendship, from mental health and from true love because love is inner peace is a state of tranquility that helps us feel in different places as if we were in the best moment of our life, it is a state of well-being that allows us to help us get into the situation of our brothers and is the which helps us feel more pleasant with others and with the most fed hearts so that each day they will receive a reflection message so that they are in a position to be closer to us. AMEN


It is time that each one is in each of the reasons that allow him to understand his own situation, it is time that each one tries to understand that each one must be able to feel the Violet Flame from the heart, it is an important opportunity To feel that each one of you is in an energetic position that allows you to do the things you need to fulfill your mission, it is time to understand that each one is in a position of help or denial towards the other is to say that if we try to help others we are also helping ourselves.

It is time to straighten the paths of personal history or design is to say that you have to stop helping to change your personal path to let it be the life of the world of human consumption that orders your lives, human consumption is one of the more serious negative influences of each of our creatures to stop being each one.

We must try to be each one from the reason we have to do what corresponds to them, there are personal karmas and there are collective karmas that of the wars are part of the collective karmas because in past lives there were denials that occurred from many generations ago, We are prepared for these wars to end and for those situations to calm down and be eliminated, but there is a great deal of gain and it is that of each one, the war that each one must wage with his ego and with his light and with his own karmas that is what we must do from each of our hearts and each one must help each person achieve the goals that have been set during the day or for a few days, we must fight in each day for each of you to try of helping others.

That is one of the ways that people like each of those who approach us with problems move away from the solution of their own problems, we must help each of us as angels help them from clear thoughts and from the sonority of thanks and greater thanks from the soul.

Each of the people who approach us are in a position to be clarified from the perspective given by each of the Reikists, magnetists and curators from health because it is their hands that must be given energy, take care of your hands, be diligent, thrifty, pollutants of love and good, you have to fight to do what needs to be done for the family for each of the people they meet.

We must force the masses to listen to good messages from each of their contacts, explain to them why they are wrong, and it will not be you who listen but we who speak to penetrate into each other's minds of our children, we must undress people who try to induce lies from their mistaken convictions of good, demonstrating that good is the freedom to love, to give without waiting, to help build spiritual churches, but not ceremonial meetings of elegance and glamor, we must love each of the people who try to make teaching initiatives to guide meetings with us because there are rules that are the protective seals of our own light.

You have to create the Mantras themselves for each personal call and for the collective calls, you have to help each of these messages reach more and more people so that it is the network of light that invades the beloved planet called Earth, you have to act from each of the corners of the houses so that it is from there where the flames of light are launched from each of the people who manage to connect and assemble the great Network of the flame of light loved by Saint Germain.

We must help each one of us try to help us to make the messages flow so that they are not caught in our minds. We just have to talk to people about what you are already convinced of, you have to try to make each person from every corner try to understand that there are different ways for people to change things there are ways to help each person try to love each thing he does and receives for good without idealizing situations.

We must be more practical in each of the actions of each of the ways of living in each corner.

Dear brothers, we are in a moment of awakening and it would be very bad for us to endure another numbness of humanity such as the one we just passed, that was the great test and it is already happening and will change, I speak in the future so that you are encouraged to believe that each person has a commitment to each of their actions.

Each of the people who try to be in each of the trance actions is to help them multiply the messages and for each one to find a way to help each person they meet, the channels are people who try to be in each situation with others and their relationship with the Angels, there is no channel of evil the channels are all of good and everyone should know that they have a commitment to multiply the word, the gratitude of each is that each one tries to be in each one of the situations of his assisted life, as they must demonstrate with his life stories because every day there will be more channels and each channel will be multiplier of many more channels with his teachings.

For communication, not creating new gods, not creating new difficult ways to listen to each other, not creating new requirements, it is necessary to demystify so many requirements, it is necessary to make each person try to fight to attend healthy encounters from the soul and from any physical instance or spiritual

Good is with us beloved children and everyone should help each other to believe in every word that produces well-being. There are messages of much but a lot of light, but we must try to make those messages heard more gratefully to Angels, that is to say that each Once you read them, thank each of the Angels who sent it because it is our way of knowing that everyone is willing to continue being assisted.

