Excerpts from Teachings on Twin Flames and The Flower of Life Meditation for Connection with the Twin Flame, by Master Kuthumi

  • 2013

Master Kuthumi Christ Planetarium

It is time to trust the superior guide, and certainly trusting in this way, that superior guide will run in parallel with his own superior being, uniting his own twin flame of the Divine.

And so, his life becomes one of total abundance, joy and peace. Is not difficult. Yes, it does indeed require trust, however when you connect to your Divine Twin Flame trust your own being, for your higher self dominates your ego with its many lower demands and desires.

Then come the joyful and wonderful transition. In this also, through their Divine Twin Flame, which radiates through their center of the Divine upper heart, is the energy with which they now live, and project. Not through words, no, through unsaid intent. Through his own Divine emotional body, his new emotional body. You already know about your two existing emotional bodies - the lower emotional body and the upper emotional body. My friends, there is a third party - the center of Divine emotional feeling. Do not think of it as a "body" but as an omnipresent universal energy which is guided and projected by your Divine intention not spoken, the intention of your very inner feelings. Also, use this unspoken Divine intention to send love, healing and Omniversal Light to the many souls and beings of your universe.

Twin flames have a sensory connection even superior to that of biological twins. Those who have risen to higher dimensions in their understanding and in their soul, know that there is the final link that allows them to cross the Central Sun, the heart of the first God, which in turn connects through the Grand Central Sun. As they have grown, in their higher learning, they have touched the essence of their twin flame in their meditations. They have felt a peace, a luminosity, an ending. My friends, there is more .. I can tell you, this feeling you had is compared to a water droplet across an ocean. Then see how much more there is when you truly unite with your twin flame God, you will know the joy and love of which I speak.

Those who connect to another soul of the same higher consciousness do it on purpose. Since united his Light emanates much stronger. More soul growth can be achieved for themselves and others. Through more Light and effort thousands of other souls can be raised.

Furthermore, when the time is right, the unity and strength of the Light will lead these twin flames of Light to the true Unity, the twin flame; God.

The Soulmate can only be accessed from inner tranquility and trust. And above all, from the center of the heart where the most pure and divine Love exists. That is your bond of union.

As it incorporates Light into the atoms of your body you wake up to the New Life, and New Life springs from within you. The sound of that Light travels into the molecules of your body activating yet another level of New Life. This Light of which I speak incorporates Alchemy and incorporates a state of consciousness. These frequencies empower them to fully understand the Alchemy of the State of Consciousness. Try and imagine this new super nova exploding within you, the sound of that Light slides into your DNA and all 12 filaments begin to vibrate responding to the revival of New Life. This automatically activates the 12 strands of her Divine Complement and the Twin Grid of the Divine Service.

The State of Alchemy Awareness and the Alchemy of the State of Consciousness explode into a new form of energy, this energy is fed through the New Flower of Life that now begins to be created around you and your Divine Complement, in other words, your Twin Self. Your Divine Complement, this Twin Self or Divine Counterparty if you prefer, is not the part of you that reflects your darkness, it is not the so-called "perverse twin." Remember that I said earlier that you have transcended that. This Twin Self is the reflection of all the Light within you and the same applies to the Twin Self. You are the reflection of the Inherent Light of him or her. As this New Flower of Life forms around you two, I want you to imagine yourself before your Divine Complement. Raise your hands so that your palms touch those of the Divine Self. Imagine the powerful life force that is transported through you, through the chakras of the palms of your hands and towards those of your Divine Complement, and the same happens with this powerful Light that moves along of your Divine Complement and into your body, and now see your heart chakra and that of your Twin opening and looking closer you see the Flower of Life.

The magnificent energy of that Flower of Life; It is the exact reflection of the Flower of Life within its heart chakra. It is the exact replica of the Flower of Life that is being created around you two, feel your energy. You will see that your vibration is unique, a signature, a sound never before expressed, a vibration as unique as your fingerprints.

Inhale the vibrations of this unique tone within your body and surrender as the cells in your body respond to its powerful vibration. Fall in love with this sound as you two are transported to Point Zero.

This Flower of Life begins to become a sacred geometrical crystalline MerKaBa vehicle around both. This is the unique MerKaBa vehicle of the Twin Light. It is the Vehicle of Light of the Divine Complements, two singular vibrations fused as one. The powerful gift they are receiving through this, beloved ones, is that their singular vibration and that of their Divine Complement were originally created to be coupled. That vibration will not couple with any other vibration other than that of your Divine Complement and when these two energies come together at Point Zero this new powerful geometric vehicle is born Sacred MerKaBa merge into the Zero Point with its Twin.

