Guide for everyday energy cleaning, by Marisa Ordo ez

  • 2013

Sit comfortably. Now, at this moment, you can meet in the Dimension of Silence ...

Take a deep breath ... Breathe ... offering (to Silence) the internal and external noises, all the discomforts and ailments of your body ... All the distractions, prejudices and fears of your mind right now ...

Name your purpose by saying: "I give myself to the guidance of my Holy Spirit" ...

Take, now, your intention to the heart ...

And offer to your altar what does not correspond ... What others created and with what you have identified, what you have projected even without wanting to and without knowing it as expectations, attacks and mandates ...


It calms the tension in your muscles, indicates the release of all control, resistance and opposition to the Law of the Greater Good ...

Keep breathing the heart seeing in him, the point of permanent Light ... The Source of all Love ...

And allow the fusion with every virtue of your kind pink flame, the spiritual Mother who offers contentment and peace

Now join the virtue of the powerful blue flame of your excellent father, provider of all gifts Breathe in your cells and clean in them the echoes of your old feelings

Ask for the Violet Fire to transform them into thoughts of freedom, perfection and prosperity

Enjoy having reached the Threshold of the Golden Temple Keep breathing

Feel your czn by pressing . Contemplate You are before The Presence . What form does it take in your conscience?

Just wait Follow the movement that the Being now displays a face of infinite faces spheres within spheres Places Sensations Scenes

There is the story of your lives, the universal story and the power to permeate all of understanding, beauty and naturalness Your sacred golden energy makes your task easier You can invoke the name of your Divinity as you perceive it

And stay there, in the emanation holding the will to love your wholeness Looking with the eyes of the heart what you always judged, what you repeatedly ignored t what caused pain What was interrupted without your permission what you excluded by hate, caprice and fear What you always expected and never came What you tried with all your strength and felt that it did not work What you could not retaining and inevitably left because it never belonged to you Your desire to leave the game cdo you felt exhausted, helpless and helpless


Let all the information appear and the awareness of the si to all dawns enable your heart to dissolve from those memories the stigmas of all drama and victimization


Thank for all the negative as much as for all the positive Impregnate yourself with the full meaning of evolution Trust And let yourself go to the horizon of the manifestation of a New Order in your Ascension path


You can record with your voice this guide accompanying with soft background music and practice it as a deep daily energy toilet.


Degree in Psychology. Transpersonal Trainer

Master in Techniques of Energy Healing of last generation.

Luminous Lithium Advisor - New Age Crystals

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Guide for everyday energy cleaning, by Marisa Ordoñez

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