Present yourself with your name before us in each Divine prayer that the light will always be blessing that sound of light called name say I am your daughter or your son and give your name to us the Angels and Archangels every day and tell us that you received the message is important keep in mind since the contact is energetic but not verbal and that the word is the contact resource and that your soul meanings are in each of our spheres trying to help you upload them every day, it is a love song that we ask in exchange for being at his services of love of light and White Brotherhood because he is the great Brotherhood of this new world and of this new era and of each one of each of the people who approach each of the speeches of Our brotherhoods.

It is a great joy and especially a great wisdom for each of the people who call us and thank us for the messages because this is our one and inexhaustible tool for the beloved children of eternal light in each of the lights of each of The Christian Hearts of the Brotherhood of light should be called that because it is energy crossing the channels of each of the networks of our celestial host.

Speak day to day with us in heaven from earth and you will be heard

I speak to you, Saint Michael the Archangel, may God the Father be with you today, that it was my turn to guide you, I love you with joy and hope forever. AMEN


At dawn, each person must be in a position to address the working conditions that they have to do for the sustenance of their family and of themselves, they must be diligent towards others and towards ourselves and each one must help each other to make things they are in the order that they have been programmed because one of the reasons why each of the hearts that increase us the dawn in good is that each one is in its place willing to do good and not evil is one of the obligations of our servants and of our people that help us teach others but others must also do it and know that it is not about being good or bad but about being a diligent person for good and that represents progress of families and people, there are films and many forms of messages that help this spirit of help be formed and strengthened and we must help others to try to know and be well pa ra with everyone else.

Each person n
You need your most sincere will to be diligent and you cannot give others what you do not have and you cannot be deceiving people with excess work or lies and they must attract people for their truth because of their mutual help for their help in the minds of those who take to the streets indifferences, we must be aware that everyone is in each of the correct positions and observe the condition of the other and ways to help from their spiritual strength without To make so much mention of it, you have to act in secret but you have to act for good no matter that you are not recognized because you do not need it, you need to be in a position to help yourself with others.

We are writing these articles for people who are already aware of what they are and what they feel from the spiritual, it is true that there are a number of elected because not all people know how to handle this type of manifestations from the mind without being his or her daily life is affected or affected or his vanity touches him, which is the most dangerous struggle he has had to assume since mankind, many people want recognition and everyone must be in a position to help themselves to be able to assume the things they should Do to be well without waiting but enjoying what you have and what counts including your brothers in light.

It is the channels that are responsible for carrying our messages but the most important thing is that each one will be able to help each other with the other channels and we must be very attentive that it is their times not ours that determine the conditions of help before the others there are no more ways to do it and do not look for other routes that this is the one that is there are no ways to help others but through diligence and good and on the other hand you have to look when the instinct asks you because surely It is we who want to look through your eyes.

There are no times to be with us, it is you who determine when we should agree to the instructions of the Archangel Saint Michael about energy places, those who are advised should read books such as the four spheres from which you are working, it is important that you investigate how they will lead their lives and how they will lead the lives of others through their participation as channels it is important that they raise their hearts from love to their neighbor and not from seduction because it is seduction that has made each one in a position to help others not to feel what is developing in this new change I will try to speak more rigorously every time because everyone must be able to listen to us and everyone must be able to obey us since they are called but not They feel exaggeratedly special and do not feel exaggeratedly useless. You have to feel in each being as a person You should serve and should not speak more than your mind tells you when you are in treatment with other people or in a trance because trance is the maximum state of communication.

The charge is a participation that must be done voluntarily for the services provided and cover your expenses but not usury over this capacity because the physical or spiritual sanitation will be contaminated, you will find or have very healthy ways of handling this if you are In a position to help people with separate classes or with a relaxation class we put these simple examples because there is confusion and we are limiting some communications with our beloved children of light, acquiring your subsistence or benefit for what you know how to do is very different to charge for these messages do not feel self-conscious children of mine for what they do with their gift because it is a gift of service like the one they had and they have had many of our ascendants and they have managed to handle the situation without anyone's help or much Less exaggeration of the things they try to do.

