Enjoy life freely, by Julia Garc a

  • 2014

The Angels of the New Age tell us how to free ourselves from sadness and apathy in this short text full of strong energy, inviting us to enjoy our lives and our freedom. A text that invites you to read it out loud.

Step by step you are moving forward, with doubts, with pain, with anguish and fear but also with joy, hope and hope.

Each at his own pace, with whom he chooses, or alone, freely.

Feel the strength of each step, the joy of walking, of seeing the path full of goals, full of possibilities. Enjoy the restlessness of seeing these new possibilities, that incomparable tingling of recognizing what you were looking for and being able to see it. Enjoy the path to achieve it and when you arrive vibrate with illusion and thank life for the infinite opportunities it offers you to achieve your illusions.

Dance with your bodies! Dance with your spirits! day and night dances that make you enjoy your body and enjoy your spirit.

Find yourself away from problems, conflicts, responsibilities and feelings outside the weight of life and light luggage feel the fullness of your purpose, your illusion and let go without being ashamed to vibrate without complexes, without mental limitations. Feel free because you were free, you are and you will be.

Who loves freedom of being loves life and who loves life knows how to be happy.

Dance in the house! Dance barefoot on the ground! and if you cannot do it, close your eyes and free yourself from physical limitations dance with the imagination, that wonderful virtue that the human being possesses.

Be free, be happy.
Angels of the New Age on mission for the advancement of Being in times of liberation.

© Channeled by Julia García on April 16, 2013 in Barcelona. Permission is granted to share the message, without alterations and citing the channel and website:


Enjoy life freely, by Julia Garc a

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