Strengthening the self

  • 2012

Each one brings, in his life luggage, the resources he needs to overcome the crisis.

Dry in the markets, I lost my job, he abandoned me, I got a bad diagnosis, a loved one died, and so on. We know how to say many times and sometimes listen to say, I am going through a crisis.

But why do you feel so afraid of a crisis? Why are we talking about a before and after? Do we know what happens when that happens? What is a crisis?

It is the moment in which we feel that we lost the tools that until that moment allowed us to face the events. We realize that we lack the possibility to predict or predict the future. In the face of a critical situation, not all people react in the same way, some are often paralyzed, others continue to run forward without any kind of guidance that allows one more Cheer up planning.

Lacking a project that sustains the action and by remaining or moving blindly, despair first and despair later, will be the dominant feelings. The feeling of having no future and lack of confidence in one's ability to modify the situation can cause a destabilizing and disabling state.

Faced with the uncertainty that comes with crisis situations, it is inevitable and even natural that a great expectation is generated regarding the immediate future. And what will happen now?.

We touch around us, in external events, the relief of the feeling of uneasiness and vertigo similar to that felt by a person on the edge of a precipice. We believe then that the external is the reassuring exit but, if not it seems a saving solution, almost miraculous, something that rarely happens, despair takes hold, pessimism increases and generally arms are shuffled with an attitude of defeatist delivery.

In a crisis, sometimes staying still for a short time can be a whole strategy, but this only happens if during that time we take a deep breath and decide to take care of the situation that encompasses us. I say that taking that space of time can make sense if we use it to assess the situation and consequently determine the next movements. Important section to distinguish between an attitude of paralysis by extreme fear, of an attitude of wise discernment. That moment where daredevils differ from the brave. The brave are not thoughtless or unconscious, they are clearly aware of the danger, but they take risks with prudence and maturity. It is about dealing with risks without seeking danger.

In the crisis, a new organization of the ways of dealing with problems is necessary. The authentic and until then unknown possibilities of an individual are tested. When we hear that the crisis means danger and opportunity, this is being talked about. The danger is disorganization and the opportunity is the possibility of generating new forms that are as efficient or better than those that were lost. The worst of deliveries in the face of a crisis is indifference. First because it cannot be ignored, and second, because it is impossible to remain indifferent in front of her. That is why it is necessary to start from the idea that the future can be redesigned.

It should be clarified that we are not moved by a naive reading of the famous you can empty of content that may be confused. Without a doubt we value the will, but always differentiating that of voluntarism. Taking charge of oneself is not achieved by imagining that, magically, our reality will change from one moment to another for the sole influence of desire. It is then necessary to prescribe a crude and realistic look that does not hide or disguise the cultural and complete differences thirteen must face. It will be achieved in this way to agree with our own adult self. And that way, adult mind, you will start designing a new life project. It may seem like a bombastic and presumptuous term, but how to bet on the future without having the guide, the map that allows us to orient ourselves? It is the new project that we designed for our life that would allow us to arrive at the destination.

It is essential to understand that, given the instability caused by the crises, there is very little chance of resting on a life project such as the one that was brewing. Because after the commotion that occurs, no one remains the same as it used to be. It was modified by it and that is not necessarily bad. We cannot allow discouragement and discouragement to not continue with their prognosis of failure.

It is convenient to allow yourself to carefully observe the archaeological ruins, because of them is the germ of the transformation.

When we lose our way we can feel that there is no way out, that is when we must abandon the feelings of helplessness to concentrate on the resources that we must manufacture. Perhaps the term is inappropriate, because, surely, the resources were manufactured long ago, but having not been required frequently were sent to the warehouse.


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