It is necessary to help each one try to help each other visualize the violet flame from the soul but not from the mind it is important to feel it because seeing it is part of the process that we control for their protection and everyone can get confused if they say they see it because each You try to help those who try to see it, so you have to talk about service and feel part of a flame but not a visualization, about this you have to go deeper.

The visualizations of each one are so that each one is in a position to help each other in the most sincere mysterious and concentrated ways of the connections and try not to abuse this, it is necessary to help each one to be able to feel a heat in the body and if it does not reach you, do not worry that each one will arrive, the moment is time to undress so much lie and unproven theory of what we want to transmit and what we must transmit to the In addition, everyone must be in a position so that everyone should feel different ways to help more people feel especially touched but once touched you can not continue with some habits to give up such as eating indiscriminately or alcohol or drugs or a lot of coffee is not important for us, it is very harmful for you and you should help yourself that your body is always in health, that is, it is enough Light enough for others and for others that we should help.

The conditions that we put for this inclusion in this list that still does not have the determined number because some speak of quantities that even we will not know how many they will be because there are many children born and they die every day and there are many of us who imagine that they are in need of our help because there are people who do not need it and that is very important that they identify that a person does not need your help on the contrary, you must assume that it is one chosen without knowing it and that must be taken care of a lot because there are people who are happy even sitting on a pin and that is to be with the angels and they will be protected without knowing because they are directly connected.

Those we call and address now are those people who have somehow brought their lives and destinies to find us because they have failed to awaken the path by spiritual will and on the other hand there are ways to feel in a position to help each other. to himself and others and you don't know how it is why we cannot talk about number or approaches from a special virtue because virtue is not everything, it is the fact of being alive and being with each One of the people we feel affinity.

It is important that my children read The Twin Souls and Related Spirits of Master Saint Germain so that each of the channels understands that love is such a valid feeling for your partner whatever it is and that each one must be in control of their mental faculties so as not to be mistaken when they are with the angels or with their beloved partners, each one must be in a position to help each one know what needs to be done to be well and that we must do so that we are all well and that each one should be able to do the rituals according to how they fit in their times but there is something that is inescapable and that is to be helped to be with the angels in the mornings very early in the sunset and it is not when it has already come out and when you are already in the day is when we are in a position to help others to be in conditions of being well and when we are in condition It is to increase the channeling of each one to the extent that the day is given for it is not when you determine it.

In the case of some people it is being done permanently because it is a work somewhat like that of experimentation, somehow we will tell what happened with this channel and others more through another life because it is It is very hard for her and other of our children to experience forms of direct connection and it helps her not to feel so uncomfortable with our direct presence when she talks with others, she realizes that each of the conversations are different and she realizes when we arrive to see others that is one of the small parts of this process that are the ones that many of you must be going through and must obey in harmony so that each one is performing the tasks that we are able to help solve and each one You must be aware that every energy you receive and transmit is a part of the conditions we have established as a form of communication through the Angels.

This means that everyone is in a position to help from each of the people who are in each of the situations we are talking about we refer to the channels, it is not to help make this work easier not, Because it is hard in every way, it is because everyone must be in a position to assume the responsibility of doing what they are supposed to do having accepted our participation.

It is important that between channels they respect each other and love each other so that everything flows does not allow everyone to feel special is that each one feels in each of the conditions in which they have to be so that everyone dares to do what they want. It corresponds to those around them that it is very important that they keep in mind what they are going to do is with the people around them with their closest world and if we send you to a distant place it is because everyone knows they have a mission where they are .

