Fragrance of the Soul upon awakening Master Kuthumi

  • 2012

By Mirtha Verde-Bouquet

Saint Germain Activity Foundation

Santiago, Chile, April 11, 2012.

Wake up the sweet voice of the soul claims for his Beloved Homeland, still looking like the distant senses when he has not yet wielded the sacred hour of the awakening of the inner Christ, calling with his resplendent Light the conscience since then illuminated.

Before I clarify, the shadows seem to possess the environment, but always in the heights the awake sun is shining with soft shimmers of shelter and warmth to all the created life.

Under the protection of the Creator his progeny grows and develops. The lamp of his sacred breath nourishes the scented breeze with the immaculate breath of His heart and Life multiplies in the infinite wheel that spins and spins!

Wake up the soul perfume around you essence of flowers of the Christ Light, everything that your hands touch, your feet walk, your eyes contemplate, take up the bond with the Father and that is the true sense of the experience of the Life in various forms.

While the illusive plot of the imperfect fades, the voice of Christ is subtle, his conscience deeper. She goes through the most dense obstacles, she cries out for compassion and fraternal help, she promotes all the fibers of the body to radiate His great Light and spread, like the beautiful morning breeze, its luminous rays all over.

The dawn sings reverently to the new day; birds sing in their nests when dawn kisses the Earth again; the waters sing when they descend from the slopes of the mountains and join in jovial joy to the springs and rivers; he sings the fire, delivering his shelter from his essence; the flowers sing when they show off their beauty, open in their full maturity in the years; sings the whole melody of creation; Thus the Christ sings praises in the heart when he awakens in the beauty of the senses everything blesses him in his path.

Let us contemplate the cycles that pass and time is not wasted, postponing the fullness of the expression of the Christ stranded even in the vault of the body, when the obstacles are those repeated imperfections that obscure the pure diadem of His Perfect Trinity of Love, Wisdom and Infinite Power.

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