Jesus of Nazareth speaks and The Council of Archangels

  • 2014

By Mar a Ruso (Adehenna) 5-3-2014

I am Jesus of Nazareth, and accompanied by the Council of Archangels, we announce to you, the greatest event of Light, which you can imagine, is already underway over you.

Our closeness is imminent, and together with the council of archangels we have decided to cover all the details, to support you in this planetary ascension process.

In the first place, we consider that although you see chaos around you, and apparently you think, that you are alone, in the face of so much injustice, and the generalized disorder, it causes you confusion and insecurity.

I am with you, beloved brothers in your hearts, closer than ever, and you must take advantage of this dark appearance, to be calm, and I ask you to seek me, in the most sacred of your being, I will give you the calm and peace that you need .

This is necessary, because I need right now, that your souls get ready to channel the incoming light, which will lead you to the transformation of your subtle bodies, and move on to another higher dimension.

The moment is now, my beloved ones, and the willing souls will begin to perceive the changes immediately, because in the light everything is possible.

In the density that surrounds you, if you cling to injustices, and overflow, you will be trapped, like flies to the spider web, and you will not be able to leave.

The gates of heaven are wide open, but to enter it is necessary, that you rise, and begin to live in another dimension.

Everything is vibration, you are light, and you know how to awaken that light in you.

You are Light, you are infinite consciousness, and your third-dimensional consciousness does not help you in these cases, it is subject to a repressed ego, which does not allow you to see, what you really are.

You are human, but full of light within you, the light of my consciousness that must manifest in you Now.

I understand you, beloved brothers, you are stunned and discouraged, but that is when you from the ego, you can no longer do anything for yourselves.

Here, I am the light, and my light awaits you, my light and your light, in communion, is the one that will announce the new changes.

Do not use methods, already expired, simply, your heart full of love to absolute surrender.

I wish you, take you to other times, when you carry a human body.

At the beginning, when I was still a teenager, and I perceived, the flashes of Light that my Father Creator made me see in me, I had the same fears, distrust, insecurities, that you and knew what my mission was, I wondered, how could I face Such a feat. If only he was a human man.

Only the Love to my Father, who sustained me in every moment and the absolute confidence and Faith, and the full conviction that the Light of my Father should bring.

In those times, there were also chaos, persecutions, misery, injustices.

But I only spoke, with my Father, as I now do with you, and I left the silences for him to speak to me. You have to learn to listen, not to your mind, silences speak. In silence, you stop time, and in no time, you can listen.

You were also with me, and now you are here again, by your own choice.

I encourage you, to remember, I encourage you, that you look for me, you belong to my Family, you are my brothers, and I wish to see you back home, and there is only a veil left to remove.

Yes, you are my family, very soon, upon entering a higher dimension, you will begin to separate the wheat from the tares, you will begin to remember, and you will want to see how in your vision your past lives. They will find the answers to all your questions, and they will understand as if they were using a flashlight focusing the light on your tangled existences, they will also see that to be here now, they have been darkness and have been light.

They will feel to be on the opposite side, they will put on the shoes of others, they will understand their miseries, but they will not feel guilt, or remorse, but pity of yourselves, of not having understood in time, and not seeing the light on the other, and leaving you Carrying the whirlwind of the ego, which satisfies an apparent inner tranquility, creates that illusion to which you surrender.

Then forgiveness, necessary, but offered from the depths of your hearts, true forgiveness, compassionate and merciful forgiveness, then your darkness will be transformed into light, the light will shine in this passage of fourth dimension to address higher levels, where Going from 5d to 6d is just a sigh, because there, there are shadows, everything is light. And from the seventh abode, henceforth, unification, is the prize reached, absolute dematerialization and fusion to light.

When I left my human body on the Cross, and glorious I saw myself, full of lights, but visible, before the eyes of Mary Magdalene, I felt his love that came to me like, waves of tenderness, I felt his fear, his pain for me, but the love was bigger and then I saw my Mother, the same thing happened to me. But my body of light should shine even more and see my disciples in the boat.

It is inevitable that as humans you do not feel those feelings.

Spending the days my body became more lucid, almost imperceptible, in view of my brothers. But he was still there, next to them, he wanted to dry his tears, but he couldn't. I hugged them in my dreams, some felt me ​​and woke up with the memories of the moments we had spent together.

My mother, my beloved Mother, she always perceived my presence, and began the deepest and most sincere dialogue from the heart, prepare my Mother, for her ascension in body and soul to the heavens.

This preparation, your preparation is coming to an end, I CALL YOU TO LIGHT.

And THE Council of Archangels that is next to me, it means that they are surrounded by angels, angels of all kingdoms, at your disposal, they are standing next to you, listen to their signs, they will guide you hand in hand in this passage so beautiful and glorious that awaits you.

We say goodbye beloved brothers, and I ask you to read these vibrations well and try to see beyond words, that when you begin to read, the angels and archangels themselves are opening your heart and soul.

I am Jesus of Nazareth, your brother who loves you.

Thanks Maríar Russo

Thanks Susana

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