Each person must be in a position to help themselves with others, be at peace so that they do not have to link the unpleasant feelings with which we provide them, try to help themselves to be able to help others since each one will try to help each other. with yourself and do not expect recognition because this is an ascension that is to say it is the payment of a karma in a good way to say so we dare because it is as if you were serving God the Father from your heart and not from a church and it is very important that each one is in a position to treat each person as something special without considering sympathy, it is important to help from the truth of the soul and not to say from the truth of the love of us their most powerful Gods that we call ourselves Angels Archangels Cherubim Seraphim Fairies Ascended Beings God the Father on the Cross of his Son Jesus Christ and Our beloved Virgin Mother, Mary. Amen

The Beloved Amethyst and Beloved Master Saint Germain spoke to them. We are all who are on earth never forget that every day in your arms and your hands are here to serve you. So be it


In every place of humanity there is a place for each of the people who feel they are able to assume the responsibility of being channels but they are not all who are in a position to feel that they are committed from the heart, this means that each He will be in a position to help himself and to feel that his senses are in a position to help others. For this, it is of vital importance that each person is in a position to absorb with attention the situations that happen around in order to try to intervene in situations that can and should be for the good.

How do you do this? This means that each channel should help you to be informed of the situations that help you find out how the microworld and the great world are through the necessary means such as news, conversations with your brothers and your period brothers already From there, think about it and establish energy chains so that situations are solved from energy interventions.

It is the words of the people that help us to ensure that each of the situations can be fixed, remember that you are entities of harmony for us, it does not count that there is a hotter or colder account that everyone has very good and true feelings of goodness because each one is an entity harmoniously created for the various missions, our contact is from an energy line that must be taken care of with great zeal and it is important that the light channels differ from the people who try to help others from others lines to that I mean when I say, "everyone in their place"

We cannot play with the conditions of favor that each channel has to learn about the future of others, the future is a state of time that is yet to come and that each of the people who tries to help others through deciphering the Future is important to do so from the prediction of good and not catastrophic.

It is important that each one of the people channels is in the necessary conditions so that each one tries to help them to be well from the perspective of the present is to say that if it is necessary to establish to this aid an office will be to clarify to the people that Try to position yourself very well so that you can find the situations you expect with the help of the Angels.

One way of the many is the family constellations that must be studied to know the past and the perspective of life that can lead but the future is determined only by each of the situations that are lived in the present, you can not try to increase the uncertainty in people who try to excite others from false clairvoyance, if it is true that each of the messages received guide us on how we should behave so that there is a better future but it is not true that predictions are said only from threats and concerns but from the perspective that today everyone behaves how they should behave and how everyone should be given the things they need, but the most important thing is that everyone tries to help themselves from each One of the situations you are living in your life.

Numerology for example and astrological sciences were created by beings ascended from Divinity so that man understood the planet and its place on it but not to help him feel bad, you cannot guess what will happen you have to warn about what should not be done.

In the exercise of the wrong indications, it is not healthy for the angels to cross energies when there is a selfish desire, that is to say that each one tries to help himself despite the damage he may cause to others, it is important that each of the people who try to help themselves to be well, this must be in a position to help themselves to be solving the situations that they must solve every day, we must help the souls to clean themselves without contaminating others, it is important that the spirits that they are not related, they realize that they are not and leave those who do not wish to be with another person who knows they do not belong to them or who simply knows that there is no affinity.

In the case of forbidden loves, for example, it is very dangerous when establishing relationships that are not free to love each other because then there is a crossing of very strong energies that will establish a cluster of uncertainties and a negative force against which you think you are fighting But what he is really fighting is his own harmony.

So children channels we hope that it has been clear the difference between how we are acting and how we are developing our way of help and how we are helping others, I know that this writing will be rejected by many people but will be received with much gratitude by some already that the work of the Angels is rigorous and we cannot continue to admit confusion with you or about you because it is known that there are confused children negotiating with the stays in the celestial connections, it is your duty to establish the difference between helping and the additional work that we can do to help others for example if you want to be in the right situations it is important that they help people from health, from the wise word, from the guide until they find the way to the same energies to which they were estimated as entities of this era and not from a reading of the future that everyone would try to invent because it is not It is important for people to verify that they have been deceived.

It is important that people change the idea of ​​spiritual help. It is important to talk about the spiritual revolution between the channels, that is to say that each one tries to change the souls that approach them. It is very important that they are attentive to people approaching them. to tell them about other people and it is important that these people try to help each other to be encouraged to solve their problems and cling to the Angels in that sense we move on to another issue called Faith.