Visualize the twelve strands of your DNA that connect to the 12 strands of your Twin's DNA . Be aware of the vibrations of these Twin DNA Strands. Take a deep breath and slowly exhale notice how the 24 strands of DNA begin to melt together until there are only 12 strands of DNA again. The Vibration of Light, incorporates the State of Twin Consciousness of the Consciousness of the Androgynous and Alchemy. His DNA has merged with his Divine Complement, this means the God and the Goddess as one, male and female in marriage and the sacred power of that combined state of consciousness allows Alchemy to weave Powerful Magic.

Continue to inhale deeply and exhale fully as this exquisite energy pulses through your physiology, through your anatomy, through your biology and into the subtle frequencies of their emotional, mental, intellectual and causal bodies. Take a deep breath and in doing so from the very core of the Cosmos comes a powerful ray of Light. This Light filters through the highest levels of your being, penetrating your causal body, penetrating your intellectual body, your mental, your emotional. The light and support that comes from your Twin Self regardless of whether that person / soul is a physical part of your life or not, it doesn't matter, you are connected.

Take a deep breath and as we exhale we transport you through space, through time we take you, beloveds, to the King's Chamber in the Great Pyramid in Egypt. Open your energy, relax, surrender. Egypt is one of the ancient chakras of the heart that reflects the Love and Divinity of the Divine Cosmic Mother.

The sound of the Twin Connection expands and increases in frequency its singular sound, the Twin Sound of its Soulmate, its Divine Complement, its Divine Counterpart, begins to strengthen. This sound begins to fill the atoms, molecules, DNA and cells of your body. While that happens you will see that the 12 strands of DNA that have been hovering around you and your Twin are stretched as you two inhale them. They do not separate. You are linked from within and between you two and that Sacred Grid of the New Flower of Life, that unique MerKaBa Vehicle of Life of the Divine Complement that is now protected and crystallized in a divine way within the Cosmic Grid of the New Life.

Give up all your fears, give up all your worries, your anxiety, your sadness or the pain you may carry inside, any other negative emotions, feelings or thoughts and allow the Sacred Sound to transmute all of it.

With each inhalation taken in Entry 12:12 it expands by opening to welcome you, to welcome your Divine Complement, to welcome two expressions of Sacred, Divine, Exquisite and Powerful Light. When you are ready, remove your palms from those of your Twin Self and hold your hands, both facing the 12:12 Door. By choosing to go through this door you are choosing and committing to the Path of the Twin Flame, I am speaking of the Twin Self in the form of the Divine Counterpart, Divine Complement, the Divine Expression of the self that reflects Light. They are also engaging in the Path of Service as Divine Complements playing their role to serve together and to bring the same State of Alchemy Awareness to the rest of humanity.

The energy of the Zero Point they have accessed will continue to inject fuel, with this I mean that it is the energy of this point that will motivate them to be aware of their motivation. Zero Point represents the zero tolerance of any incorporation of fear, state of consciousness of poverty, state of consciousness of victim or of conditional love.

Be aware of the Golden Energy of the Golden World that fills your MerKaBa Vehicle and that of your Twin Self, and be aware of this Golden Light that fills the Flower of Life within your heart chakra.

We ask you now to stop, turn your face and face your Twin Self again and this time we ask you to embrace so that the Flower of Life in your heart chakras melts and becomes One.

This Flower of Life now becomes a three-dimensional ball of Light that spins. This spinning ball has magnetic qualities ensuring that you two are always together and if both are physically fit this vibration will ensure that the two come together and live their lives together as one if they have not already done so. Remember where you have entered, remember who you are, where you emanate from and allow yourself to choose a life of Light that reflects Light.

Take another deep breath and as you exhale gently begin to recover your state of consciousness to your physical reality. Be aware of the sounds around you. Be aware of the feelings within your body and know that although you return to physical life, the state of physical awareness and alertness you have experienced today will remain with you. Each one of you who has experienced this activation today will continue to emanate that Light throughout the rest of your life.

Never underestimate your ability and power to change your own life. Now they are at Point Zero where there is zero tolerance, therefore there is no room for justification. There is room for action only. Even when they are passive they will be active, it is the active act of being passive, the active act of being still, of being creative. Everything incorporates an action and the universe supports the action.

Thank each day of your life and you will see how an attitude of gratitude is in itself one of the most important keys to the Alchemy Awareness State. That each one feels the presence of the Divine within himself expressed outside himself and that everything is always well in his world.

I am Kuthumi, the Planetary Christ of Love, I greet you and bless you with love.

The transcript is from Susannah

Excerpts from Teachings on Twin Flames and The Flower of Life Meditation for Connection with the Twin Flame

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