Attachment factor (To attach) by Willy Chaparro.

  • 2012

Attachment is to have a real and constructive vision in cases where personal love and identification with loved ones are involved, and concern for them. Attachment is the personality's fondness for places, conditions or things, which become a deep attraction to things that encourage physical forms. Attachment is: Enjoy the non-essential things in life that were, but will no longer be. Attachment is the inclination of ties that remain firm due to the contact of many years, and that in the physical plane cannot be unleashed, but must be cut completely internally, that is to say with a Attachment detached.

Being attached does not mean that you have to look forward to personal fulfillment with loved ones. Being attached means being `` bound '' to something and above all, to someone who prevents evolutionary development naturally and freely. Humans have tremendous attachments and roles since the race was established on the planet, they are attached vices difficult to release and free ourselves, first of all we have to live. Sometimes it is difficult to see how affected our decisions and attitudes are because of the vices and feelings of attachment that dwell in our role-personality, which influence the experiences of our environment and that of others.

Often the demand, the clamor, the vocerío and the attachment is more powerful and prevents to perceive the thread that links with the soul. It is something that is limited by a feeling that stops when a role-personality is fulfilled, which prevents the search. That causes limitations in acting and is suffered, because the human being becomes attached to things and identifies too quickly with non-essential things in life. It is noteworthy how our life is marked by that feeling of attachment to the family, the beings of our environment and associates, which is a deficiency and weakness.

... So, why do you have a greed to live ...? ... Why do you have so much attachment to life ...? ..

... If I had to refer to an attachment in life, my attachment would be to happiness and love ... !!!

So the attachment is Samsára?

According to the "Moyejúa Mah? Y? Na", —the main branch of Buddhism—, Samsára is a kind of attachment that has to do with total understanding or unitary Perception, that is, with understanding everything.

Siddharta Buddha in his "Ahrams" had many "lightworkers", and in a certain meeting with the Master, he tells one of his followers:

"Brother lightworkers, " Samsára is all you have.

? The "lightworkers" replies: ... But all I have is what gives me life!

? No Brother says the Master: What you have is just what does not give you life!

The "lightworkers" was perplexed and said:

Teacher, I meant it: My family, friends, clothes, enjoying the water in the stream in the middle of June, with a temperature of 35º, enjoying the cold in the middle of January, warm with skins, is what gives me life .

? The Master tells him: No brother, not having the right adjustment of life is Samsára.

To which the "lightworkers" responds.

So it means that wanting the things that life gives me is a drag, is Samsára an attachment?

Teacher tells him: "Samsára is not having a basic objective of serving the essential."

? Do you understand the concept of what you meant?

The Sansara is considered the opposite of Nirvana. It is the state of non-enlightenment in which we live. It is also described as a state of "self-deception" or ignorance of the reality of things.

Attachment as an obstacle

It can be an obstacle for those who wish to enjoy non-essential things, of easy life, for those who do not put into practice the "Sansara Detached." Also esteem others too much, it can be a real obstacle, the chains must be broken and not allow such an attitude to increase, it is an obstacle that stands between the attached and the other human beings, there should only be a thread between a soul and the personality - A thread that never breaks - It can be clearly perceived that many attachments have a karmic bond with beings, with whom they have lived in other lives. Attachments produce situations that involve feelings that may have "had roots" in previous lives. It is a feeling with conditioning that binds and worse still slows down, both personally and spiritually that attracts to the family nucleus, which allows to bond and incarnate in that nucleus by empathy.

There are people with attachments, fears, hatred, resentment, vanity, pride and a lot of other things, they are people who do not have a total understanding of things and complain. They could have a broader unitary perception if they were less attached to material things and thereby develop understanding, because understanding is above all that, they are above physical things.

Others are attachments relative to the conceptual world. For example: The EPC's - Read Conceptual Thinking Units, called spirits by humans - that have a lot of material attachment, is an affliction that keeps them prisoners of human desires, is the agony for those who have passed "beyond the veil" and They feel a body that they no longer have. Ego roles make him feel this way and does not allow him to realize that they have disembodied.

There are also sexual attachments, there is talk of women who are apparently violated by an EPC's, which is absurd because the EPC's are not physical. The attachment for liquor, the ego allows the EPC to want to drink a glass with liquor, but it cannot, they have no body. Eliminating the causes that originate the conceptual attachments of desires and feelings is impossible, because they are things that do their job and energize the thought-forms directed within the consciousness of the non-evolved EPCs.

There are other attachments related to the objective world. Ex: Those who lose a limb, an arm, a leg, etc., for some time still have the feeling that they still retain the missing part.

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