This is a word that for many is very common but for some it is of a wrong importance, faith is an act of love and you have to feel it you have to ask to feel it and that is that it is like a hot state of well-being without having the reasons clear to feel it more than the satisfaction of being where you want and accept to be, is a permanent state of confidence that things that are thought and done for good will be established as given, it is important that you tell the many students of the faith that the clear difference between fanaticism, blind faith and true faith must be established.

The true faith is that which each one feels from the hope that it will happen but this is strengthened when he verifies that each of the reasons for his requests are valid and that each of the reasons joined together for the action to take place. Expected that is the faith to which we refer.

The correspondence of faith is the gratitude that we expect from Divinity for that faith to be established as something permanent and that each consultation will be reviewed by you from the earth and then the angels and archangels and the Masters Ascended we help them to be fulfilled, they say on earth that there is nothing casual is true but what is not said in such a popular way is that as humans we are able to help the casual address to the non-casual is to say that there are actions human beings that allow us to make mistakes in aid, that is to say that the aid is established according to the actions that each of the people believes that they must carry out, if there is no action there is no accomplished fact.

The actions must be established as each of the thoughts in front of each situation and then proceed to act, this means that each of the situations from doing to doing nothing that can be the appropriate action and wait after having done what is humanly necessary, then we act, otherwise it is more difficult for us to establish a help, I give as an example a mother in the distance leaves her children to look for a better condition n to help them and help themselves as a family and it turns out that being in pleasant conditions at the destination site and their children cease to be the priority and tries to help them from the gifts and is very convinced that it has helped to establish a good I walk and it turns out that he even attends the church obliged to feel good but ignores how important it is to help his children before helping the brothers of the church, it is a wrong action and if he does not help from the beginning essence and if you do not work for the presence before your children, we will not be able to act in these cases for example if you are not found or are looking for a way for that mother to realize that her children are the children of God the Father and that it is her First mission shelter them and help them from the presence and absence briefly and responsibly affectionate.

People who help each other in the appropriate ways will always be blessed because everyone who is in charge of their treatment, the channels that are the subject of these messages should be given to the task of helping themselves to be responsible with their family in a strictly harmonious way is to say not from the word but from silence, tolerance, patience, attitude of help and understanding and each of the reasons that help us to be well to be so in a position to help themselves and others.

Como actuar?

Respecto a las maneras de ayudarse es importante que antes est n en condiciones de ayudarse as mismos y eso hay que repetirlo y hacerlo desde las situaciones en que se encuentre cada uno es por eso que cada quien debe acentuarse en las formas de comunicarnos por ejemplo si sientes un poco de calor en el cuerpo, un poco de frío y de unilateralidad en las fuerzas de tus músculos y de una electricidad un poco indescriptible es posible que estemos en condiciones adecuadas para comunicarnos contigo, no hay maneras de cifrar las intervenciones porque eso es un secreto entre ustedes y nosotros, solo enunciamos un poco las maneras de expresar nuestra fuerza en ustedes y no hay maneras de sentir que cada uno está en un estado mas alerta que el otro, somos nosotros quienes decidimos quienes pueden amenazar con nuestra fuerza o quienes pueden recibirla con toda normalidad así que hay que actuar con mucha tranquilidad hasta que se les pase lo que les anunciamos y luego hay que esperar la respuesta de lo sucedido, son muchas las maneras de negarnos a estar en un sitio inadecuado por ejemplo cuando se hace un espacio muy largo en un sitio y hay que irse hay que moverse así no lo quieran porque somos nosotros quienes decidimos que hay que estar en un lugar mas armonioso.

No se asusten cuando no estamos presentes, no se sientan culpables porque no se trata de que acudamos exactamente en el momento en que nos llaman sino en el momento en que nos necesitan, hay momentos en que nos llaman y no nos necesitan como hay algunos canales que no se atreven a llamarnos por temor al fracaso así que traten de establecer un punto de equilibrio y esto va para quienes tratan afanadamente de ayudarnos desde los llamados colectivos ese es un tema que trataremos mas adelante tambien.

Los canales deben ayudarse a que en cada situación se de cuenta de las personas que necesitan de un mensaje y recomendarles y cada una de las personas ayudadas escuchara o no, pero lo mas importante es que ustedes cumplieron con decirle a cada una de las personas las cosas que hay que decir para que cada uno trate de estar bien.

No se puede confundir esta línea de ayuda con la línea del esoterismo, son dos cosas distintas, hay líneas energéticas que muchas personas con estas capacidades están cruzando y es muy peligroso porque cada quien debe ayudarse solo desde las buenas ayudas y las malas deben estar en condiciones de cambiarlas, no podemos poner en unas cartas a los Ángeles de la Divinidad al lado de los de las tinieblas porque es muy peligroso establecer una relación, los Ángeles de la Divinidad somos solo de la luz y los de la oscuridad están en otra densidad y no nos pertenece hablar de ese mundo que fue creado para una misión pero no para ser revueltos.

Así que queridos y amados hermanos cada vez que leas este artículo revísalo y hazlo parte de tu proceso es nuestro deseo que establezcan claramente las diferencia sobre los puntos energéticos y las claras líneas de acción para actuar con el bien, hagan rondas de luz, hagan liberaciones, constelaciones familiares, hagan encuentros espirituales sanadores y ayúdense entre ustedes pero no hagan de esto una ayuda para el trabajo sin haberlo estudiado lo suficiente porque es demasiado comprometedor para ustedes, establezcan claramente la diferencia entre las cosas que son para trabajar como las miles de ayudas que ustedes han creado y que respetamos y ayudamos, pero no hagan de la canalización una fuerza para ayudarse a sí mismos, esta es una fuerza de ayuda a la humanidad, que les quede claro que somos nosotros quienes estamos actuando a través de ustedes y no se puede hacer de los actos de canalización un espectáculo, hay que hacer las reuniones en grupos de ayuda pero las canalizaciones son actos muy sagrados y no pueden hacer de esto una moda porque es muy peligroso lo que hay que decir al respecto pero preferimos que sean ustedes quienes vallan descubriendo las necesidades que van teniendo desde las condiciones de la Luz Divina que se le ha permitido establecer para ayudar a la humanidad.

Deseamos que establezcan la comparación de Jesucristo en la Cruz y ello nos ayudará a sentirnos mas aliviados y mas ayudados por parte de ustedes porque recuerden que el libre albedrío es la única facultad en la que nosotros no intervenimos.

Son nuestros deseos que cada uno trate de estar en las condiciones necesarias para trabajar en la naturalidad de sus facultades.

Son nuestros deseos tratar de que cada uno se ayude desde la aplicación de un saber para el bienestar de los demás

Son nuestros deseos de que cada uno se ayude a estar en la línea energética adecuada para encontrar el camino a la prosperidad y la ayuda mutua desde tu saber terrenal

Son nuestros deseos que cada uno saque un instante de su día para preguntarnos ¿y hoy que hago o que desean que haga para ayudar? Esa es una pregunta que se responderá en el transcurso del día si tu como canal nos das el permiso para actuar en ti solo mirando a los ojos a las personas, solo controlando tu palabra y tus pensamientos, solo controlando tus acciones desde la divinidad de tu saber espiritual y tus facultades humanitarias en total discreción.

Son nuestros deseos que cada canal se sienta en condiciones de ayudar para que cada uno se ayude a sí mismo desde sus grandes facultades de ascensión porque queridos hermanos hay que creer en la ascensión no como una escala de superación ante los demás, hay que creer en la ascensión como un adelantamiento de lo que hay en cada una de las esferas y si tu logras identificar tu profunda misión de servicio no habrá nada en el mundo que obnubilise tu ascensión y tu capacidad de estar con nosotros en luz. AMEN

Les habló el amado y siempre querido por ustedes Maestro Saint Germaint a través de Rosalía hoy es un día especial y cada día será para nosotros la oportunidad para estar en condiciones de comunicarnos con todos esperamos nos llamen en estado de amor y condiciones energéticas y allí estaremos.


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